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I love Escape Rooms! I’ve been to quite a few over the past years, ever since I became hooked on these types of games. I remember my first time at an escape room. It was a few years ago, somewhere on a narrow alley behind Euston station. I didn’t know what to expect, as back then the Escape Rooms were a novelty. I remember we were stuck in the office of a private detective who was being framed for murder. We had to find evidence of his innocence and convince the police he didn’t do it. All in one hour. I had so much fun playing alongside my friends and solving the mystery with seconds to spare. The most exciting Escape Room I played in was in Rotterdam, on the SS Rotterdam, deep in the heart of the ship, probably somewhere below sea level.  My team tried to solve the mystery of the ship’s Captain’s smuggled goods. Whilst we did not manage to escape in time, I remember how intense the game was and how much fun we had.

Because of the constant lockdowns I haven’t been able to experience a new Escape Room in such a long time. So, when Epic Escapes contacted me and asked if I wanted to review their 3-in-1 Escape Room in a Box game for home, my answer was a big “yes”. 

Epic Escapes: The Game


The Escape Room in a Box is an interactive puzzle game that can be played at home with family and friends. With the props in the box, you can transform any room in your home into an interactive puzzle. Each of the three games in the box has a mysterious storyline that comes together once all the clues are collected. Your team has one hour to escape each of the scenarios.

Epic Escapes is a fantastic alternative to the classic board games. Not only do you have a fun experience, you also get to spend quality time to bond with your dear ones.

What’s in the Box


Inside the box there are three missions, enclosed in sealed envelopes. Each envelope represents a game, and all the clues and the solutions to solve the puzzle are inside. Besides the envelopes there are a few props that you can use for each of the three scenarios: a notebook, 2 boxes, a massive padlock, and a “Bible”. There are a few more secret props that only the game host should know about, so I won’t spoil the surprise.

Everything in the box is of such high quality, even the pieces of paper and the cardboard elements. If any of the props gets damaged during the game, you can email Epic Escapes and they will either send you a replacement, or a link from where you can print it (if it’s one of the papers).

  1. Mission Crime: Easy

In the Crime mission you are trapped in a friend’s panic room, where you ended up after running away from some angry mobsters who your friend owes money to. You have only one hour of oxygen left and you need to scape in order to save yourself and get help.  

  1. Mission Piracy: Moderate

In the Piracy mission you are on a ship which has diverted its course, and you’re trapped in the captain’s chamber. You must find a way out to get out and stop the new plans, saving yourself and the entire crew who are locked in with you.

  1. Mission Hijack: Hard

In the Hijack mission you are trapped in the hijacker’s house, with his encrypted plans of taking down a plane. You must decipher the code, find out which plane will be hijacked, and alert the authorities in order to save the passengers.

How to Play


You need at least three people to play the game. The instructions recommend between 2 and 6, plus a host, who will set up the game.  Whilst the players will be searching for clues, the host will supervise and help when the game gets stuck, just like the “voice” in an Escape Room would help you.

The host has an Instructions Manual which suggests that the Escape Room is set 24 hours before, in case you have any questions and you need to email Epic Escapes. It also mentions that it can take between 30 minutes to one hour to set the room up. There are step by step instructions for each of the elements in the envelope, including simple things like setting up the code on the padlock.

The manual has a “Hide the clues” checklist, with suggestions on where you could place them. Once you hang the lock on the door, it’s time to play!

I’m not going to give you any spoilers, but I can tell you that I had a lot of fun playing the Epic Escape Room with two of my friends. I set up the game in my living room, hiding all the clues before they arrived. I set up a timer and watched them hurry to find the first clues. We enjoyed a fantastic 42 minutes of laughter and concentration, getting absorbed into the story and trying to escape. As the game was fairly easy, not many hints were needed.

I think that with more people it can be even more fun. This is why I am saving the other two games for when we will be allowed to have more people around, not just our social bubble.

Where to Buy The Escapes Room in a Box


The Epic Escapes 3-in-1 Escape in a Box costs £99 and can be bought from the Epic Escapes website. Taking in consideration that usually a trip to an Escape Room in town costs similar for a team of two people, it’s very good value. Soon there will be expansion packs available as well, for £29 per game, so you can add more mysteries to your collection.

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Please note that I have been sent the Epic Escapes game for the purpose of this review.

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  1. aisasami says:

    Escape rooms are super popular here in Japan. I haven’t been to one because I need a party of friends, but I would love to try one, they seem intriguing.

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