Five Hidden Gems of Phuket, Thailand

A beach in Thailand surrounded by conic mountains

Many locals and visitors alike believe that Phuket, Thailand has been explored far and wide, leaving very few interesting places to surprise us with. However, there are still plenty of locations deprived of tourists’ attention. These cozy, hidden corners of the area can turn into the real highlight of your trip to Thailand. We conducted our own research and found five hidden gems of Phuket we bet you didn’t know about.


1. Black Rock Viewpoint

Phuket is famous for a huge number of viewing platforms. Some of them, such as Karon Viewpoint, attract hundreds of tourists, while others can only be discovered deep in the woods. Popular locations are easy to reach but all their charm disappears when you have to compete with a crowd of onlookers all chasing the same beautiful views. If you want to admire the beauty of nature in a secluded place, try to find Black Rock Viewpoint. You can get there by car as there is no shortage of Phuket car rental services, but keep in mind that a part of the route is a dirt road. Then you will have climb a little through the jungle. But trust us, the scenic view from the top is worth the sweat. As a bonus, you will discover the beautiful and secluded Nui Beach.


2. Bon Island

A half an hour ride on a motorboat from Rawai beach and you will get to the most deserted island near Phuket. A bonus waiting for you on Bon Island is an abandoned hotel. Those who have visited this place say that you can relax there like you’re at your own summer cottage. Of course there is no water and electricity, but the building has a roof, floor, and bamboo walls.

The island also hosts a secluded beach but it’s quite a challenge to find it. The beach is closed on all sides and it has huge boulders in the middle. However, when you finally get there, you will feel like a modern-day Robinson Crusoe.


3. Lard Yai fair

Every Sunday afternoon, the busy Lard Yai in the old Phuket Town turns into a charming walking street. Portuguese-style houses on both sides of the roadway get lit in vivid colors and the fair is set between them. You can try unusual homemade dishes, buy some crafts, and even get knock-off designer clothes. The fair is filled with an old town charm and boasts various entertainments, and it should miss from your Phuket itinerary. You can also enjoy visiting Lard Yai Street on weekdays as it retains its appeal even if there’ no music, merchants, and backlights.


4. Rawai Fish Market

Rawai Fish Market is a marketplace where you can buy all kinds of fish and seafood and then hit a nearby restaurant and ask to cook them for you. You are also able to purchase various spices and seasonings to compliment your food (if you have any clue about them). If you’re not an expert, your seafood will be cooked at a chef’s discretion. The price of such a meal is 100 baht per kilogram. Every sea creature you can find at Rawai Fish Market was caught the night before. There is also a pier you can stroll along, peering into the boats of fishermen and talking to the owners.


5. Wat Koh Siray Buddhist Temple

The Wat Koh Siray sanctuary is set on a picturesque hill away from civilization. To enter the temple, you will need to donate 10–20 baht. In exchange, you will receive some flowers and candles. Wat Koh Siray is not a crowded place, and you will normally meet just a couple of Thais praying and monks there.

The top of the hill accommodating the temple is a beautiful spot to observe the surrounding landscapes. You can even see a village of sea gypsies. An impressive statue of the Reclining Buddha is another landmark in this gorgeous place.

Do you know any other hidden gems in Phuket?


A beach in Thailand, with boats ashore and mountains in the background


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49 thoughts on “Five Hidden Gems of Phuket, Thailand

  1. Nicole says:

    I have never been to Thailand, but these places that you described sounds amazing! I would love to visit the Wat Koh Siray Buddhist Temple one day, thanks for sharing!

  2. Danielle says:

    I have beer heard of this place but it sounds like such an amazing place to travel to. I really want to get out and travel more this year.

  3. Melissa says:

    This has been on my bucket list of MUST visit places for as long as I can remember <3 Everything from the nature, the food and the culture is just calling my name!

  4. Rebecca Sanchez says:

    I think that Lard Yai fair is fabulous! I love how it’s so colorful and offers a true experience – it’s a feast for the eyes. Also, you are right the local food is pretty great too! I’ll have to explore more when I’m there – thanks for the tips of different places.

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