10 Essentials that Shouldn’t be Overlooked on Your Campervan Trip

This is the year of the staycations, which has resulted in many of you choosing to buy a campervan and explore more of the countryside in the comfort of your own home on wheels.  Travelling in a campervan is a great way to not only socially distance, but also to explore the countryside at your own pace. If you are a new motorhome owner, you may not be aware of which essentials you will need to make your trip easier. So here are my suggestions on what to take with you on your next campervan trip.

A Versatile Duvet


One of the best items you can buy for your campervan is a versatile duvet, which you can use both in winter and during the summer. The Night Owl Duvet is a coverless duvet made from sustainably sourced natural cotton and has a lovely soft textured waffle top. The filling is 100% Smartfil Microfibre made from recycled plastic bottles. If you buy the Night Own Duvet you will be contributing to reducing plastic waste.

The fact that the Night Owl Duvet is easy to wash in the washing machine makes it a perfect companion on your next campervan trip. If you travel with your family, you know that on your return you will need to give your motorhome a good clean. But, what if the children jump on the bed whilst still wearing their muddy shoes? The Night Owl Duvet dries in just 120 minutes, which means that you can get it washed at anytime during the trip.

The Night Owl Duvet comes in three different sizes: single, double, or king. It has two lovely colours, grey and navy. The duvet is 10.5 Tog, which makes it perfect to be used both in summer and in winter.

A Thermal Blind for the Windscreen

The weather in the UK is always a mystery, especially in the summertime. We are currently in the middle of June, and we have gone from a scorching 30 degrees to 12 degrees, and heavy rain, almost overnight. This is why a thermal blind for the windscreen is an essential for your campervan when you go on holiday. These special blinds are perfect for any type of weather. If it’s hot, they give protection from the sun rays and keep the interior of the motorhome cool. If the weather is cold, a thermal blind will help maintain the warmth inside for a much longer time. 

You don’t need to worry about spending a fortune on a thermal blind for your campervan’s windscreen, as the prices start at only £30 for the ones that cover both the front and the sides.

A Camping Table

A camping table is essential when you go holidaying in your campervan, which will be equipped with a table on wheels for inside.  However, when the weather is nice you will want to enjoy your meals al fresco, not to mention those beers to drink outside at the end of a day hiking. Camping tables will, without a doubt, make your camping trip much more comfortable.

Camping tables are small, they fold away, and they’re easy to store. They take up so little space, you won’t even notice they are there.

Camping Chairs


Of course, if you have a camping table you will need a pair of camping chairs as well. There are so many different models on the market, and depending on what you are looking for, you can choose from simple folding stools to comfortable camping loungers with foam arms and a drinks holder.

Some camping tables come with their own chairs, which fold nicely inside them, taking up very little space.

A Portable Barbecue


Is there a better way to end a fun day in the countryside than having a barbecue? You can buy a cheap disposable barbecue, but you won’t be able to grill more than a few sausages on them. A portable barbecue will help you cook those delicious steaks and burgers, without worrying that the coals will cool too quickly. Portable barbecues are small, affordable, easy to assemble, and usually big enough to feed two people. Plus, you can choose one which is fuelled either by gas or coals.

A Solar Panel Kit

Solar panels are such a great investment, especially if you are planning many trips with your campervan this summer. The price of solar panels has gone down so much in the past few years, and you can easily fit them to the roof of your campervan for £200 or less.

Having a solar panel on your rooftop means free electricity. They are eco-friendly and you can recover the initial investment quite quickly. Even if the sky is cloudy, they will still charge – even if it’s not as efficient as when the sun is full on.

Two panels fitted to the roof are enough to support the entire campervan.

A Cooling Box


Unless you have a new, expensive campervan, chances are that you probably don’t have a fridge inside your home on wheels. To keep your drinks cold, the food fresh and a supply of ice, you need a good quality cooling box.  In fact, I would say that for a perfect summer campervan trip, a cooling box is essential.

This is the one essential for which you will need to fork out over £100 from your budget. It is worth it though, as the better the quality, the longer the cooling box will keep your food and drinks cold. The best ones will keep the contents cool for up to five days. 

A Water Filter

A great way of making your trip eco-friendly is by bringing a water filter with you. You might not be fond of drinking tap water but put it through a filter and you won’t need to worry about it not being drinkable. A water filter can even purify water from a river when you are wild camping.

A water purifier will not only help you save money on water bottles, it also reduces your use of plastic.

A Torch


A torch is one of the essentials for your campervan that shouldn’t be omitted.  Regardless of whether you are setting up for the night in a wild location or in a camp site, you will need light to move around your vehicle. A torch is extremely helpful, especially when you can’t rely on constant electricity, or when the power goes out after dark.

Go for an LED flashlight, as it will last much longer than a traditional one, and it will be much brighter.  

Mosquito Repellent

No matter where you are travelling to this summer in your campervan, mosquitos will follow. It’s important to have a good mosquito repellent to protect yourself from their nasty bites. I am allergic to the tiger mosquito, which has made its way to the UK, and a bite from it can ruin my holiday.

Bringing mosquito repellent is more than an essential item that shouldn’t be missed from the items in your campervan. It would be beneficial to bring both a mosquito repellent for inside and a DEET spray or cream for your skin.

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16 thoughts on “10 Essentials that Shouldn’t be Overlooked on Your Campervan Trip


    I’ve never been in a campervan before. Sound like it would be fun. It’s useful to know what I would need too.

  2. Michele says:

    I agree… these are essentials. Especially the blanket when in an RV. Something so versatile saves space by not having to bring more, heavier or lighter blankets

  3. aisasami says:

    What wonderful items to take along during a camping trip, even in a campervan or other ways. This will help a lot of people during this season!

  4. Candle says:

    This is great information! Every year my family and I say we are going to camp. This is giving me an idea of the things we need to make it happen.

  5. Kenneth says:

    One of our dream as family is to travel with a camper van. It’s not really a thing here though but these essentials you listed here are surely amazing, thank you!

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