Food on the Go: Managing your Diet While on a Road Trip in Australia


Are you looking to experience the campervan life on a tour Down Under, but not exactly sure how to prepare food on the go – or are you worrying about getting hungry while on the road, in a country where you can go for miles without finding a shop?

There is nothing that can compare complete freedom of a campervan trip experience, without a fixed plan, now knowing where your next stop is going to be or what exciting people you are going to meet on the way.

The only thing that might worry you is going hungry whilst in the middle out nowhere, when you are enjoying best the great outdoors. So let’s talk about how to manage your hunger while on the road.


Get your food fresh


While on the road, you can still pass by villages with local markets, where you will find stalls which offer homegrown fruits or vegetables. Stock up on every time you can, as not only they will keep you full, but they are also delicious and full of vitamins too. And you will need that extra bit of energy when you feel adventurous and get an opportunity to try an exciting activity during the trip.

Most produce sold on the road or in local markets are fresh and they will tend to last a bit longer than the ones bought in the supermarkets.  You might get a little muddy or misshapen produce, but so what, right? It’s an adventure, and this is the country.


Foraging isn’t a lost art – do it!

Hey, we’re no expert here as well, but a little research or a guide about what’s safe to eat and what’s not will go a long way to keep hunger at bay while on the road, plus it ups the sense of adventure while teaching you and your travel buddies something about the nature and its unique offerings.

Be brave and sensible. Take a botanical guidebook with you and pick the fruits you find ONLY if you’re 100% sure they are edible. If that means all that’s available is blackberries, then take it. They taste great – plus you’ll feel like a true-blue gatherer as well.


The obvious – take a lot of food with you


What they say is true – sometimes it’s better to pack more and bring things you realize won’t need while on the road instead of packing little and regretting that you should’ve brought that extra pack of crackers while you still could.

If your campervan can accommodate a lot of stuff (food), then get a sensible amount before travelling. As said, prepared foods like sausages, canned goods, jerkies, crackers, etc. are the best while on the road. If the campervan has a fridge, then take your favourites with you. Remember to always check the cans you bring with you for signs of contaminations. You can read more about how to check if a can has gone bad here.

These days the dried-freeze packs of food have come a long way, and you can get delicious meals that require a minimum of effort to cook. Just add boiled water, wait for a few minutes and enjoy! You can stock up on these bags of dried food, just in case you run out of fresh ingredients and the nearest town is hundreds of miles away.

Always have a back-up plan

It’s wise to go with just about anything that can be cooked using fresh spices, herbs, and dried fruit. The only thing you’ll need is boiling water and a little oil to cook with.


A campervan road trip is a fantastic way to experience Australia for anyone with a sense of adventure whether you’re well-off or a shoestring budget! You have your mobile bedroom, your vehicle, and heck, your very own kitchen in one place, which means savings on your travel budget plus creative cooking.

Most campervans for rent come with facilities to cook full meals inside, including gas stoves, pots, pans, fridges, and even microwaves! You can read more tips on campervan cooking here. Have fun experiencing the great outdoors!



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