A Weekend In London – 48 Hour London Itinerary

When planning a two-day trip to London, it is normal to want to spend a lot of time preparing. There’s plenty to do in London, and you’ll probably want to visit the top attractions in the city while creating the best route to see them so you don’t spend your whole day traveling on public transport. Lucky for you, we created a 48 hour itinerary. Now all you’ve to worry about is packing the best clothes for your trip.

And because we all love to save some money while traveling, all the attractions that we gathered are compatible with the London Pass. This will help you to save between £15 and £25 per entrance fee. So have a look at our list, we also added some hotels options for you, and start picturing yourself surrounded by black cabs and red telephone boxes.


Prepare your trip to London with the Lonely Planet Guidebooks:

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Day one:

London Bicycle Tour

Start your day with an invigorating bicycle tour. Experience a new way of discovering London with its Classic London Bicycle Tours, offered every morning. You’ll be able to enjoy some of London’s classic landmarks. Plus, you can choose between a mountain bike and a classic one.


Tower of London

Awarded as one of the top ten attractions to visit in London, this famous fortress will surprise you. From haunted tales to the Queen’s Crown Jewels, you’ll have plenty to see here. Join the Beefeaters for a guided tour of this historical iconic attraction.


Tower Bridge Exhibition

Experience London through its glass floor walkway. Constructed 42metres above the river, the glass walkway allows visitors to appreciate a different view of London. You might be able to catch the bascules rising allowing boats to pass. But not only will you be able to enjoy its panoramic views, you can also learn about the bridge’s history through its interactive information panels.


London Bridge Experience

Are you bold enough to experience London’s scariest attraction? The London Bridge Experience will take you on an interactive journey through the darkest past secrets of the city. They say that you can hear phantom cries, which are rumoured to be traitors that were executed between 1305 and 1660. A spooky way to finish your day.


Now it’s time to go back to the city centre and relax.

For spending the night, we gathered these options near the city centre. If you’re more of a hotel person, the Best Western Boltons Hotel London Kensington or the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London –  Kensington are our recommendations for you.

In case you rather sleep at a hostel and have the chance to meet interesting globetrotters, the Saint James Backpackers Hostel London or the YHA London Earls Court are some of the best hostels in London.

But if you prefer to have your own privacy and want to go for a home experience, you can book an Airbnb, which has options from luxury flats to cosy rooms.


Day two:

Hop on Hop off Bus – Grand Tour

Rise and shine with a morning tour. Jump to the Hop on Hop off Bus for a grand tour of the city. It covers the north side of Central London, where you’ll be able to pass major attractions like Madame Tussauds and King Cross. You’ll also be able to pass classic sights like St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Big Ben.


Science Museum IMAX

Prepare yourself to be inspired by scientific achievements and iconic objects at the Science Museum. While you’re here, head over to their IMAX theatre and experience a unique adventure through its giant screen. It’s one of the largest screens in the UK. We guarantee you’ll feel like you’re part of the action and not just a spectator.


Aspley House

Better known as the home of the Duke of Wellington, the Aspley House is one of the most magnificent London’s grand houses. It holds a glorious art collection which features amazing paintings, the heritage from Wellington’s residence at the house after his military retirement. While you’re here, you can also take a walk at Hyde Park, London’s largest park.


Wellington Arch

Credit for photo to http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/


Neighbouring Wellington’s home, you’ll find Wellington Arch. Here you’ll be able to enjoy its panoramic views of London at its balconies or watch the mounted Horse Guard on their way to the changing Guard. Formerly used as an original entrance to Buckingham Palace, it became a victory arch after Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo Battle. Definitely, a must see in London.


There are so many things to do and see in London, you will surely return to London for a longer visit!


We would love to read all about your time in London in the comment section below. What did you think about the London Bridge Experience? Was it too scary?



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  1. It’s always interesting to see what is popular to do in London. When you live here you have no idea what to suggest for visitors to do. In truth there is so much that it depends what you are interested in. I’m a cheapskate so I always recommend free stuff, but I suppose if you can get everything on one card then that’s not so bad. You see, I have no idea about these things.
    An interesting read 🙂

  2. This packs in a lot of stuff to do in a weekend. I have never been to London but from what I’ve heard you’ve covered all the best bits. Thanks for sharing this, it’ll serve as an easy reference whenever I’m there next.

  3. London pass sounds like worth purchasing too and your list looks neat. AS London is on my near future list, I am saving this for myself. Hoping to avoid the peak season though.

  4. We were in London recently but didn’t get all of these things. There are so many great things to do there. I’d love to look through the glass on the bridge. And maybe try the London Bridge Experience.

  5. How lovely! Wouldn’t have thought to visit Aspley House when in London, but I AM curious about how the Duke dwells in magnificent London.

  6. There is so much to do in London that even 48 hours are not enough. However, many people have just that much time at hand. I loved the way you wrote this itinerary. It is of great help for many first timers.

  7. I would love to visit London someday. The London eye is top of my list. I would love to experience the night life of London as well… must we awesome!

  8. While a great city like London deserves many more days, I like this compact itinerary covering almost every important destination. First time visitors will find it extremely useful. I also like your choice of classic photographs depicting the best of the city.

  9. The bike tour does sound like a great start as it lets you see some of the well landmarks and also things that you may not have noticed otherwise. There is so much to see and do in London and you have picked a great selection to get people started. You might need a few more trips as 48 hours isn’t very long for a London visit.

  10. Oh wow, you really packed a lot into your trip! I would love to visit London as a tourist (I’ve only been down on work related things) and I’d like to go on the London Eye, see a West End Show and have afternoon tea on a London bus 🙂

    Louise x

  11. We’ve forever wanted to visit London! If we ever do, your post is the guide I’m going to reference. I’d love to take a bus tour of the city. I swear we’re 80 years old at heart because wherever we go we always do things like this and are totally captivated by the guide’s stories!

  12. Sometimes I take for granted the fact that I am only an hour from London and can see it whenever and whilst I have seen most of these I need to dedicate a day to explore properly. Love your itinerary

  13. Having an exact plan when you’re visiting London is a must. I love this guide, I’ve not heard of the cycling tour before. It sounds a great way to sightsee and exercise too.

  14. Wow you certainly did have a packed weekend, I love London and am lucky to live nearby, I have never been to Aspley House before though, so will be looking into visiting one day soon x

  15. Looks like a packed weekend. I’ve never been to London. I feel like it would be intimidating but not sure why as I’ve been to lots of big cities on holiday. I should remedy that this year and get down there

  16. I go to London all the time and love looking for new things to do. I am ashamed to say I have done none of the things on your agenda, but have actually printed it off so I can try some of them out! Thank you for the heads up x

  17. Yoy managed to do so much!!! My god you saw more in the 48 hours you visited than I have in the 25 years I’ve lived here!!

  18. We did the Tower Bridge Exhibition when we were in London back in March and we had planned on visiting Aspley House and Wellington Arch, but didn’t get time in the end.

    I must organise another trip down there 🙂

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