3 Days in Hong Kong Itinerary – The Best Things to do in Hong Kong

As you land in Hong Kong you start to understand why this is one of the most bubbling places to be in Asia. A mix of east and west at its best, in Hong Kong you will have the chance to explore traditional areas, go sky bar hopping, rest at the beach, enjoy nature, and taste delicious local dishes at low cost or at 5 star restaurants.

Easily put, no matter what type of traveller you are, there will be something for you on this Hong Kong itinerary!

While spending 3 days in Hong Kong might not be long, with a good plan and a great itinerary (like this one), you will get to tick off some of the most important things worth doing and seeing on the island.

How to Get to Hong Kong

The interior of the airport express train. The chairs are red with a white thick line in the middle.

The easiest way to get to Hong Kong is to book a flight for Hong Kong Airport, one of the largest and most important flight hubs in Asia. Many people who have a long layover in Hong Kong travelling from one destination to another choose to visit the city because it’s so easy to get into it from the airport.

Since you will be spending only a few days here, it is easy to link it to a vacation in another tropical destination linked by a direct flight such as Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam or Phuket in Thailand.

Getting to your hotel from the airport couldn’t be easier, with many transportation options available, depending on your budget:

  • Taxi – as soon as you step out of the airport you will see a special line from where you can take a taxi. It is worth knowing that taxies in Hong Kong have 3 different colors, depending on the region they serve: red for Hong Kong Island, green for Kowloon and New Territories, and blue for Lantau Island. Or, you can book a private transfer here.
  • Bus – the cheapest way to get to town, perfect for when you travel on a budget. The ticket costs only 5$ and the bus gets you from the airport to Central in around 45 minutes.
  • The Airport Express – the fastest (roughly 25 minutes) and most convenient way to get to Central. You can buy the tickets online in advance, pay with an Octopus card, or buy a ticket from the airport

How to Get Around Hong Kong

A view of the harbour in Hong Kong, with the green historical star ferry boat leaving towards the other side

Public transportation is very clean and efficient in Hong Kong, and it will get you to almost anywhere in no time.

You will have to get the Octopus Card from any convenience store (7-Eleven or Circle K), deposit money on it, and start using it anywhere by following a few simple rules:

  • When you take the bus, you enter through the front door and validate your card as you enter.
  • When you travel by tram you will get on through the back door and validate your card when you get off.
  • At the MTR (subway) you validate as you enter and when you exit, because rates are calculated differently depending on the number of stops you travelled.

You can pay for almost anything with your Octopus Card, including for ferries or small buses going to more distant places such as Sai Kung or Shek O.

Where to stay in Hong Kong


If you are travelling on a budget, choosing to stay in New Territories or even certain areas of Kowloon, will help you save on accommodation. That being said, Hong Kong is one of the most expensive places in the world, mostly because of its apartment prices, thus don’t expect to find 10$ rooms here.

Hilton Garden Inn Hong Kong Mongkok or Mia Casa Hotel on Hong Kong Island are both great budget options.

Mid Range

For this category, we are usually looking at prices between 60 USD and 150 USD per night in Hong Kong, and for that money you can get to stay close to the city center, and in a nice hotel.

Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour is within walking distance from the MTR, tram, or bus, and most rooms offer a stunning view over the harbour. It is a relatively new hotel that offers access to an infinity pool and a rooftop restaurant and bar.


Hong Kong might be the city with the most luxury options, and that’s because people here really appreciate luxury and are willing to pay for it.

With so many options to choose from, opt for a stay at the Ritz Carlton with its tallest swimming pool in the world located at the 118th floor and a Michelin-star Italian restaurant, or at the Four Seasons Hotel right in Central with a view over the Victoria Harbor.

Highlights of the Best 3 Days in Hong Kong Itinerary

  • See the sunset at Victoria Peak and walk along Lugard Road
  • Have a coffee on the beach at Repulse Bay
  • Explore Buddhist temples
  • Take the crystal bottom cable car to the Big Buddha
  • Visit Tai O – the traditional fishermen village on Lantau Island

Day 1

Start Your Day with a Good Coffee With a View

Two cups of coffee one next to each other. The one further away has a silver spoon on the plate underneath. Both coffees have white flowers made from milk on top.

Yes, Hong Kong has some of the best coffee scene there is, and they know not only how to prepare a great flat white, but also how to decorate a coffee shop in order to attract customers looking for the perfect Instagram spot.

Start your day at one of the best cafes in Hong Kong and choose a place with a sea view such as %Arabica in Kennedy Town or NOC in Whampoa.

Go for a Walk from Sheun Wan to Wan Chai

On the right hand side of the photo there is a red rickshaw with a black hood on the back. On the left there is a small tree with pink flowers. Above there is a folded orange curtain hanged on top of a window that has a white grill in front.

Admire the impressive skyline, do some window shopping, step inside Man Mo Temple, take some pictures with some of the many colourful murals and buildings around, pass through the Hong Kong Park, and go all the way to Wan Chai.

Take the elevator in Hopewell Center all the way to the last floor and admire the stunning view for free. As you go downstairs, stop by the Blue House – a cultural heritage area that will take you back in time, to a whole different Hong Kong.

Eat Cantonese Food

A bamboo steam bowl filled with four white round dumplings. Each dumpling is sprinkled with orange shrimp pieces on top

Even though in Hong Kong you can find delicious food from all over Asia, or the world, the first thing you must try as you arrive to the city is the local dishes.

You will also find that local restaurants are much (much) cheaper than international ones, and you can choose from tens of different stunning dishes.

Even if you don’t feel adventurous enough to try chicken feet, go for the steam buns, won ton noodle soup, steamed or fried dumplings, vegetables with soy sauce, or fried rice.

Another option is to go for a guided street food tour. This is a great way to learn more about the traditional food in Hong Kong and taste some delicious dishes. You can check out this tour for more information.

Go to The Peak for Sunset

Lugard Road and the Peak at sunset.

Take the Peak Tram and step back in time as you step inside this old traditional tram car. Let yourself guided on the steep hill, in between jungle and concrete buildings.

At the top, walk along Lugard Road that will take you around the mountain offering one of the most scenic views especially during sunset.

Day 2

Start Your Day on the Beach

A view of the Repulse Bay, with its sandy beach flanked by tall buildings.

Head to Causeway Bay and take the bus number 40 that leads to Stanley Beach and get off at Repulse Bay. Go down the stairs and make your way to the best coffee and brunch place on the beach: The Coffee Academics.

Enjoy your healthy breakfast and strong coffee with a stunning beach view.

Cross Over to Kowloon

A very busy street in Kowloon. There are a lot of ads, all sizes and colours, on the buildings and also covering the street.

Take the Star Ferry and cross over to Kowloon. You could go by MTR but the 10 minutes won’t be as entertaining and scenic as the ride by ferry.

As soon as you get off, walk to the Musea shopping mall even if you don’t want to shop. Its interior and design will surely impress you and offer lots of photography opportunities.

Chi Lin Nunnery

A view of the Golden Pavilion at the Chin Lin Nunnery. Leading to the pavilion there is a red bridge over a dark green body of water. The pavilion is surrounded by tall leafy trees.

Take the bus – better if you also want to enjoy the city and see the more authentic traditional parts of town, or the MTR – if you want to get there faster, and head to the Chi Lin Nunnery in Diamond Hill.

The nunnery is actually a large Buddhist temple, with a beautiful garden, a lake, and a tea place located in the middle of this tranquil setting. Even though you will be in the middle of this peaceful place, you won’t forget where you are because of the surrounding skyscrapers.

Choi Hung

Since you are in the area and within walking distance from it, you might as well pay a visit to the famous basketball court within the Choi Hung estate.

This is definitely one of the most Instagrammable places in Hong Kong.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

A covered walkway over a small lake landscaped with statues and round planters filled with green water plants. The walkaway is made from cement, but the cover is wooden, coloured in a beautiful shade of turquoise.

Also in the area, Wong Tai Sin temple is another stop worth making because of its hidden garden and colourful surroundings.

The Ladies Night Market

A popular tourist attraction thus expect crowds. It is an experience worth having, but don’t expect to find any valuable things since they sell mostly fake stuff.

Walking around and seeing the market from above is a must and don’t leave without trying the food. 

The Avenue of Stars and the Symphony of Lights

A view of the Avenue of Stars, with a clapperboard in the form of a movie.

End the night by strolling on the Avenue of Stars, and find Jackie Chan’s statue and palm prints. Don’t miss the fantastic daily music and light show, the Symphony of Lights. It takes place at 8PM and lasts for 15 minutes. There are 42 buildings that take part in this show, displaying lights and fireworks on the other side of the Victoria Harbour, making it the world’s largest permanent light and sound show. Another great place to view the show from a traditional junk boat, with a drink. Check out this option here.

Day 3

Spend the day on Lantau Island

A photo of the Big Buddha in Lantau seen from the temple below. The statue is in the middle of the photo, whilst on both the right and left there are the tops of the rooftops of the temple.

Today you will be spending your time on another island so come prepared with sunscreen and your camera.

Getting there is easy by MTR: from Central hop on the orange line and get off at Tung Chung, the end of the line. Click here for the MTR map.

Take the cable car (you can even choose a crystal bottom cable car) all the way to Ngong Ping Village from where you can walk to the Big Buddha statue (Tian Tan Buddha).

The Tai O fishing village seen from the water. The houses are small, grey, built in stilts. In front of each house there are small blue fishing boats.

In the area there are plenty of walking trails you can choose to take, the Wisdom Path being the most popular and easiest one. However, you can move forward with the bus number 21 and go visit Tai O fishing village.

An authentic settlement, here you can stroll around the streets, learn about how dry fish is obtained, and taste some local cuisine at one of the traditional restaurants around.

Author bio: Ingrid is a travel blogger and book lover in the constant search of places and experiences that bring joy to life. She is originally from Romania, currently living the expat life in Seoul, South Korea, after 2 years in Hong Kong. You can follow her stories on IngridZenMoments.

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