5 European City Break Destinations To Go To This Easter

prague sunset

Easter is just around the corner and if you didn’t book anything yet, you should start thinking about where you want to travel to for the long weekend at the end of March. Cause staying home it’s not fun, especially when you have 4 days off work! I have teamed up with Holiday Gems City Breaks to give you my suggestions for the best European destinations to travel to this Easter.




Italy is probably my number one country to travel to, no matter the season or the area. I have been to Rome over 15 times probably, and still didn’t see everything there is to explore in this magnificent city. I have walked for miles on the streets of the Italian capital and found out which are the best areas to stay in Rome, I discovered the most local restaurants and the corners where you will find the best pizza and gelato. But in this guide I want to recommend you another city: Venice!

There is no better time to go to Venice than the end of March. This beautiful, charming city that has inspired so many works of art, is at the beginning of its touristic season, which means that you can pretty much have it all to yourself. Strolling on the narrow streets of Cannaregio, waling around San Marco Square at night, feeling loved while enjoying a gondola ride at sunset with your loved one, make Venice the perfect romantic destination for Easter. Even if you go alone you can still explore the magic of the city, get lost on its hidden alleys whilst discovering new angles to photograph Venice.

Another two advantages of going to Venice at the end of March are the affordable prices and the good weather. Whilst the temperatures might not be as high to allow you to leave your jacket at home, the sky will usually be clear, and you will be able to admire the beauty of the city under the rays if sun. You can also choose to visit Venice in November, when the conditions are similar.

There are plenty of things to see and do in Venice. If you are looking for non-touristy little gems I can recommend you Libreria Aqua Alta – a magical world of books where the shelves have the shape of gondolas, boats and canoes, Fondaco dei Tedeschi – an old historical palace on the Grand Canal with a 360 panoramic terrace from where you can admire a bird’s view over the city, and Rosa Salva, one of the best pastry shops and gelaterias in Venice.

If you have already visited Venice, Milan is another Italian city perfect for an Easter break. You can do a lot in 3 days in Milan, as the city is packed with history, good food, and amazing shopping opportunities.



Paris at sunrise

There is always a reason to travel to the city of love, so why not visit Paris during this years’ Easter holiday?

There is always something to do and see in Paris. Start your day with a cup of a coffee and a croissant at one of the cafes in Montmartre, climb the Eiffel Tower early, before the crowds of tourists arrive, head over to the Louvre for an afternoon filled with art, enjoy an early dinner at a quirky restaurant that serves modern French cuisine, like Derrière, and finish your evening with a performance at Opera Garnier.

There are plenty of architectural masterpieces in Paris, starting with the 12th century gothic Notre-Dame Cathedral and continuing with the Musee d’Orsay, an old train station converted into an impressionist and post-impressionist museum hosting painting by Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne and Renoir.

When in Paris don’t miss a visit to the famous Moulin Rouge to enjoy an extraordinary cabaret performance and discover the origins of the French can-can.



barcelona gaudi

If you are searching for a warm city break for Easter, then you should consider Barcelona as the perfect getaway. With a perfect balance between a coastal town and the largest city in Spain, Barcelona offers both relaxation on one of the sandy beaches alongside the Mediterranean Sea, and a cultural experience inside the city. There are plenty of things to do in Barcelona no matter if you travel solo, with your family or with your friends.

Barcelona is not only an old city founded by the Romans in the Middle Ages, but also a work of art because of Gaudi’s masterpieces scattered all over the city centre. A fantastic idea for the city break would be to find and visit as many Gaudi works of art as possible, starting with its most famous, Sagrada Familia (check the offers for tickets and guided tours inside the cathedral here). Did you know that the lampposts from Plaza Real, were designed by Gaudi, as his first work after graduating as an architect?

Barcelona is not only a great place to visit, but a foodie paradise as well. Boqueria Market, situated just off the famous La Rambla, has to be your first stop on a foodie tour of the city. Not only that here you will find fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, to buy and prepare them at home, but La Boqueria is also the home of some really good tapas restaurants. Why not try Juanito’s famous chickpeas and morcilla breakfast dish, at Bar Pinotxo, or Quim’s special fried eggs, at El Quim restaurant? The locals love both equally.

In the evening head over to Montjuïc neighbourhood to watch the Magic Fountain put on a show. The performance will include the famous “Barcelona” song by Freddie Mercury and Monserrat Caballe together with classic and modern songs. Make sure to check the schedule before you go, as depending of the time of the year, the Magic Fountain is not working every day. Also, make sure to get there early, to catch a seat higher on the stairs behind it, for the best view.



prague by night

One thing I really loved about my visit to Prague were its fantastic sunsets, when the entire city turns golden under the warm light of the sun. As Prague is not a big capital, it is possible to experience most of it in a city break. And why not go for Easter, when the city is hosting its annual Easter Markets?

The Easter markets of Prague are a great place to try the local food and see how it’s made in front of you. Don’t miss tasting the bochánek cake, a brioche like bread filled with almond and raising, and the trdelník, a pastry cooked on a stick over an open flame, coated with sugar and walnuts.

Similar with the Christmas ones, the Easter markets are held in wooden huts, beautifully decorated for the season. As spring is just around the corner, the decorations will be bright coloured and the Czech sellers will be wearing their traditional costumes. The Easter markets are opened every day, including on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and are a perfect opportunity to stock up with some hand painted Easter eggs and take them home as souvenirs.

After you have tasted a little bit of everything in the markets, stroll towards the Astronomical Clock dating back all the way to 1410. On the hour, the four figures flanking the clock are put in motion. They represent the four things that were despised during the times the clock was built: green, vanity, lust and death.




Every now and then, when I run out of good chocolate, I head to Brussels on a city-break to stock up with some more. And what better occasion to try the exquisite new recipes of the chocolate eggs created by the best chocolatiers in the world, than Easter? And as there are chocolate shops everywhere in Brussels, my recommendation would be Passion chocolatier, in Place du Grand Sablon, who never disappointed me with their artisan delights.

Brussels is very close to the UK, with a flight time of only one hour. By the time the plane takes off and you manage to order a drink, it’s landing time already. The airport is very close to the city, which means it won’t take you longer than half an hour to get into the centre of the town.

Besides tasting chocolate and sampling the local beer, Brussels is a great city to visit, with most of its touristic landmarks very close to each other. And as I mentioned beer, did you know that Belgium has over 1600 different types of beer? Surely, a city break won’t be enough to sample them all, but you will get an idea of the different flavours and combinations out there. Again, my recommendation would be the Kriek, but I’m girl so I am allowed to have cherry beer as one of my favourites.

If you feel that Brussels might be too small for a long weekend, you can always hop on a train and head over to Namur, Bruges or Antwerp for the day. Each city is reachable within an hour, by the fast train.

Which European city do you want to travel to this Easter?



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  1. Yes to all of these European cities – as a destination not just for Easter but any time. Prague is number one for me off of this list. You make a good case for why they would be ideal for Easter vacation. I will keep this in mind when planning my travels to these cities in the future and when I should go.

  2. Wow your Paris photo is completely incredible. Although would love to go to Venice and Barcelona. We are going in April and simply can’t wait for it! Prague is wonderful and we absolutely love the city. So romantic and you can get cheap beers and drink in public haha!

  3. I’ll probably be back in Veneto this Easter, so I’ll have to say Venice! We don’t think so much of the Easter markets, but you’re right, they do exist, like the one I saw in Vienna! For that reason, I’d love to see Prague during Easter, it sounds pretty.

  4. It would be so nice to visit these 5 cities especially during that time of the year. I think those are lovely choices. I’ve always wanted to go to Paris and Prague! Venice is also a dream!

  5. Ahhhhh you can give me Venice and Barcelona anytime. I have such fond memories of both of them. How I wish South Africa was a little closer to go there for Easter, I would love to see the markets and just soak up all that culture again

  6. Ooh I’m so glad I found this post, as I’ve been starting to think about where I want to go for Spring Break this year! I’m living in the snow right now, so heading down to the Med would be right up my alley, especially since I haven’t been to Italy before! I would love to get lost looking at famous artwork and enjoying the temperate weather!

  7. I wish I had the bank balance to allow me to travel this Easter as I would love to visit either Prague or Venice but the place I would really love to go isn’t on the list. Celle in Germany is my need to go to place to take my finace and also so I can go visit friends x

  8. I so want to do Easter in Europe. There’s something about experiencing in the old world countries that I want to do. And now I can use your awesome roadmap to help me pick the cities to start with. If things go as planned maybe we can try out Venice or Paris next spring. Btw, love your photos. They are so moody and beautiful.

  9. Any of them would have worked for me only if I lived in Europe. I would probably choose Brussels just because my memory of that city is almost faded and would love to see it again with adult point of view.

  10. I would travel to literally ANY CITY right about now. I wish I could visit Europe over Easter! I miss Munich so much and many of the other cities I fell in love with while I was there. Prague is also a good one!

  11. I have been to 3 places on this list – Paris, Prague, and Brussels. Prague is one of my favorite cities so far, as it has its own charm and beauty. I would love to visit Venice and Barcelona one day as well! They are high on my list!

  12. Awesome list and definitely the MUST DO cities of Europe. The only that I have not been to is Barcelona, but I m aware of its charm and can’t wait to experience it myself some day. Although I like all the remaining places you have mentioned, a recent favorite is Brussels especially with its street art.

  13. I’d love to go to Barcelona, I think it’s somewhere I’d love to spend a week both exploring and relaxing. Venice would be a great choice as I bet the weather would be much better then than when I went in November x

  14. The only one of these destinations I’ve yet to visit is Venice, but it’s never really been high on my bucket list of must-go places, so interesting to read a bit more about it 🙂 I’m actually off to Iceland again this Easter, and CAN NOT WAIT!! Hehe! x

  15. Been meaning to take a look at going to Barcelona, especially to Las Ramblas and the Gothic Quater. This blog has inspired me to get going again,

  16. Those are fabulous suggestions! I love Easter and I always try to spend it with my family but I know that a lot of people choose that time to travel as its a lot of time off from work! Ive visited all those cities you mention here and if I would have to choose one to go back I would go to Barcelona! I am totally in love with that city!

  17. Venice, Prague, or really any European city. They are all endowed with so much culture and history they would all make a great vacation any time of the year.

  18. I’ve been lucky enough to visit everywhere on your list except Brussels, which I would really love to go to. I hear the people and the food are fantastic.

  19. I honestly wish I had an unlimitted travel fund, there’s not one place on this list that I wouldn’t visit. Venice and Barcelona are right at the top – how mesmerising the that building! Beautiful photos!

  20. Wow! I’d absolutely be smitten to be able to visit any of these gorgeous and amazing cities! I hope so much to see these places someday!

  21. I want to go to Barcelona !! im a super fan of Barcelona soccer team <3 and the city is so beautiful. Also Prague, Im in love with this city and its on my bucket list ! Thanks for sharing

  22. Europe is so historic and beautiful. It has been on my bucket-list since I was in 3rd grade! I have been always fascinated with its architecture and art. Paris has to be at the top of my list, I want to experience the Eiffel Tower up close.

  23. I am slowly working my way around Europe on Citybreaks and have done Warsaw, Budapest, Prague, Paris, Ljubljana and will be in Vienna in 2 days time.
    I have Germany and Italy on my list for other places to visit this year so it was good to see you recommend Venice. I would love to see Brussels too…. just need to get myself organised and start booking things for later in the year.

  24. I want to visit every city listed in this article! The pictures are breathtaking and your content makes me want to book my trip now. I have only traveled to eastern Europe and would love the opportunity to visit on of these cities.

  25. It would be so fun to do a trip where I could visit each and every one of these cities! I would want to go to Paris first (for the food) then on to Barcelona and finish in Brussels!

  26. I would absolutely love to go to any of these places! We are planning an international vacation next year to Europe, and I am definitely goign to cross some of these off my list!

  27. OMG your picture of Barcelona is stunning! Are all their buildings as gorgeous as that one? I have been dying to go to Europe, but never thought to go at Easter time. The streets I am sure will be less packed with tourists.

  28. These cities are traveler’s paradise and Easter should definitely be the great time to explore these as it is as you said start of the season. Though we visited these cities at different times of the year we remember visiting Italy during the easter holidays and while Florence was overcrowded and it was difficult even to walk through the old town, Venice was a wonderful experience with less crowd and bright sun all day. Barcelona is a city we would love to visit again as there is no much there to explore which we missed on our first visit.

  29. Oh yes!! 4 days off for the Easter break sounds the perfect excuse for a city break. And I totally would love to pick Prague – the sunsets here sounds amazing – I absolutely love nothing better than to watch the sun setting and reflect on the day that’s gone by. Plus since it’s not such a big capital city, like you said – perfect for a city break! Also the Easter markets does sound like a good enough excuse!

  30. I live in Vienna, so it has been really easy for me to visit all these places, and some even more than once. I would say add Vienna to the list too! 🙂

  31. Venice is seriously one of those places you can go year round. I’d love to go to Prague since of all the places you mentioned its the one I have yet to cross off my list.

  32. I wouldnt know which one to pick they all look absolutely stunningly inviting. Prague is somewhere I haven’t been but the photo here is so gorgeous I am longing to visit!

  33. We are actually staying in Paris for 2 nights at Easter on the way skiing and I seriously cannot wait. I’m so excited to see the Eiffel Tower and everything else that Paris has to offer 🙂

  34. Couldn’t agree more with the list! Just been to Prague recently and its indeed an amazing place! Venice and Paris are my favorite places, well all of these are amazing places! Indeed a bucket list for everyone.

  35. I want to go to all of them! Well I have been to Paris a couple of times but none of the others. Have always wanted to visit Barcelona for the architecture and of course Venice has been on my list since I was little. Prague is a recent newcomer to my European bucket list and Brussels sounds fabulous too! But if I had to choose one this Easter…I’d choose Venice. Before it’s too late to see it.

  36. A few of these cities are already on my wishlist. I’ve actually booked a holiday to Catalonia today over Easter (how strange!) and planning to have a day trip to Barcelona whilst we are there. Now I’ve seen Prague at sunset I’m adding that to my wishlist too.

  37. I’ve been in Paris and Prague before, and I say that this is such the most beautiful places I’ve been to. and Barcelona is my next spot, I’m just waiting for my son to grow up.

  38. Haven’t booked for Easter yet and what a great idea to book when prices are more reasonable. Love the sound of Barcelona, have to view the architecture, looks amazing! Great destinations and a lot to think about!

  39. I’ve traveled to 3/5 on your list! Definitely would want to visit Prague and Barcelona one day. For this Spring/Easter break I don’t have any plans yet but thank you for your recommendations!

  40. Of the five beautiful European cities you mentioned, I only visited Prague and I was delighted. This year I hope to see at least one more from your list. I would like it to be Paris, Venice or Barcelona.

  41. would love to visit europe for easter. I’d love to visit at anytime. I’ve always wanted to see Barcelona. It’s on my short bucket list of places to visit.

  42. We went back to Italy, and actually to Veneto because we live there half the year. I actually prefer to steer clear of Venice but I understand its charm! I love Barca, and the Montjuic neighbourhood is just so special! We live in a wonderful continent!

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