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You would think that finding fun yet affordable holiday deals would be easy with our seemingly endless array of choices, yet it seems as if the decision to go on holiday is one of the most expensive ones you can make. Holidays that at first seem relatively affordable somehow manage to add up to become high-ticket items on your next credit card statement.

These are some of the best options available for the budget-conscious family that wants to have a bit of fun this upcoming summer!


Homestays and budget accomodations


AirBnb has definitely revolutionised the world of holiday travel, making it accessible to more families than ever before. To really maximise your chance at savings, consider staying in lesser known locations in the countryside. You can always take a day trip to a nearby city if you’re interested in doing so, as well.

AirBnb, Couchsurfing, and Homestay.com are probably some of the better-known homestay websites available. Even Booking.com now has homestays and guesthouses available to choose from. To make your holiday stand out, consider trying a farmstay. There are a variety of options available in each destination, and staying at a farmhouse is a great idea for a retreat especially for those with younger children.


Enjoy a boating adventure

For those that want to maximise the amount of activities available to you, but lower your costs, consider renting a sailboat, yacht, or catamaran to stay on. Sailing is usually a nice-add on to most beach holidays, but the cost of hotels, food, and renting a boat by the hour can add up very quickly.

If you decide to rent a boat as a form of accommodation for the duration of your holiday, you can dramatically decrease your costs. Since most boats have a small kitchen included for food preparation, you don’t need to worry about high costs at restaurants.

Zizoo.com makes it easy to find yachts, sailboats, catamarans and more. They also have the option to include a skipper, so you don’t really need to know how to operate a boat on your own. Bring your snorkels, knee boards, fishing rods, and other water flotation gear, and you’re ready for an adventure!



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Think traditional camping, but more glamorous. Well, that’s glamping for you, and it’s a growing trend among those that want to experience nature without having to spend too much effort trying to survive in the harsh realities of living in the great outdoors.

Glamping.com is an excellent resource for those who’d like to try this new age version of camping. The best part about this option is that glamping is available almost anywhere, and the cost is very low. Stay in Algarve, Portugal or Ulcinj, Montenegro and experience the natural wonders and unique foliage available in each destination. Take a day trip around the countryside and experience the a city, town, or village closest to your campsite. Explore your environment, chat with locals and eat at local prices. All you need to do is remember your bug spray and your canteen!



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Workaway is an excellent option for those who want to go on holiday on a very low budget. With Workaway, you family can experience new countries, new people, new cuisines and new experiences for free. The only cost to you is the airfare.

The catch is that workaway, and other websites like it, function on the premise that traveling families stay and eat with locals at no cost, but also help to work wherever it is they decided to travel to. Work options usually require very little skill such as gardening, caring for animals, building homes and farming. Not only is it a fun idea for a holiday, but it’s also a learning opportunity for those with older children.

We hope you found something here which sparked your imagination. While it may seem that hope is lost for finding the right deal, there is still a chance for you to have an awesome holiday without breaking the bank.



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  1. Sincerelymissj says:

    These are wonderful ways to travel on a budget with family. I use to love airbnbs but now I think the prices have increased. After cleaning and other fees sometimes staying in a hotel is cheaper some places.

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