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I’m writing this article while I am on the plane, towards my next adventure, what I call my Eat Pray Love month in Italy. I am flying into Pisa and from there head over to a village in Tuscany, where I will be based for the entire October. My goal is to discover this beautiful part of Italy, the countryside, the medieval villages, the local culinary delicacies but also to brush my Italian, as I haven’t spoken it in years.

While I’m writing this, I am also munching on the yummy coconut snacks Ape has sent me to keep me full for the journey. Ape’s motto is Munch Happy, where the food you put in your body equals the vibe you put out, both emotionally and physically. This is why they created a range of snacks that are delicious and healthy in the same time. All their snacks are natural and made out of pure coconut, baked and not fried. And we all know how healthy coconut is!



The Ape coconut snacks come in two versions: bites and curls. They are packed in colourful fun bags which are easy to open and keep the coconut fresh. Each bag has 30 grams of snacks but coconut is very feeling so after eating one pack I felt full and not hungry.


How do they taste?

Coconut bites natural

The natural coconut bites contain nothing but coconut, tapioca and a sprinkle of sea salt, which to be honest I didn’t feel at all. The taste is of pure coconut which is crunchy when you bite it but goes soft and melts in your mouth afterwards.


Coconut bites with sesame seeds

I really liked the combination of coconut and sesame seeds. While still sweet and coconutty, the sesame seeds give it a bit of a savoury flavour as well.


Coconut bites with chia seeds

This was my favourite flavour out of the bites selection because it tasted a bit sweeter than the natural coconut bits.  It felt like I was having a yummy sweet snack but in the same time I knew that it is healthy for me.


Coconut curls lightly salted

There is a nice balance of flavours between the coconut and the amount of salt in these curls. They are really good as an after gym snack when your body needs recovering from the workout but you don’t want to eat a lot.


Coconut curls salted chocolate

To me, these curls tasted just like a big mug of hot chocolate mixed with coconut cream but with only 96 calories. I can imagine having them as an evening snack, after dinner.


Coconut curls pepper and spice

I was a bit hesitant about this flavour because of the sweet – savoury combination. However, it was surprisingly nice. The taste is still of coconut but with a slight peppery flavour, not a lot though.


Benefits of Ape Coconut snacks:

  • Gluten free
  • No added sugar
  • High in fibre
  • Baked and not fried
  • All natural
  • Less than 150 calories


Where to buy them from?

You can find them in Boots, Holland&Barrett, Asda, Whole Foods, Ocado, Planet Organic, Amazon, Coop, Revital and As Nature Intended.


Disclaimer: Please note that I received the Ape snacks for free to review them. However, all comments and opinions in this article are my own.

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  1. These sound amazing. I’m a huge coconut fan from the taste all the way to the smell of it. I can not wait to get my fingers on these. My belly thanks you

  2. Oh wow, this is my first time to know about this and I love the idea of coconuts as a snack. I would love to try all of the flavors! Perfect to bring when travelling too.

  3. Yum, yum! I’m always looking for way to stop myself from eating crisps – I can’t help it, its my one weakness haha. These look like a great alternative. I’ve seen them in the shops before but I may go ahead and give them a try after rading your post. Lightly salted and pepper and spice sound good!

  4. It’s sounds like a amazing snack products if you like coconut. It’s really good to see the natural ones dissolve in the mouth but still have a great texture and flavour.

  5. I am so happy there are more gluten free snacks on the market! My mom loves coconut so I would love to introduce her to this snack.

  6. A whole month in Italy sounds wonderful! I’m not really a coconut fan (I do love coconut oil), up these sound good. I really want to try the one with chocolate!

  7. Ooh! These sound super yummy! I love anything with coconut in, and snacks like these sound perfect for taking on travels! I’ll definitely be checking them out! Have a great time in Italy! <3 xxx

  8. I’ve never heard of this snack before! I will be sure to look this up the next time I am at the grocery store (which will be today)!

  9. What an amazing adventure you are about to embark on! I am loving the look and sound of the Crunchy Coconut Bites with Chia Seeds, I’ll have to keep an eye out for these on my next healthy snack run

  10. I love coconut everything so these would be perfect for me! Especially as a fellow traveller, I can see myself just grabbing a bag of these and chucking them in my hold all for snacking. Have a great time in Italy! xx

  11. This is my first time to hear about Ape product. I’d love to try this coz I really love the taste of coconut. Yummy!!!

  12. Hope you’re enjoying your Eat, Pray, Love trip.
    I absolutely adore coconut. The coconut curls look like they’d be my favourite. I love a yummy snack even more when I realise how healthy it is!
    Hope you had an amazing time in Pisa, you lucky thing!

  13. I’ve tried the salted chocolate flavour of these and really liked! I buy them weekly now. Also, I’m wondering where you went in Tuscany as I was there last month in a small town called Altapascio… I’m going to see if I can spot anything on your blog now. Love italy! x

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