Disco Cocktails by Ladies&Gents Review

Have you ever tried ready made cocktails, in a pouch? Me neither, until last week. Ladies&Gents kindly sent me two samples of their brand new Disco cocktails, created by their professional bartenders. As a small business, when they had to close their bar because of lockdown, they found new ways to reach their customers by creating a new range of products: the funky Disco Cocktails.

Who is Ladies&Gents?

Ladies&Gents is a cocktail bar located in Kentish Town, North West of London, in a disused underground toilet facility. It is a ‘five star dive bar’ where cocktails are made using locally sourced ingredients and craft spirits.

The cocktail bar offers an intimate atmosphere in a retro décor. They even distil their own spirits behind the bar. Having a drink at Ladies&Gents in London is quite an experience and should not be missed.

The Disco Cocktails Range


The Disco Cocktails collection was inspired by the 70’s funky rhythms, to help recreate the “Night Fever” at home during the lockdown. As we have all been through a lot and it doesn’t look like the restrictions will end anytime soon, this range is perfect for a girls’ night in, even if the party is held on Zoom. Because, let’s be honest, how many bottles of spirits do you think we’ve got through since March during Zoom parties?

I love cocktails but I am rubbish at making them myself. This range is perfect because they are delivered readymade, and all I have to do is top up with soda or tonic and ice, and enjoy. The range includes cocktails for each taste: Pornstar Martini, Cherry Sour, Old Fashioned, G&T and, my all-time favourite, Pina Colada.

The Disco G&T


I was very pleasantly surprised by the Disco G&T. Gin is without a doubt my favourite spirit and I always have a selection of 3 different varieties at home. I love how gin changes flavour based on the botanicals used to infuse it, and that makes each brand different to each other.

The Disco G&T is made with Whitley Neill gin mixed with Schweppes tonic. The taste however is enhanced, it isn’t just your average gin with tonic. The cocktail is very refreshing, with a sweet taste at first then a slight bitterness at the end. A delicious bitterness, like the flavour you get from a grapefruit, or a Seville orange. I drank the G&T cocktail neat straight from the pouch, with ice, lemon and a fresh sprig of mint.

The Disco Pornstar Martini


I love a good Pornstar Martini and I often order it when I visit cocktail bars. It’s such a light, but delicious cocktail. Made with Vestal Vodka and mixed with Fanta, the Disco Pornstar Martini is fragrant with bold flavours. It has a subtle sweetness that reminds me of the taste of childhood sweets and bubble gum.  I drank it on its own, directly from the pouch, but it would also be lovely topped with half a passion fruit.

What did I think about the Disco Cocktails?

This was the first time I have tried cocktails in a pouch, and it won’t be the last. Whilst I do have a cocktail set at home, I have never been confident enough to mix spirits and get the quantities right. I liked that the cocktails just had to be poured into a glass, and were ready to drink straight away, without the need to add any other ingredients. I thought that the level of alcohol was just right, and they didn’t need any top-ups with soda or tonics. Maybe just some fruit, for decoration. My advice is to chill them in the fridge before serving.

You can buy the Disco cocktails directly on the Ladies&Gents website, for £5 a serving of £25 a multi server pouch.

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Please note that this post was written in collaboration with the Ladies&Gents, who kindly offered me samples in order to review the cocktails.

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14 thoughts on “Disco Cocktails by Ladies&Gents Review

  1. Marjie Mare says:

    I did not know about the Disco cocktails. I am praying that I can find them as they could bring more cheers to my small NYE party.

  2. Beitt says:

    I’ve never tried cocktails in a pouch before, but I like the convenience of it! Also, you used beautiful pieces for the drink itself (the glass itself). Looks like a nice way to end the evening. I love that you put a lot of effort into something you enjoy. Now I want to sip on a nice treat.

  3. bye:myself - Renata says:

    I’ve never tried ready-made cocktails before – these sound really good. However, I particularly like the packaging – sooo fun!

  4. Kenneth says:

    Oh my God! This packaging is not yet available here in our country and it’s definitely a good idea to have as a business but not that good in mixing cocktails ourselves and geez ‘disco’ word is not used that much here anymore too (hahahaha), yuppies thinks its so oldie term for bar. music, wine. Thanks for sharing, we were amazed with this blog post you shared.

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