8 Tips to Getting Good Night Sleep While Traveling


by Mikey Quinn

As a passionate traveler, I can say for myself that I am a true wanderlust person! I love traveling, but for that matter who doesn’t?

The thrill of choosing a destination, planning a trip, packing my suitcase – I can go on forever. There are tons of reasons why I love traveling, but of course there are always some concerns on my mind.

I am not so much worried about carrying my heavy luggage. I am also not worried about the hours of waiting in stations or airports – I can always chill out with my mobile phone as I sip coffee and have some food.

My concern is ‘the good rest’ before, during and after my trip. I always want to be well rested, not just on trips but at home as well. And I’ve gotten some great help so far on that matter with www.sleepingguide.org.

The least I need is feeling and looking exhausted before or after arrivals.


Be dressed in comfy clothes


Sounds obvious and simple, but ask yourself – would you be comfy resting in tight clothes? I wouldn’t even mention elegant shoes or high heels, it goes without saying that you need to avoid these things.

For example you don’t want to feel buttons pressing on your stomach or ties pressing on your Ladies, elegant dresses or heels are of course not good at all – unless you fly with a private jet as a celebrity!

I always like wearing loose-fit jeans, sneakers and my favorite sweaters or T-shirts, depending on the season. That way I lean back and don’t feel pressure on my belly or chest as I get my needed ‘shut-eye’, if I feel like it.


Avoid anything that would make you more awake

If you’re having a short trip, it’s totally ok to listen to some music or read a book. But, longer trips could wear you out.

When I travel for longer hours, I keep my laptop away. Lights of gadgets and devices are always keeping me awake. I know, games and addictive apps can make you rethink if you need that nap.

I’ve kept myself awake browsing through my apps and it was not worth it. After my trip I looked a complete mess.

Even my book is set aside and if I need music, I play relaxing and quiet songs at minimum volume. If songs are all too familiar to you, play some ‘white noise’ sounds.

Resist the loud music that builds up your energy and enthusiasm! It’s quite the challenge!


Baggage aside


Of course I mean the cabin bag or a backpack you wear with you. Some of us are anxious to out the small baggage aside for safety reasons or something else.

Yes, you can hold this in your lap, but why would you? With flights, you’d have to put this aside for precautions. But, for buses and trains don’t torture yourself. Set the bag under or above the seat.

Or in any section that has free space for luggage. You need your arms resting on your lap. Enjoy your trip!


When you travel by bus or train…

sleeping on train

Again, I’d mention the comfy clothes again here. For busses and trains I wear even sweatpants with hoodies because I can freely doze off here. If you are lucky enough, choose a seat by the window and enjoy the view too.

Why not even take a small cozy blanket with you? I pack my favorite blanket that fits just fine in my bag that I carry with me. In case I really want to go cozy-mode 100%, just spread it on my lap and relax.

But, when I travel this way, I always pick the first class or at least not the cheapest options. Imagine yourself sleeping all night or all day in that same seat and you’ll see some splurging in this case is a good idea.

Look on the bright side – at least busses and train trips are cheaper than airplane trips. So feel free to invest in comfort now.


Think of hydration and nutrition

Once I felt too excited for my trip so I thought lots of coffee would help me be alert all the way. No, this is not a good idea. I just felt more anxious and felt my heart would pop out of my chest.

I’m often jumpy before my trips. I mean we all are of course. Caffeine just made me chaotic, not knowing where to turn and look because I felt my pulse going crazy!

If that’s the case with coffee, I don’t need to mention alcohol! The least you need when you need a nap. You don’t want to be edgy, dehydrated or even worse – nauseous.

That whiskey or wine offered on planes sounds cool and fancy, but refuse it for God’s sake! Once you arrive where you’re headed, that’s another story.

Stick with tea or water and of course, light meals to avoid bloating. I know this worked the best as soon as I settled on my seat. You might be starving, but please keep the meal light. Full and heavy belly = discomfort!


Take a natural sleep supplement


When you travel all the time your energy levels go down, especially when you have to catch early flights or arrive late at night and your hostel dorm-mates are snoring. Your body needs sleep to recover and if you deprive it of it, or if it’s interrupted, you will feel tired and won’t enjoy your adventures at all.

Here is where Benenox Overnight Recharge comes in to the rescue. All natural, with honey as the main ingredient, Benenox helps energize the body even after a bad night’s sleep. Packed with Vitamin B6 and Sustamine, Benenox is proved to reduce the tiredness and fatigue, maintain the body’s normal energy production and also support the mental function.

I have been trying Benenox for the past month and I did notice a difference, as my energy level has increased and I stopped getting tired by midday, even after a good night’s sleep. Honey is not only a great sleep promoter but it’s also a great antioxidant and a source of natural energy.


Adjust your sleeping habits before the trip

This is really important. We all know that quite often there is no proper sleeping when we travel, but at least we can get a nap. I often close my eyes and doze off, especially if the night before I had no sleep at all.

My body is always chaotic when it comes to sleeping habits. Sometimes I stay up all night and sleep during the day. Other times it is the other way around.

Still, when you know the date of the trip, take my advice and try to go to bed earlier at night. Force yourself even, at last couple of days before a long trip.

Trust me on this one, especially for avoiding jet-lag effects. Even for bus or train trips, if you are rested before you travel, at least you’ll enjoy the views along the way!


It is airplane take-off time …


I wouldn’t repeat over and over again on the clothes of course. By now you know about clothes, hydration and meals.

When I have a long flight I bring an eye mask or my favorite neck pillow that fits great in my cabin bag or back pack. I do the same with bus or train trips. Even if I don’t nap, at least I won’t look tired and my neck won’t hurt.

Eye masks are awesome. I don’t even have to sleep to wear them. Whenever the lights are too bright, I just put these soft masks and chill out.

When that’s not enough and I want to ‘mute’ all sounds, I just use 2 tiny soft earplugs. In flights this is a cool idea in fact, when you don’t’ have a chewing gum to avoid ear pressure.

Oh, and the neck pillows! I lean my head back or on the sides without the embarrassment of waking up on someone’s shoulder. Even with the best planes, trains or busses you’ll struggle with adjusting of your seat. Get a neck pillow – it fits in any cabin bag or backpack.

Sleep or no sleep – just make sure you are comfortable all the way!



Disclaimer: This article was written in collaboration with Benenox.

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  1. Flora says:

    I have to admit that I LOVE to sleep in moving vehices. It might be the infant in me. My only problem is that I’m also overly anxious about my bag being stolen while I’m resting.

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