Cabin Zero – A travel bag that fits all airlines!


I think that it’s been years since I have last checked in a bag in the hold when taking a flight. Recently, after having all that trouble when the airline lost my luggage on my way to Cuba and only managed to find it two months after, I’ve learned how to do long term traveling with only a carry-on as well.

I have tried several bags and backpacks during these few years and today I want to tell you about Cabin Zero, one of the best travel bags that I came across recently.

What makes Cabin Zero special is the size which will fit the majority of airlines carry on dimensions, making it the perfect companion to bring on a flight, even on Ryanair and EasyJet! Weighing only 760grams, Cabin Zero is so spacious that I always manage to have extra space after I finish packing.


Cabin Zero is made with strong, durable materials, it has thick padded shoulder straps and lockable zippers. It also comes with a built in global tracker (in case you lose your bag or the airline misplaces it). The Okoban tracker is integrated into World Tracer, the central lost and found system used by over 400 airlines.  The bag also comes with a 25 years warranty, if you simply like their Facebook Page.


My experience with Cabin Zero

Laptop pocket

I am someone who travels a lot and because I work remotely I need to be able to fit in my luggage my entire “office”, which at the moment takes a lot of space because of my old lappy who is not working without a cooler underneath.

Cabin Zero has a dedicated pocket for laptops which nicely fits the cooler as well. The padding on the back provides a soft protection layer toward bumps and the pocket on the front is perfect for the charger, mouse, and headphones.


Extra pockets

Even if it’s quite compact, I love that there is an extra pocket in front of the bag, where I usually store my password and my boarding pass, for easy access.

It also has two interior pockets, one zipped and one mesh, for those extra chargers that don’t go into any packing cube and to which you need quick access.


Space, space, space

A lot of things fit into a 44L bag! Just to give you an idea, I usually pack my 15” laptop, its cooler (double the thickness), my DSLR, clothes, and toiletries for a week, my makeup bag and a pair of shoes. They all fit!


Bright and colourful

What I really love about my Cabin Zero is the beautiful orange colour. A security agent once told me, “you will never ever lose your bag!”, and he was so right. If I would have to check it in I would spot it as soon as it will enter the baggage hall on the conveyor belt.


Carry it as you like best

I carry the bag on my shoulders, as a backpack, but it also has a side and a top handle, if you prefer to hold it in your hands. I love that it opens like a suitcase because it’s so easy to arrange my packing cubes inside it.

The padded straps are very comfortable to wear. If Cabin Zero would have waist straps as well I would definitely make it my main bag for long haul travels.


Airline friendly

I have taken Cabin Zero with me on several planes and it always fit the overhead compartment. A couple of months ago, when I flew to Northern Ireland for the Game of Thrones tour, I even managed to fit my bag in the tiny overhead space of an Embraer propeller plane!


It’s 100% British and they ship worldwide

“Leo” is an avid traveller who spent his after uni years traveling back and forth to India and created Cabin Zero from his own need of a durable, hassle free bag. What does Cabin Zero actually mean, you might wonder? Cabin Sized = Zero Hassles!

You can get your own Cabin Zero bag with free courier delivery for most of the world’s countries (you can check the rates here).


You can get a 10% discount

For a month only you have the chance to buy your own Cabin Zero bag by using the code “CZOANAROUA” in their online shop.


Disclaimer: Please note that I received Cabin Zero for free to review it. However, all comments and opinions in this article are my own.

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  1. This looks like a really good bag for travelling if you usually use a backpack and are worried about putting your bag in the hold. Personally I have a bad back and prefer my bags to have wheels and a pull handle.

  2. I love the bright color of the pack and that it has a global locator within it. That’s such a great idea! I don’t check baggage either, so this is a great product for me to check out! And I love that it has a laptop pocket!

  3. I honestly like this bag! Just a few things I would add and honestly change the color but overall it does seem like a practical bag! We are living for a long travel next spring and we are actually searching for an ideal backpack for our daughter!

  4. This bag looks like just the ticket (pun intended ;)) – we spent aaaages trying to find a good cabin-sized backpack! The bright orange is such a good idea, all the bags always look the same in the cabin bins or on the carousels. The global locator sounds like a brilliant idea too, especially for those of us that are a little prone to losing things!

  5. This is the second Cabin Zero bag review I’ve come across so it must be good! You’re so right about the orange colour, you’ll never lose it. There’s so much space in the bag, and I like the fact it has the interior pockets for those extra chargers too.

  6. This is a great bag. I travel only with my heavy bag for my camera. It is very hard to carry but very helpful.
    Even to the beach I take them with me. Because I always want my camera with it.

  7. That’s a really awesome bag. I actually need to look into it. Right now I bring my hiking pack pretty much everywhere but it just has so many straps that if I’m not hiking it’d be way more convenient to have something like this!

  8. What a fun, stylish and practical bag to carry with you on your travel. Like you, I also only do hand carry luggage on my flights. I have the least bit of patience checking in luggage and claiming them. I have heard way too many stories of lost luggage too, so that is something that I dread! This bag has a trendy look to it too, so it can’t be that bad that it is such a functional travel essential!

  9. Cabin Zero bag must be the ideal traveler’s bag. To think it has so much space like you mentioned is worth a buy for me. All I ever need would fit in nicely without having to worry about leaving things behind. I love the colour also, flashy and lovely.

  10. WOW! This looks and sounds like the perfect bag for all the travel enthusiasts who like to carry less and travel more. I almost always carry only a carry-on, unless I’m traveling to a colder destination and need to keep tonnes of jackets/coats/warmers/gloves, etc. or I’m traveling for a longer duration.

  11. sounds like the perfect holiday bag. i have a similar one, but not with a section for my laptop, this looks absolutely perfect and def worth considering.

  12. This bag sounds perfect for my everyday life lol. But seriously how cool that it has it’s own separate space for a laptop! I always need to take mine places and I really don’t care to carry it around.

  13. Oh I’ve actually been eyeing these Cabin Zero bags for quite sometime now! Love your personal review and experience with them and it’s swaying me into getting one!

  14. This bag looks beautiful! I travel a lot, so I always search for good bags that fit the criteria of flying and this seems like it would be perfect!

  15. The bag looks nice. But this orange color is an issue I hope they have variety of color options for this bag. Your review is helpful thanks.

  16. I love love, love, that color. I think orange is a beautiful color. I like this bag a lot. If I traveled more, I would consider buying one. But I am a home body. I only travel to work.

  17. That looks absolutely great & also looks pretty useful! Been looking for one of those SINCE A LONG TIME. Probably since last year and I never really found what I was actually looking for, so thank you!! 🙂

  18. I love this bag is airline regulation. So you don’t have to worry if it’s the right size. These days you really have to be aware of your weight and size because of they strict guidelines. I miss the days when we could travel without this concern. But those days are gone and it’s best to air on the side of caution before you start your journey. How was the Game of Thrones tour? I bet it was fantastic!

  19. Ah! I wish I would have seen this before! I am flying with a checked luggage tomorrow for the first time in years but this would have been perfect to use on my summer trips when I didn’t need as much!

  20. Sorry to hear about you losing your luggage and that it took them two months to find everything. Still this carry on looks ideal and I love that it can fit a laptop. Does it come in other colours? X

  21. This is now on my travel wishlist! I seriously travel so much and even when I travel by land I find that my bag is not as compact as this, and if it is it’s not that easy to organise due to the way it opens. I am really impressed with how much you can fit in there, and even more so that it fits perfectly in overhead compartments.

  22. oooo a very cool idea. I can’t wait to do some more travelling. I’ve definitely been infected by the travel bug. this bag would come in handy!!

  23. I too, have an cabin zero bag and I agree. I love how it fits a lot. I can’t believe how much I can fit inside my cabin zero bag. I also enjoy that it has all the support my back needs so despite being full, it doesn’t feel too heavy once on my back. It fits perfectly well in the airline compartment too.

    I will soon go on a 10 day trip with just my cabin zero 🙂 I love it

  24. Wow! 25 years warranty! That is really long. 🙂 I agree that with its bright color, it makes it easy for you to spot it even from afar. I wonder what other colors they have…

  25. It was so good to look at. I want something like this for a travel bag because it is easy to spot. The downside I guess would be the difficulty in cleaning. Am I correct? Hihi. Would love to gt this as a Christmas gift.

  26. I like that kind of bag. I don’t want to bring big luggage as well during travels and prefer everything inside a backpack. Space is so important in packing and your bag was able to address that issue. Plus, I love color orange 🙂

  27. Cabin manufacturers are doing a great job designing right sized bags. With strict regulations from Airline industry one has to be more careful about the shapes and sizes. 960gms for the bag alone is a good deal. Lot of scope for carrying more in cabin. Thanks for the review on this.

  28. I literally love everything about the Cabin Zero travel bag. I love the color, to start with. And then, the laptop area, additional pockets, the fact that it has built in tracker ( I just looove this one). It’s a real pity I haven’t run into Cabin Zero before.

  29. I agree with you, I love it when I saw the color, its bright. Never thought that cabin zero has so much space in store, imagine having all of those fit in one bag? I’ve heard a lot about cabin zero but this is one of the time that I get the chance to know more about this bag, laptop bag or tech bag is one of the things I am searching at the moment, and this fits what I need, glad you had the discount, checking it on.

  30. Looks very small on the outside but is very spacious on the inside! This is perfect for digital nomads who’s life is all about traveling and working online. I, myself thinks I need this one! haha. I haven’t heard of this brand before but it looks promising and caters to the needs of travelers.

  31. I’ve seen Cabin Zero from another blogger too! With yours, I love the color and how it’s eye catching since it’s bright. You’d be able to easily say that it’s your bag. Plus that 44L capacity and laptop sleeve! I’d buy that at an impulse if I only have the money. Shipping from another country could be quite hard for us since everything is so filtered and I’m scared that it might get destroyed too. But yeah, I’m sure it’s worth it.

  32. I think its USP is its loud orange colour. Many people find hard to spot their baggaes in the carousel because all bags look the same . Another differentiator is the GPS locator. Good for those who keep losing things.

  33. This looks like a great travelling bag! Def. need one of these for my travels next year hehe. Love the orange color too, so easy to spot hehe.

  34. Love the colour of the bag that you choose – really striking! I have a Cabin Zero bag too – glad to hear you love yours too! Perfect for when you only need hand luggage.

  35. Ah man ! I’m just back from London and really should have read this before I went ! You’d want to see me trying hard to fit my Carry on in the little space we are given. Think I’ll have to have a look into the Cabin Zero !!! Love it

  36. Oh my gosh!
    This bag, although perfect for flying, would be absolutely perfect for me when I head out on blogging excursions with my go pro in its grip! It takes up so much space & this bag looks like it would have the perfect amount of space.

    It also looks fab, bright & eye catching. Thanks for the post darling.

  37. I love this bag!!! It seems so well designed with how much you can actually fit in it without it being bulky. What a great idea to have a built in tracker, so you never have to worry about it getting lost if it was checked into the hold. I used to be cabin crew and know how difficult it can be to get some of the harder shell cases in the overhead locker, this looks nice and squishy… a crew members dream! x

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