Things to Do in Whitstable – A Responsible Travel Guide

Whitstable is one of the prettiest seaside towns in Kent, famous for its beautiful beach, charming old town and fresh seafood, and it’s close to London. In summer, many people choose to come on a day trip to Whitstable to enjoy the sunshine by the sea. There are plenty of things to do in Whitstable, whether you are […]

The Blue Coffee Box Review and Competition

Did you know that in the UK 80% of households buy instant coffee for in-home consumption? Or that single-serve coffee pods, which are not environmentally friendly, are becoming more and more popular? For comparison, in Italy only 1% of households buy instant coffee. There was a time long time ago, when I used to drink […]

Escape to the Countryside: The Most Beautiful Day Trips from London by Train

London is such a beautiful city with so many things to offer its tourists. However, if you really want to discover what England is all about, you must take some of the numerous day trips from London by train, to the countryside. The good news is that the capital is so well connected by train […]

Ethical Volunteering in Tanzania – Hostel Hoff Review

“We had just returned from the supermarket, four of us squeezed into the back of a tuk tuk. We’re all outside, under the canopy, hiding from the powerful torrential rain with its big drops splashing our feet. I poured myself a glass of the Tanzanian red wine which I had just bought. Not bad, not […]

Take a Kilimanjaro Coffee Tour in Moshi: Marangu Coffee Plantations

Most of the tourists come to Moshi because it is the starting point for climbing Kilimanjaro. With a few days to spare either before or after the trek, a visit to one of the coffee plantations around Moshi is a must. Spread along the slopes of the highest mountain in Africa, the Kilimanjaro coffee is […]

Exploring Moshi With a Local Woman – Empowering Women in Moshi

When I first arrived in Moshi, I was quite intimidated by it. After long, transcontinental flights, another internal flight and an overcrowded dala dala, the 400 meters walk from the station to my hostel, We Travel, felt exhausting.  The city was busy, with many people walking alongside me, trying to convince me to either give […]

What to Expect From a Homestay in Tanzania

I have just returned from my trip to Tanzania and oh, how amazing that was! One of the beautiful experiences that I have done in the country was a homestay in Tanzania through Duara Travels (who unfortunately stopped operating), close to Moshi, in the Kilimanjaro region. If you want to experience Tanzania off the beaten […]