Monika Roozen:


Monika was born into travel, moving from country to country as a child of diplomatic parents.

She’s an animal scientist turned business consultant and blogger, now also a mum of 3. She is a daily curator of multilingual chaos (her children speak 4 European languages, using 3 at home), organiser of family adventures, days out & travels. They are a family unafraid of adventure, outdoor enthusiasts, who dive straight into off-the-beaten-track cultural experiences too- taking advantage of all school holidays.

Monika shares her solo adventures here on the World in my Pocket, because solo travel doesn’t have to stop just because you have a family!

Monika’s family travel tales can be read at Inspireroo.com and she is also the editor of Family Flight Advisor, the site dedicated to helping parents take the stress out of flying with kids.