Christmas shopping in New York

When I think about New York, I think about Christmas: the entire city transforms into a fairy-tale, with the gigantic Christmas tree from the Rockefeller Centre, the ice rink in Central Park, the fairy lights, the different Christmas markets. Add snow to it and everything becomes magical under the big fluffy snowflakes.

I have always wished to go to New York before the winter holidays, to feel the festive atmosphere and to do my Christmas shopping there. And with the cheap flights between London and New York I can shoot two birds with one stone: buy presents for my dear ones and also feel the magic of Christmas in this amazing metropolis (also hope for the weather to delight me with snow, as we almost never have a white Christmas in London).

I can imagine walking on the Fifth Avenue, admiring all the beautiful decorated Christmas window displays and enter each department store to search for special gifts. Did you know that some of the department stores in New York recreate in their window displays classic Christmas tales, with moving elements?

This year for example, Saks Fifth Avenue has chosen a very delicious theme for their window display, including colourful lollipops and cotton candy, animating “The Nutcracker sweet” alongside its six windows from the Fifth Avenue. Macy’s on the other is displaying a touching “Believe” theme, centred around Santa Clause and his workshop, to inspire watchers to have faith in the magic of Christmas. Barneys theme is “Love, Peace and Joy”, where different famous artists have reinterpreted these concepts in their own creative ways.

The Christmas Markets in New York can’t be missed also. Borrowing the idea of a German Christmas market, the Union Square Holiday Market awaits its visitors with mulled wine, warm cider, hot chocolate and a huge selection of artisan crafts. You can buy here unique handmade gifts, from artwork to home goods, gourmet treats or winter scarves, hats and gloves.

Did you know that even if with the falling of the pound due to the unfortunate Brexit, it is still cheaper to do your Christmas shopping in New York rather than in London? The Post Office Travel Money together with the researchers from Cheapflights have created a great Christmas Shopping Brand Guide comparing prices of different brands in both London and New York, finding out that on average it’s 43% cheaper to shop in the Big Apple.


Disclaimer: Please note that this is a sponsored post for which I received financial compensation. However, all the comments and opinions in this article are my own.

119 thoughts on “Christmas shopping in New York

  1. Ana Ojha says:

    NYC is my favorite city for celebrating Christmas and New Year. I was there during this Christmas and had the most magical Christmas of my life. Loved the festivity and buzz of the city during the most magical time of the year.

  2. Swati & Sam says:

    That photograph has been taken infront of 1221. I used to pass by it everyday. Christmas and New Year’s eve are the best times to be in NY/NJ. We got huge discounts at Best Buy, Target and Radio City. Loved the celebrations around Rockefeller center with the huge Christmas tree. I always love be in NY during Christmas.

  3. Amalia Nita says:

    Radio City at Night!! I can’t believe your article is illustrated with exactly this picture. Is the place I love, I dream about, I spent good hours of night sitting at the little stone tables at the corner on 6th Avenue, what is called Avenue of The Americas. Been there, Loved that. Soon we’ll visit New York together <3

  4. Jennifer L says:

    Christmas in NYC in general is just so fantastic, especially the decorations and people watching. I have friends from the UK and they always try to make it around this time because it is definitely much cheaper for a lot of their clothes and gifts for family and friends.

  5. Joi says:

    I lived in the USA for 10 long years and never visited New york, now that I’ve moved to France, I regret it, it’s a beautiful city! This is a good post, although I don’t share the idea of buying gifts to each other, because we don’t need them. Cristhmas turned into a craziness for shopping things and decorations, people forget about the real meaning that is Jesus.

  6. Sydney Fashion Hunter says:

    Christmas in NY looks magical. Although at the moment with the dramas in the lead up to a family Christmas exploding all around me Christmas just about anywhere other than home sounds appealing lol. As an Aussie it would be lovely to experience a cold Christmas for a change!

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