Copenhagen for under £50 (flights included)

So here I was, with a £10 return ticket for Copenhagen in my basket, thinking if I should click “buy” or not. It was the first time I would actually catch a Ryanair sale for the weekend, and I was kind of excited. So I said what the hell, and bought it. 24 hours in Copenhagen, an expensive capital that I wanted to visit for a while. It’s nice when you are in front of the computer at the right time and manage to buy a cheap flight ticket online, as there are always new places to explore and cultures to discover.

A friend of mine decided to join me so we found ourselves on a Saturday morning at Luton Airport, boarding the plane for Copenhagen. The flight was very smooth and we landed on time.

As we were both on a budget we planned on finding the cheapest (or free) things to do in the capital of Denmark.

The price for the metro to get from the airport to the centre of the town is 35DKK, which is around £3.5. We also got a free map of the city from the airport. You can find the timetables for the metro here.


We have tried to get in time for the free walking tour but we got off at the wrong station and missed it. So we started to walk on the shore of the river, then into the town, on narrow streets full with coffee shops, until we reached a main square. It was almost lunch time so we decided to stop for a hot dog break (typical Danish hot dog). Each hot dog was 25DKK. To accompany it, we ordered two small beers and sat down to enjoy it. Then the bill came: 120DKK! We swore not to do that again in Copenhagen.


We explored the city on foot, walking by the beautiful Royal Palace and hiding as much as we could from the rain. We passed by Tivoli and took pictures with the statues from the Thorvaldsens Museum, and then we crossed one of the bridges and arrived in Christianshavn, a beautiful modern neighborhood, with a canal filled with boats. Here, we had a coffee and a cake, for another 25DKK.


After that we passed into Christiania, the free town of Copenhagen, a place filled with graffiti and a kind of let’s say bohemian lifestyle. The “village” is situated on the shore of Stadsgraven Lake and about 850 people live here. It’s a place of colors, set on an abandoned military site, with their own rules and independent from the Danish government. It is a hippie place, with lots of art studios, music venues, workshops and handmade houses, but also with a lot of hash dealers. It is not advised to take pictures in Christiania.

Copenhagen is a very open and friendly city, where everyone is welcome! Read here a complete guide on gay traveling to Copenhagen.


We had a stop at a café there, where my friend decided he will rest for a bit because he was feeling unwell due to a cold. I wanted to see the Little Mermaid statue so we agreed to meet back later in the same place. I went out of Christiania and head over the bridge, towards Nyhavn, one of the most Instagrammable places in Copenhagen. Little did I know I was actually heading that way because I confused this iconic place with the Christianshavn canal. It was a very pleasant surprise seeing the coloured houses and the big wooden boats anchored on each side of the canal. Unfortunately I was too late for a boat ride on the canals of Copenhagen, missing the last one by just a couple of minutes. The price for the boat tour is 80DK. Here I had however another “hot dog” stop, spending another 25DKK.

If you have dietary restrictions, check out this gluten free guide of restaurants in Copenhagen.


The walk to the statue of the Little Mermaid was beautiful but the weather was starting to get very bad. By the time I got back my shoes were full with water and my feet wet. The Little Mermaid is actually very little but the area where it’s situated is very nice. There is a fortress shaped as a star near it, with a church and a windmill inside. The barracks are used by the Danish military.


Before I met my friend I stopped by and spent 50DK on postcards and fridge magnets for my collection… and a few Ritter Sport Rum chocolates, which are impossible to find in the UK.


After I met back with my friend we decided to go again to Christiania, as it was cheaper than the capital and because we needed a place to get worm. We didn’t book any accommodation for the night because our flight was at 6am and there was no point of spending more money for just a couple of hours.


We stopped at a supermarket, where we got dinner to go – some sandwiches, for which we paid 20DK. Then we went to Christiania, found a coffee shop and got a big mug of tea, for 5DK. From there we moved to a concert hall, where we saw an Ethiopian Jazz concert and where we received free coffee from the organisers. The last place we went before we headed back to the airport was a club, where we spent the last few hours. The metro runs 24 hours in Copenhagen and in order to get back to the airport we paid another 35DK.

Read more about the costs for a 3 nights trip to Copenhagen here.


On and all, Copenhagen is a great city to visit, even if you are on a budget! I managed to see it with less than £50, including flights. I will have to go back though, as I would love it to see it during sunshine too.

Total spent:

Return flights with Ryanair – £10

Local transport – 70DK (£7)

Food and drinks – 200DKK (£20)

Souvenirs – 50DK (£5)

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  1. What Alexandra said! Oh to be able to pop across to another European country. Copenhagen looks absolutely stunning, your photos are great.

  2. Thats AMAZING. I’m totally envious of you doing it that cheaply. I was there with my husband and son in May and the customs officer at the airport said “the city will bankrupt you!” and he was right! haha! things are so pricey -but it was one of the most beautiful places to visit 🙂 Thank goodness we caught better weather though – sorry to hear about yours! Beautiful photos!

  3. Everything about this place is beautiful and it’s really nice to be able to go here for a tour or to stay a few days to enjoy the what the city can offer! Thanks for sharing the rates and for telling us your experience! Would love to go here someday!

  4. The best trips are the ones you don’t plan! Crazy sale and opportunity! I should start keeping an eye out for those… although I’m not the biggest fan of low-cost airlines…

  5. My Boyfriend’s step father is from Copenhagen and he told aabout Christiania: it’s the thing that makes me curious about this city that I haven’t visited yet. I hope to see Danmark and Copenhagen as soon as possible!

  6. An amazing reading! I surely love this kind of post but mostly this kind of blog! I would love to go there in the future! Love the pictures 🙂

  7. Wow, that was a fantastic deal! I wish I could get a flight to Copenhagen on that price! it would have been a real pity not to use that opportunity. A friend of mine is working in Copenhagen – living in Helsinki, Finland, but flying there every week for a couple of days. It’s a nice city, when the weather is nice and warm 🙂

  8. What a great trip for a such low cost. I always thought that visiting Copenhagen is expensive. But, you shown that you could a lovely time there very cheap. Thank a lot for all tips. BTW, your photos are amazing.

  9. At first I thought all of those were expensive but then I saw the equivalent prices. Nice to know that you were able to see Copenhagen as well as buy souveneir items under the budget.

  10. Copenhagan for only £50 that is incredible and definitely something I would be able to manage when I am settled into my new place.

  11. Wow, Copenhagen under £50 including flights! What a fantastic deal! Love your photos especially those with the little mermaid! I’d love to visit this amazing city one day, pinned your post!

  12. You can’t really say no to a deal that good! I wouldn’t miss the chance to go to Copenhagen either if it was that affordable. Thanks for sharing the pictures as well, it’s really lovely out there!

  13. EXTREMELY cheap tickets to get to the beautiful city of Copenhagen. Granted the food seems expensive but look at the magnificent city itself. It is so beautiful!

  14. My eyes were glued to those trees for a full minute! Copenhagen has always been one of my targets whenever I travel anywhere near Denmark. Your pictures really do capture the beauty of the place, I’d love to have a nice picture with that mermaid statue!

  15. That’s cheap! That’s so nice, because it makes it easier to travel more often. I’ve never been to Copenhagen, but I think I will one day. It’s not that far away for me. I love the picture of the trees. Such a beautiful colors!!

  16. I am heading to Copenhagen next weekend and the prices have skyrocketed it’s £200 return. I am gutted I didn’t buy in advance but what to do

  17. £50 for the whole experience is already affordable. You may have gotten expensive food but the tour and the sights you’ve seen, is definitely worth it. Once I gave birth, I am sticking to my promise to travel somehow. I missed a lot because I didn’t travel early in life.

  18. Now that’s awesome! Who would have thought that with £50 alone, you can spend time in Copenhagen? That’s thrifty. Only if traveling will cost you that enough, then life would be much easier to deal with.

  19. As everyone else has remarked, that’s incredible that you only spent about 50 pounds for an international getaway! Gotta love Europe! 😀 I went to Copenhagen for a couple days a few years ago, and saw a lot of the same stuff. I didn’t end up going to Christiania, though which was disappointing. We did go into Tivoli which was fun! And we also went on the canal tour, which I highly recommend if you go back to Copenhagen and get a second shot at it!

  20. Wow, that is amazing that you were able to purchase such cheap flights and then choose to just visit without paying the big dollars for accommodation etc. It sounds like you had a great visit and made the most of your time there.

  21. Ohhh travels! I miss this. The place is beautiful.. <3 I've been wanting to visit this place but schedule didn't permit yet 🙁 I'll get back to this post for sure

  22. I’m going to Copenhagen in a few weeks and was worried about how expensive it will be. But this doesn’t seem too bad (considering I live in London!).

  23. Thanks for sharing and the walking tips! I have seen the little mermaid before back in 2010 when it was moved all the way from Denmark to the World Expo in Shanghai, China… 😛

  24. I really enjoy looking at your photos while reading all your experiences and adventures. I love how you tell your stories. From all the pictures, I enjoyed checking out “the village” and the lake. I can imagine that the place must be very busy. The trees with the violet leaves are amazing. It’s a photographer’s haven!

  25. Great post! This is really handy as i’ve been looking at cheap Ryanair flights to Copenhagen and have been tempted by the really cheap prices! Nice to know that it can be done on a budget!

  26. Very nice picture, I see there are many beautiful places there. really nice if it could go on vacation to that place.
    I so want to go there with family, but I could only get around to the tourist attractions in Bali.

  27. I think Copenhagen is one of the most wonderful cities in the world! But I wouldn’t like to go there and only eat hot dogs when there’s so much great food. The food hall Torvehallerne has wonderful treats even for people on a budget. So does Paper Island!

  28. I cannot believe that you did all of that for under £50 – that is just amazing and makes me want to explore the possibility of going myself now! I am loving the look of those Danish Pastries too! 🙂

  29. This sounds like an incredible adventure! And quite cheap, given this is Copenhagen. I have to keep a close eye on those flight deals from low cost airlines, I would love to do something like this!

  30. It’s great that the metro in Copenhagen runs 24 h, in Vienna it’s only like that on weekend. I see you had very nice budget trip. I like to travel in that way too. I heard about hippie Christiania and I’d like to visit it one day.

  31. Oh my such a good deal, you are now a certified travel hacker 😀 Congrats! Can’t wait for your next adventures

  32. My friend is moving to Denmark at the end of this month, so I will be sure to show her this post as she needs a little more information on Copenhagen! Beautiful photographs, they are so crisp and clear!

  33. 3.5 GBP is expensive here in Delhi for a commute from the airport to the city centre. But, I guess by Danish standards it would be ok. I liked the canopy of purple flowers and the statue of the mermaid. What is the story behind the statue?

  34. Oh how I envy childless travelers. lol This is a great idea for when I can finally detach myself from the monsters and take a weekend away with the hubby. “50euro plus babysitter overnight” doesn’t have the same ring to it

  35. The title of your post made me very curious. I thought there’s no possible way that you’ve only spent $50 on your trip but then you’ve proved me wrong. This would delight the budget travelers around the world, I’m sure.

  36. oh wow, is that the famous little mermaid statue? Have you been to Frederik’s Church as well? I just saw the church on a travel documentary and I just love its rococo inspired architecture.. as always, your pictures never failed to amaze me.. great shots

  37. I loved Copenhagen! Although it was a HUGE mistake on my part to stay in Malmo… and well bring our friends with us. We lost so much exploring time on the commute and waiting. 🙁

    1. I take advantage of the Ryanair offers quite often. The flight are always on time but the service on board is basic. Pretty much, you get a seat and that’s it. But for that price, I wouldn’t even expect more. And I am used to travel with only my backpack anyway, so no need to pay for hold luggage.

  38. Your pictures are very beautiful. I hope I’ll have an opportunity to visit the statue of the Little Mermaid, and little more beautiful weather. The architecture of Copenhagen is very beautiful, and your price report is very useful.

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