Something lovely that happened one Sunday in Havana

Something to know about transport in Cuba – it’s very, very tricky. There are various ways to get around, and most of them are slightly unreliable, many of them are unnervingly crowded and some are occasionally infuriating. If Danny and I need to get into old Havana from where we live, we usually flag down […]

What’s the food really like in Cuba?

One of the most common questions people asked when I told them I was moving to Cuba was this: ‘What’s the food going to be like?’. Years of the embargo, overpriced imports, scores of tourists frequenting the all-inclusive resorts where the food is not always fabulous, ubiquitous pizza shops where your choice is ham, or […]

Life in Cuba – New series by Bethan James

Hello! I’m Bethan and I will be guest writing for Joanna about learning to live in Cuba. After visiting the island several times, I moved here for good in August 2017, firstly for love (of course) and secondly to start work at an International School. I now live with boyfriend Danny in Miramar, an area […]