Five Amazing Sailing Destinations in Europe

A sailing holiday is a unique way to have a great time on holiday with family or friends. It offers a different, more intimate experience, whilst still enjoying all the perks of the touristic attractions on shore. When you choose to go on a sailing holiday you are in total control over the itinerary and the activities you want to do. And let’s face it, there is something special in sipping champagne on deck, whilst watching the sunset.

When it comes to which yacht to go for, you don’t need to worry, as the offer is extremely large. Depending on the number of your party and your budget, you can choose using the smallest detail: size, number of bedrooms, amenities, crew, staff on board, even a private chef!

But where are the most beautiful places to go sailing in Europe?

The Spanish Coast


The South of Spain has a mild climate, with relatively warm winters and over 300 sunny days a year, so sailing here can be an all year-round activity. If you want guaranteed sunshine, start your sailing trip in Almeria – Spain’s sunniest city.

Sailing in the South of Spain is a fantastic opportunity to explore the traditional Spanish culture from the sea. The coastal cities of Andalucia have an important Moorish heritage, with mighty fortresses and towers rising high above the cliffs. Whilst Costa del Sol is known for the epic parties of Marbella and Puerto Banus, if you are searching for a quieter experience, head over to Costa Tropical, just a bit further along the coast. Here you will find small harbours, local towns, and delicious Andalucian tapas. Don’t forget to try the famous espetos – grilled sardines; at one of the chiringuitos on the beach. 

Sailing in the South of Spain can also be a beautiful experience for nature lovers. The Alboran sea is known for the abundance of dolphins that love to come and play alongside sailing boats.

The Greek Islands


Greece is a perfect destination for a relaxing holiday and the Greek Islands are among the most popular places to sail around in Europe. Greece has over 2,000 islands, so if you love exploring off the beaten path, this is the perfect destination for you. There is no better place to be in Greece during summer than on an Oyster Yacht, enjoying the calm waters, hot temperatures and a light breeze.

If you want to go on a sailing holiday in Greece, you don’t need to worry about having a license, or knowing how to sail because you can always rent a boat with a skipper. This gives you the freedom to enjoy all the activities you want without having to worry about navigation. 

The Greek coast is quite picturesque, with rough cliffs dotted with small white villages, crystal clear waters with fantastic underwater wildlife to be explored by snorkelling and diving, and vivid sunsets. Not to mention all that amazing Greek food which you can enjoy at taverns along the shoreline, and in the local non-touristy and unspoiled fishing villages.   

The Adriatic Sea


For a different kind of sailing experience, why not explore the less touristy destinations in the Adriatic Sea?

Sailing in the Adriatic Sea, especially around the coast of Albania, Croatia and Montenegro can be much cheaper than other popular European destinations. However, it is no less spectacular. Croatia has over 1,000 different islands that are waiting to be explored on a yachting trip. The waters are usually extremely calm, especially between May and October, and the scenery is breath-taking.

Because the waters are so calm, you can always combine a sailing trip with other water activities such as snorkelling, kayaking or deep-water swimming close to the yacht. Sailing holidays in Croatia can be fully customised and, hiring a skipper can make the trip even more unforgettable due to their great knowledge on hidden spots to visit.

The South of France


If you crave a luxurious yachting experience, you should consider a sailing holiday in the South of France. The luxury offers here start at 30,000 euros a week and go up to 1 million – for those who can afford it. For this price you will receive an over-the-top experience on a superyacht with private cooks, butlers, and an entire crew to take care of you.

The sailing trips in the South of France usually include stops at the hottest spots along the coast such as Saint Tropez, Cannes, Monaco and Nice. You might even meet a celebrity and get invited to their party, as many VIPs head to the South of France with their yachts during the summer months. 

The Norwegian Fjords


For adventurous couples or groups of friends, there is no better place to go sailing than the Norwegian Fjords. One of the most popular areas to sail in Norway is around Bergen, where you will find some of the most dramatic scenery the country has to offer. There are plenty of small canals and hidden bays, where an experienced local skipper will take you to experience the unique Norwegian landscapes. Imagine tall mountains rising directly from the water, waterfalls falling from hundreds of meters onto the steep versants, and the greenest green you’ve ever seen. Shall I mention the snow covered peaks, even in the summer months?

The best time to go sailing in Norway is from late spring until early autumn. The peak of the touristic season is summer, but if you choose narrower waterways, you will be able to avoid the large touristic ships.

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15 thoughts on “Five Amazing Sailing Destinations in Europe

  1. Cynthia Nicoletti says:

    I have never gone sailing. We do have a boat and it is so relaxing. I see the sailboats all the time and I surely would love to sail in any of those destinations !!

  2. michelle says:

    I’ve only done a small amount of sailing before but it was lovely and I’d like to go again. I am hankering after that deep blue sea of Greece.

  3. Kacie Morgan says:

    I’d happily go to any of these destinations – for sailing or otherwise. I’m really keen to learn how to sail though; I’ve been considering taking up lessons.

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