Escape Winter Part 1 – The Best Warm Weather Getaways

I am known to be a summer person and that’s why every winter I try to run away from the cold for two or three weeks and go searching for the sun. Winter in the United Kingdom can be a very depressing season, with a lot of rain and wind, with dim light and darkness coming as early as 4PM. This year I’ve escaped winter by running to South America where I’ve loved every second of the daily temperatures of 35C+ degrees.

For me, Argentina is the perfect destination to run away from the cold of the European winter. The entire time I was there the sky was clear blue and the sun was almost burning. I enjoyed the relaxed days spent in Mendoza, with free wine tastings and all you can eat asados for dinner, with trips to the Andes mountains and to the outdoor hot springs.

When I returned to Europe, with summer still in my mind, I decided to ask other travel bloggers about their perfect destination to escape the winter cold. This is how the “Escape winter” collaboration was born.


by Allison Wong


Malaysia is a South-east Asian country that is perpetual summer for being so close to the equator. Temperatures generally range from 32°C/89.6 ºF during the day to about 26°C/78.8 ºF at night throughout the year, with some rains here and there, typical of a tropical weather. Malaysia is best known for its beaches, rainforests, street food, with a fabulous mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cultural influences.

Being a former British colony, English is widely spoken here hence communications are very easy here. Getting around is very easy too with well-connected domestic flights and road connections. Malaysia is also home to one of the world’s best low-cost airlines, Air Asia, hence you could easily keep the travelling costs down locally or even to other international destinations. Although neighboring Thailand is better known for its islands and beaches, Malaysia has a lot of underrated choices too, from Langkawi, Redang, Perhentian, Tioman to the dive heaven of Sipadan, you will be spoilt with options that will fit your budget accordingly.

Personally, I’d think Malaysia has better and less crowded beaches with crystal clear water and white sand beaches. You can also find turtle sanctuaries on some of the Malaysian Islands as well. Once you’re done with the islands and beaches, world heritage towns such as Penang and Melaka are the 2 other best places to explore with their signature local delicacies and cultural activities.

To sum it up, if you want to get away to somewhere warm, Malaysia is always one of the best choices, due to its abundance of beautiful beaches, fascinating history and mixed cultures, delectable local cuisines, and amazing nature and wildlife!


by Erin Marie Musich


Recently, I visited Cartagena, Colombia on a cruise, and I absolutely fell in love. I knew I would. Cartagena has been on my list of places to visit for quite sometime now. Even though I only got to spend a few hours there, it was the perfect place for a winter escape. To start, there are bright colors everywhere you look. The buildings are yellows and pinks and there are flowers everywhere. It’s hard to be unhappy while walking the streets. We spent time wandering around Old Town, which is a walled in city. The views of the ocean are beautiful from here and this area is full of life.

After, we decided to head to Getsemani, an up and coming area of the city. Here, many of the buildings are adorned with street art, often beautiful works of birds and people. This area is a great spot to soak up the local culture and grab a bite to eat. We found ourselves at La Cocina de Pepina and had the best meal of the trip.

While it rained while we were visiting, there are beautiful beaches and islands you can visit very nearby to the city. When I think of the perfect winter escape, I think of beach time, but a place that also has delicious food and culture is equally important. Cartagena has all of that wrapped into one.


by Leslie Weighill

Tented camp on the River Nile, Uganda

Uganda is the perfect winter getaway. Daily temperatures range between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius, and its dry season. Wildlife is easily spotted near natural water sources and along river banks. No worries about rain make evenings at camp relaxing and warm. Pack a few articles of light clothing and don’t forget your binoculars!

Uganda’s national game parks feature over 80 species of mammal, including lions, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, zebras, an array of antelopes, hippos, wart hogs, and over 500 species of bird. Uganda is also home to primates including chimpanzees and rare mountain gorillas. Don’t forget, the source of the River Nile is also found in Uganda.

A seven to 10 day trip around Uganda covers all of these. Travelers can start at Jinja with white water rafting on the Nile. You can then travel west, over the equator, to Lake Mburo and Queen Elizabeth National Parks, for 4 days of wildlife safari. Another 2 hours of travel west brings visitors to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest for gorilla tracking. Heading back, it’s a trip northeast to Kibaale Forest for chimp tracking. Visitors can hire a full service tour company to make all the arrangements. However, if you like to do it yourself, Uganda Wildlife Authority deals directly with the public through their website. You can decide to hire a car or use public transportation to get around the country.

Hopefully, time can be spared for local culture as well. Spending 2 weeks volunteering in a local community is a great way to learn a new culture. Help out on farms, in classrooms, and with community empowerment groups. In return, learn how Ugandans live their life, earn income, cook, and raise their families.

Getting to Uganda is easy too! There are daily flights arriving at Entebbe International Airport from Holland, Belgium, UAE, Qatar, Turkey, South Africa, Ethiopia, and Cairo.


The Wild Coast of South Africa by Cora

South Africa

The Wild Coast of South Africa was my favorite part of the country, and it sure is a warm beautiful place! The sea and the sky are a perfect blue and the hilly landscape next to the sea is a perfect green. This is also where the Xhosa people live, you might have heard of them and of their peculiar language that uses « clicks ». Two places to go to discover the Wild Coast and the Xhosa culture:

First is Coffee Bay of course, the landing place for all tourists, where you can surf, enjoy the beach and hike around to Hole in the Wall or to the jumping caves.

Second is Bulungula, a place that you shouldn’t miss if you’re interested in learning more about local culture and the Xhosa. The Bulungula lodge is actually part of a Xhosa village and you can live there with the community, participate in the drum circle, eat pap (a kind of porridge) and much more!

Of course, the rest of South Africa is also hot and dreamy, but for some real beach time and sweaty hikes, the Wild Coast is the place to be!


by Melissa Ivin


Escape the cold this winter with a long weekend in Barbados! With many direct, cheap flights from the USA, Barbados is an ideal getaway from the chilly winter temps and a lot of fun.

The island is home to some seriously delicious spicy rum punch and has some of the most gorgeous beaches in the Caribbean. While you’re there, make sure to go cruising on a catamaran, snorkel with turtles, and just sit back, relax, and partake in a beautiful sunset.

One of the more unique attractions on the island is Harrison’s Cave. More than just a single cave, this series of caves is many stories underground and offers incredibly unique geological formations. Make sure to opt for the guided tour—your tour guide will drive you deep underground and wind through the underground world. Another highlight of Barbados is St. Lawrence Gap.

This area is renowned for lively nightlife, amazing restaurants, and shopping. The Gap is a mile long stretch and is 100% the place to go for a night out on the town. With beautiful beaches, caves, delicious rum punch, and hopping nightlife, Barbados is definitely high on my list for escaping winter.


by Valerie Hansen


Waikiki Beach Oahu, is one of the most dreamy vacation spots you can visit!  You may think it takes a boatload of money to visit here, but not so. I have been to Oahu 4 times, and every visit has been done on a budget.

You can stay on Lewers street, a few blocks away from the beach. Most of the hotels here are very affordable, such as the Aqua Oasis, a very beautiful remodeled hotel and free breakfast included.

This is a very safe beach for swimming and as you can see breath-taking views as well, especially when the sun sets.  Beach activities abound for reasonable prices as well.  The beach is crowded most days all day long, we usually end up swimming twice a day: before lunch and later in the afternoon. Do not swim early in the morning, more apt to meet up with a shark!

Another tip, don’t rent a car unless you have to. There is plenty of public transportation and tour buses to get around the island. Everything on the Waikiki strip is within walking distance.

The best times to visit are of course during non-peak times, September to November and January to March.  Be for warned you will not want to ever leave, once you set foot on the sand of paradise!


Udaipur – India by Lola Méndez

Udaipur - India

Udaipur, India is the perfect winter escape due to its year round mild temperatures and tranquil lakes. Known as the Venice of India, Udaipur is a holy city situated on several pristine lakes surrounded by mountains.

Locals can be seen in the mornings bathing at the Ghats and washing their traditional indian clothing in the holy water. The real magic of Udaipur is the lack of chaos that is guaranteed to be found in other Indian cities. Shanti, or peace, has washed over the city that is seriously lacking in the trash and cows typical in Indian cities. Nature lovers can hike to many of the surrounding peaks for a bird’s eye view of the area while city dwellers will enjoy relaxing at a rooftop pool with an endless supply of Chai.

The must see sites here include the City Palace which began being built in 1559 and has had contributions from 22 Kings over the centuries! Visit the Jain temple to learn about the fascinating cruelty free religion and lifestyle. Some of the best shopping in India can be done here with numerous vintage shops and jewellery stands – there is even a stall where you can create your own scent from all natural essential oils.

The highlight of your trip will be taking in traditional Dharohar dance at the Bagore Ki Haveli museum with nightly shows.


by Mirre

Indonesië 037

My best advice for surviving the cold winter is a trip to Indonesia. I just came back from this magical destination and I must say that it’s one of the most beautiful, dreamy destinations that I’ve ever visited. The islands have volcanoes and white-sand beaches along a bright blue sea.

As every island has their own culture, there is enough to explore! Sumatra has jungle and orang-utans, Java has the Borobodur, an age-old Buddhist temple-complex, and several volcanoes which are still active (which you’re able to climb), Bali has its distinctive Hindu culture and the Gili Islands are just Paradise. Do you like diving or snorkelling? You can swim with Manta Rays, Mola Mola’s or even whale sharks and on the Komodo Islands near Flores you will find the dinosaur-like Komodo dragons.

By boat or airplane it’s easy to travel from one island to the other. Travelling in Indonesia is cheap (let’s say ±35 euro per day and you’ll live like a king/queen) and the locals are very friendly and helpful. Relaxing massages and thrilling adventures are waiting for you. Indonesia is everything you’d wish for in wintertime.


by Julianna Barnaby


I love spending (our) winters in South America – there’s nothing more refreshing than getting off a plane and being confronted with beautiful hot sunshine. Escape the chill of winter’s icy embrace, and head to Peru’s beautiful coast, where you can ditch the long johns and hot water bottles for a new pair of sunglasses. Peru’s southern hemisphere position means that when we are shivering in the winter months, the sun is shining on their coast.

Mancora has beautiful sand dusted shores and teal waters, and they are treated to 365 days of sunshine. The warmest months are between December and April, where the temperature reaches highs of 45 degrees.

Alternatively, you can head to Peru’s capital, Lima for some urban exploration. By the beginning of December, the veil of mist covering Lima’s coastline lifts to reveal the city’s stunning views and vibrant culture. This buzzing city is the second driest world-capital, so there’s no risk of being caught in the rain, leaving you with ample opportunity to explore the art, cuisine and aesthetic charm of the city.

If you consider yourself a bit of an adventurer, explore the Ballestas Islands, where you can see a range of marine life, such as sea lions, flamingos and penguins. Be sure to look out for the famous three-pronged Candelabra geoglyph too!

Despite these locations being hot spots to escape the winter months, you’ll want to avoid the Andes and Amazon during these months as it’s the rainy season in these areas. Instead, stick to the coastline where the sun is shining.


by Kym Tyson


Trying to escape the winter blues? Don’t have the budget for Maldives or Fiji? Do you want a raw and an affordable vacation? I highly suggest Belize! Located in Central America on the eastern coast, you can experience the Carribean Sea with some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the world.

Great Blue Hole is a scuba diver’s paradise; divers come from all over the world to experience this wonder. Silk Caye (pronounced key) off of Placencia is a snorkeler’s paradise, warm calm waters, beautiful fish, coral, sea turtles and sharks. Head inland and experience the jungle and beautiful Mayan ruins. Immerse yourself and enjoy the culture.

Eat with the local ex pats, watch a local soccer game and enjoy the beautiful beaches. Ambergris Caye is a little touristy in the north or head south to Placencia where it’s quieter.  Renting a car is easy and driving the country is beautiful. You can also rent golf carts if you are in an area long enough, but I suggest walking!

This beautiful country is still less traveled and that’s why we love it. We don’t look for the touristy places that cater to the western world. Go to a country because you want to experience what that country has to offer!


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  1. Perhaps I am biased because I am in Asia. I think both Malaysia and Indonesia are great destinations! Most of the sites I have seen in India does not feature much of the beaches, and I happen to love beaches.

    One destination you left out for summer is the Philippines. Tropical, 7000+ islands, countless beaches… 🙂

  2. I’ve been to Waikiki and Indonesia! South Africa is definitely on my list and could use a warm getaway right about now. I have actually been looking into the Dominican Republic for a short getaway!

  3. I get so inspired by all those places. I am here in the cold in Sweden and I would love to travel right now. Due to my pregnancy, I won’t be able now to go somewhere, but it’s already nice to read your post at least!

  4. Great list – especially that where I’m now, in Europe, is winter – gray, dull and cold. In Europe it’s worth to go to the south in winter to avoid crowds but those tropical destinations are a reminder of the real sun 🙂 Peru and Belize are my favorites.

  5. I have to confess, I had never thought of Argentina as the perfect summer getaway but I am down for anywhere that has free wine tasting and beautiful views. I am like you winter depresses me and I crave a warm getaway, although I have not been on holiday for nearly five years!

  6. Lovely post! We’re are the same, you see, I don’t like cold weather. Although I am blogger from the Philippines, which is a tropical country, it is my dream to see other parts of the world in their misty and snowy condition, but if you ask me, I’d still choose warm weather to live in any day. Hehe, I would love to see South Africa! I dream for it to be my honeymoon place in the future. I plan to visit Bali, Indonesia this year 🙂

  7. I’ve heard that it was really freezing in the UK for the past few weeks! My workmates (I work remotely at home) who are living in the UK are ‘ranting’ about how cold the weather has been. Btw, maybe next time you’d like to consider the Land of the Orient Pearl – Philippines! We, too, have a lot to offer when it comes to beach getaways. You might want to try visiting El Nido, Palawan. It’s one of the best places we got here and I can’t be any more proud of it! 😉

  8. What a great bunch of dream destinations! We can never resist Hawaii’s call – in fact, we’re working on ways to to again! Peru is another Bucket List destination that we hear is just beautiful. This post makes you realize it’s a big world – we’d better get going!

  9. Those photos are stunning. But I would suggest you try the tourist spots in the Philippines also. Our beaches in Boracay and in Palawan are among the best in the world. 🙂 Plus there are many other virgin beaches that are not yet too commercialized since the Philippines is an archipelago. 🙂

  10. Give me Barbados any day of the week for winter sun! These are all amazing destinations, but I definitely feel like some spicy rum punch and relaxation on a beach would lift my winter blues any day! Love the idea of the cave visit too. Thanks so sharing these awesome travel ideas.

  11. I would have to agree with Teresa. I would suggest for you to check out beaches in the Philippines also because it is in the tropics and I am sure you’ll love the warm waters. Boracay and Palawan have been highly rated by Condé Nast so I bet you’ll love what our country can offer too. Nonetheless, I love your list and I enjoyed reading it.

  12. I would like to visit all of these places. They’re so beautiful as to not even look like real places. Malaysia, South Africa and Indonesia look majestic. The water is so blue and serene.

  13. I love the sound of escaping Winter! I don’t like Winter at all. And all I can think about is Sun and Summer. Okay, Spring is very nice as well haha. I love the idea that you asked other travel bloggers about their favorite Winter escape destination. Such a great idea! I’ve heard great things about Argentina. But I’ve never visited myself. I do love the option of Malaysia. I’ve thought about going there a few times already. Indeed, I know it for the beaches, rainforest and and cultural influences. Really loved reading about Uganda as well. It seems like such an interesting country to visit. The seven day trip sounds like something I’d love to try. Great that you mention volunteering as well.

  14. Great array of choices! I used to live in Malaysia and it is the perfect destination for budget travellers for sure. Been to Tioman, Langkawi, Perhentian and Redang; loved all of these islands! Much cleaner beaches than Bali for sure.

  15. What a cool collaborative post! I think all of these places make for really great escapes from winter, but I just can’t shake Hawaii from the front of my mind lately! I think it might be coming up on my list pretty fast. I’d also recommend Guam. My boyfriend and blogging other half was born there and it’s one of the least touristy (even though there are tourists there) places I’ve ever been. The ocean and the beaches are so clean and beautiful and the culture is really one of a kind.

  16. Yeah, I know what you mean about winter in the U.K. being depressing. We’re not the coldest of countries, but our days are so short at this time of year…wholeheartedly agree with Malaysia and Uganda, as places I have escaped to during the colder months. Such beautiful places! Might need to try out some other places on this list too 🙂

  17. Oh my .. I’m stunned by the beauty in the photos! The world is such a cool and awesome place .. wow! I think if I were choosing it would be Belize .. the couple by the water look so relaxed and happy

  18. Biased or not, am supporting the wonders of Indonesia and Malaysia. These two countries are my sister-country and indeed they are both beautiful as mine. Every tourist will love it 🙂

  19. These are all great places!! We are travelers so this post is perfect for us 🙂 We visited Cartagena and it was super, the weather great and locals so welcoming!! We’d like to explore Uganda and as you suggested we’d love spending 2 weeks volunteering in a local community, they needs this 🙂

  20. This seems like a wonderful thing to do during the winter. I live in NYC, but I just got back from a week in the Caribbean and I agree that Barbados is a great getaway. I would love to explore more of all these places, especially Belize and Uganda!

  21. Reading this whil it is stormy outside – perfect timing 😀 The wild coast of South Africa looks amazing! So do the other destinations as well though 😉 I do have to admit that I was not blown away by the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia. I think they are a great place to visit if you are a diver…if you’re not (like me), there’s not a ton of things to do as the islands are pretty small.

  22. Ah such helpful post, actually you are not alone… not only in the UK I assume winter is depressing, since it is in many parts of middle Europe like this. And when I see now your photos, I am already in summer mood 🙂
    Indonesia sounds fantastic, I must say. Would have nothing against it to be there right now 🙂

  23. As I am the kind of traveller who is always in lookout for warmer destinations to travel to , this post is going to be my reference for places to visit during winters. Great idea of collaboratingwith fellow bloggers and sharing their experiences in one post. Places like Cartagena, Barbados and Belize sound like an ideal winter vacaytion destination, would love to visit them someday.
    Anyways, having spent 2 weeks in Tanzania enjoying the wildlife and beaches, I can say that it is also one of the best places to escape during winters.

  24. I totally understand your feeling about winter… I am not a winter person too, the reason is: winter in Belgium is not that great! But we have to admit that winter in other places is just so magic !

  25. Great list of places to go to if one wants to escape winter. I know I’m that kind of person. Winter is great with all the snow but sometimes it’s too cold to bear. Will be keeping these places in mind for when I want to escape dreary, old London’s winter!

  26. I am not surprised to see a couple Caribbean getaways! Tropical islands are my favorite way to beat the winter blues destinations. Such a great list to keep in mind when you need to warm up a bit!

  27. What colorful buildings in Cartegena!! Would love to see that!! Funny thing about this post is that I live in the south and with triple digit heat sends us looking for cool spots in the summer! Our winter is our nice time of year. 🙂 Lovely spots.

  28. Great idea for a post. I live in New York and so the winters here can get pretty cold so it’s always a good idea to have a nice, warm getaway. Some are a bit far for me but I would love to go to Cartagena Columbia or Barbados. Both look and sound amazing.

  29. Great list! This makes me miss summer way too much. Still have to stall it out for another few months here in Toronto :'( Indonesia looks beautiful, I hear they have some of the best beaches out there

  30. Wow! So many great destinations on the list. It is hard to choose just one because they all look great. But I have to say that Uganda is a very nice surprise. I would like to visit Africa and Uganda might be the right choice, it seems.

  31. You forgot to include even one of our majestic beaches in the Philippines LOL but I saw an article of yours featuring the beautiful beaches in the country, thank you so much, greatly appreciate that! Those places are great destinations, I love to spend vacation in the Carribean, saw a lot of nice beaches and great food there

  32. Great compilation, Joanna! Thankfully where I live in Atlanta, USA is not as depressing as the UK as you described it, but any excuse to travel the world is definitely welcomed! Packing your clothes would be a tricky one – you want to bring some warm weather clothing, but on the other hand, you still need the cold weather ones, too!
    Love Indonesia – definitely a must for scuba divers!

  33. I am also always looking for winter escapes. This list has given me some new ideas. I have been to both Belize and Cartagena on two separate winter getaways. Although both are different, I appreciated how beautiful the weather was in both places.

  34. That is a great theme that you have set. I like the idea of escaping winters for those who don’t like winters. Whatever you have mentioned about India is also very correct.

  35. All these places look so beautiful and amazing but I must say having just come back from the Wild Coast a few days ago it definitely has a special place in my heart. The rugged landscapes are any photographers dream! Now I just need to make a plan to visit all the other great places you mentioned! 🙂

  36. I’m from the UK too but after living in Thailand for 10 years I now appreciate the cold weather of winter more. From your recommendations, top of my list would be Cartagena, I love the nightlife there. My second choice would be Uganda, the national game parks sound perfect for photography. Third choice would be Malaysia, AirAsia sure does offer cheap travel and the fact they speak English makes it perfect.

  37. This was an amazing feature, thanks for including mine. Sorry for the delay been tied up in Vegas all week at a fashion convention! If you would like to be featured for a guest post on mine, would be glad to feature you too!


  38. It is snowing here today so your photos just swept me away to a colorful magical place. Thank you for that virtual getaway! Argentina is simply GORGEOUS!

  39. I just came back from a winter holiday in the UK and I agree with you! It’s cold and dry (though not to the point of depressing, for me, since it’s my first time to experience snow). But I kind of missed the warmth of the sun since I come from a tropical country. These photos of Argentina seems like a time well spent hideaway huh! good for you! 🙂

  40. I would love to spend my vacation like this. The place looks like you can have a very restful vacation. Hoping I can get to have time for this too. We also have warm weather here almost all year round and might want to check out the place some time.

  41. What I wouldn’t give for a bit of warm weather at the moment. Lying on a beach in Barbados sounds pretty perfect right about now – in fact, any of these destinations would do!

  42. These are great destinations that are different from the usual suggestions. I would never have thought of Uganda as an escape! It is high on my list for its gorilla trekking and safaris. South Africa, Malaysia, and Barbados all also look wonderful to get over the winter blues. I could seriously use some beach time!

  43. Sadly I’ve never visited any of these locations, but would love to. We’re starting to get a bit of warmer weather now, but it would still be nice to get that summery feel before it actually gets here. These would be on a list of dream vacations for my family.

  44. We don’t have those depressing winters back in India so Europe winters definitely fascinate us 🙂 We spent the Christmas and the new year eve in London and it was one memorable trip. We have been to Malaysia and must agree it has some of the underrated destinations, Langkawi is heaven for honeymooners. We agree on beach places along with culture and delicious local food make for a great trip but Uganda with wildlife certainly gets a thumbs up 🙂

  45. I am always looking for warm weather getaways as well, but I’ve only been to one of these places! We usually head to the Caribbean in the winter as it seems the easiest from the US. I’m going to Malaysia next month actually and am glad to hear English is readily spoken there. Adding all these places to my warm weather getaway list 🙂

  46. Wow, gorgeous destinations! I am a summer person too and I hate winter. Unfortunately, all school obligations are keeping me from going anywhere during that period.

  47. These all look like amazing places to visit and enjoy warm weather. I hope to travel to many of them someday when my kids are older!

  48. I try my best to enjoy each season as much as I can. But there are definitely times when I would rather be somewhere warm during the winter. These are lovely destinations and it would be awesome to go visit these places someday.

  49. Just like you: always trying to run away from the winter! That’s why I also take three weeks before or after summer to travel to warmer locations and prolong the heat and the sun! In the last years I have gone to Asia but I am very eager to discover Central America. 🙂

  50. A great list of destinations to escape the bitter winter. It’s however, the opposite for me. Being born and brought up in the tropical climate of India, I want to run away to the hills on every possible escape 🙂 Do you have a similar post to enjoy the winters?

  51. I have been to India, Malaysia, Indonesia and rest all others on my list. Your pictures are very colorful. After reading this, i feel like packing my bags and relax myself at some beach. I love beach destinations.

  52. I never heard of that place in Argentina but its beautiful. For some friends, I heard that Philippines is one of the places they prefer to visit, including Thailand and Bali, Indonesia.

  53. Great post, thank you for an inspiration 🙂 I would choose Indonesia and Peru because I haven’t been there and they seems to very interesting places. For a winter escape, I can recommend also Vietnam and Sri Lanka, I love these magical countries so much.

  54. I can second Malayasia! It’s a wonderful place with some great beaches all around. Been meaning to get to Indonesia too. it’s been so cold where i live, I’ve been missing the beach. Bookmarking for whenever I get a chance to head to the water!

  55. Considering I live in India, am absolutely not a fan of summers. Had been to
    udaipur in the winters last year. Have been to only malaysia and indonesia of the ones listed in the collab and hadn’t even heard of a few places. Now I do! ??

  56. I totally agree with escaping in the winter, I do so myself. I have mainly focused on Asia the last years as I combine it with visiting a friend living in Thailand, but I will keep the other destinations in mind as well! Thanks for sharing!

  57. Wow!!! So many places to escape from winter!!! I’ve only been to two of that list (in general not only in winter): Malaysia (stayed in Tioman, highly recommended) and Indonesia. I’m not trying to escape from winter for now as we’ve recently moved to Panama (hot enough) but while living in Denmark I got to understand why Scandinavians flew, during what I thought I was cold enough winter, to the Canary Islands.

  58. Yasss, this is an amazing roundup! So cool to see you’ve been to Udaipur too! I haven’t met too many people who have been there! I was lucky enough to get to stay at that Lake Palace, I didn’t want to leave!!! 😀

  59. What beautiful places. I haven’t been to any of these places, but they sound like wonderful winter getaways. Such a fun collaboration!

  60. SO true! I’m also that kind of a person who tries to escape the long winters 😛 Barbados sounds absolutely amazing, got to add it on the list – thanks for sharing 🙂

  61. I’ve been to a few on this list! Definitely am needing a weekend getaway to warm, exotic place as we speak! Would love to check out South Africa or Belize!! Belize is a lot closer so maybe that one first!

  62. Growing up in a town in Australia called Byron Bay where the average winter temp is about 24 made me a summer person also but I recently just spent a few years in Europe. At the start I went to warmer climates every winter for at least a month to make it bearable but this last winter I actually headed to colder places than Copenhagen and loved every minute in the snow! But I will also admit there is a huge charm about constant summer that I have been missing! This is a nice varied list with some really cool places. I think Barbados would be the first one I’d head for haha

  63. Lovely suggestions. I personally liked the one on Uganda. Suggestions on exploring the local culture and lifestyle over 10 days is very enticing. I would put it in my list. Thanks

  64. I love to visit all of these amazing places. I will bookmark it and use it for my summer trips. Thanks for round up and sharing.

  65. Omg my bucket list just got a whole lot longer! Call me ignorant but apart from the usuals, I had never even heard of some of these places! Now I can’t wait to go to each of them. thanks so much for sharing this list 🙂

  66. I completely agree with Indonesia and Udaipur in this list. I think you get the best of these places in this particular season. I happen to do Indonesia last year around then and loved it. Nice list of destinations.

  67. I would love to go to Indonesia , the white sand beaches look glorious and having had Indonesian friends their culture and customs intrigues me. Barbados is another that would be perfect to escape winter too!

  68. One of my best friends just got back from Colombia and she said it was incredible! I’m hoping to get to Peru and Malaysia later this year.

  69. Awesome piece. I too am a total summer gal. Your Malaysia suggestion is great, I’m from there originally and often overlook what beauty it holds!

  70. Couldn’t agree more about running away from the winter season. Those are lovely places and i’ve heard of so many good places/countries! Check out Philippines too, been seeing so many good beaches there!

  71. So many beautiful places. I am very much feeling the need for some sunshine recently but all those places are longer haul. I’m heading to Hawaii next month and I really hope the weather is on my side x

  72. Oh wow, I could happily spend a month in any of those places by the looks of it. I think Cartagena or Belize would be my first choice though, they both sound stunning.

  73. This is an awesome list! But coming from the part of India where there’s no snow and mostly hot, I’d rather enjoy winters! You must check out some Indian destinations too, make for great winter escapes 🙂

  74. This is a great list for the person who can’t tolerate winters and want an escape from them. Being in North India, we experience winters, but for a very very short duration. That time I love traveling to places where it snows (especially Himachal) to take the white beauty shots.

  75. Sri lanka is also amazing with beautiful people and beaches! Peru and uganda sound like they would be phenomenal! x

  76. There’s some incredible destinations on the post. I’m currently dreaming of warmer weather so this is making me want to book a trip, especially to Barbados asap! xo

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