5 Tropical Destinations For Families


The warm sunlight, cozy breeze, humming waves and powdery sand, all these makes you want to pack your bag and book a ticket to a tropical spot. Don’t get me wrong, winters sports are amazing. I think missing the sun is perfectly normal especially if you have been covered in snow for a few months now. If you and your family have been craving for some beach there are a number of destination you can check that to satisfy that beach bum appetite.

If you are feeling too chill in your home, it’s time to look for an escape. If your family needs a healthy dose of vitamin D, here are five tropical destinations that families need to visit.




The Bahamas, its name itself makes me want to put on the best beach wear I have! It is the nearest tropical destination from the USA. Its crystal clear waters, and powdery sand should be enough to encourage you to hop on a plane to The Bahamas. But if you need some more nudging, this beautiful country also offers a number of exciting water activities, fresh seafood and amazing pink sand. If pink is your color, you don’t want to miss taking a walk or take an Instagram-worthy photo in the pink-hued sand beaches in Harbour Island. Don’t forget that you can also swim with the sharks, stingray and even pigs.


The Landings in St. Lucia


Luxury, serene beautiful and mesmerizing seascape are some of the words that can capture and describe The Landings in St. Lucia.  This is probably one of the most perfect tropical destinations for families because they offer convenience, and family friendly amentites all the while in the atmosphere of an island living. I know my words may sound contradicting, island living and luxury? But believe me, once you stepped into this amazing resort you will instantly understand.


British Virgin Islands


The British Virgin Islands or simply the Virgin Islands are under the executive power of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II herself. And this tropical destination is majestic in every bit. This tropical haven is composed of about 60 islands in the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

 Apart from being known as a world renowned sailing destination, this sun-loved place is surrounded by pulsating relaxing waves and sparkling waters. They pride themselves with vast white sand beaches, beautiful diving spots, snorkeling sites teeming with biodiversity, and amazing hiking places. I dare to say all this activities are best experience with family. No need for an excuse for a holiday, but the amazing experience that awaits should be more than enough.


Puerto Rico

puerto rico-726732_1920

Not only do they send some of the most beautiful Caribbean representatives in the Miss Universe pagent, but Puerto Rico is the absolute Caribbean dream escape. Located the northeastern part of the Caribbean Sea, this dreamy tropical destination is composed of a main island and several small islands.

One particular attractive thing about this place is the mixture of Caribbean and Spanish culture it offers to its tourist. That means being in the midst of tropical flair perfectly blended with imposing forts and colonial structures. A perfect atmosphere for the family, specially kids, to learn a thing or two about history. Being in the Caribbean, this country can boast itself with beautiful stretches of beaches, shimmering waters, and delicious seafood delicacies.


Florida Keys


Visited by over 2 million tourist every year, Florida Keys should be your top option for travel when in need of some sunshine. This tropical haven in the southern tip of the USA has everything a travelling family would need and want. The Keys have an inviting turquoise water and is blessed with superb weather. This place also have some of the most incredible diving sites and incredible fishing spot. It is teeming with wildlife. You are likely to encounter dolphins while in the water and may even snag some tarpon or blue marlin while fishing. Don’t miss out on the outdoor fun so bring along your fishing gear and diving equipment. If you don’t feel like going deep in the water, this coral island can accommodate your snorkeling habit and surprise you with sightings of beautiful school of fishes, colorful corals, sponges and other amazingly interesting aquatic life.

Now go ahead and look for some cheap flight sales. Imagine yourself basking under the warmth of the sun, lying on the soft sand all the while listening to the relaxing splash of the sea. A sip of Pina Colada while in front of an adored sunset is a tropical dream.



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17 thoughts on “5 Tropical Destinations For Families

  1. Heather says:

    As a family we’ve visited the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. I’d love to travel to the others because we love warm sandy beaches when we can spend time away from home.

  2. Waren Jean Go says:

    Those are amazing tropical places! Care to include the Philippines? I promise you you will have so much fun, plus it is not expensive.

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