Dining at Veeraswamy, the Oldest Surviving Indian Restaurant in London

Dining at Veeraswamy is a treat and twice I had the pleasure of experiencing the hospitality and the fantastic food this restaurant offers. Veeraswamy is the oldest Indian restaurant in London, dating back to 1926. Located in the heart of London, on Regents Street, Veeraswamy specialises in traditional regional Indian dishes, cooked to perfection. And it’s so […]

The Foodie Bag – The Secret to Perfect Food Photos

I have always enjoyed cooking. During the never-ending lockdowns, I had plenty of time to develop my palette as well as practicing my plating skills. All those years of watching Masterchef were not for nothing. Dinner became the most exciting moment of the day, because if I couldn’t travel, at least I could take my […]

What to Eat in Japan – Best Food to Try in Japan

Planning a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun couldn’t be complete without a comprehensive list with traditional Japanese dishes to try on. Knowing what to eat in Japan is a must, otherwise you will be overwhelmed with all the different options once you get there. The Japanese cuisine is based on simple ingredients, […]

Disco Cocktails by Ladies&Gents Review

Have you ever tried ready made cocktails, in a pouch? Me neither, until last week. Ladies&Gents kindly sent me two samples of their brand new Disco cocktails, created by their professional bartenders. As a small business, when they had to close their bar because of lockdown, they found new ways to reach their customers by […]

A Delicious Traditional Maltese Food Guide – What to Eat in Malta

Before I traveled to Malta I didn’t know anything about the country’s cuisine other than it has influences from their neighbor, Italy. I expected to find many Italian restaurants, which I did, but that was just a small part of this amazing culinary journey I took on this small Mediterranean island. The traditional Maltese food […]

The Blue Coffee Box Review and Competition

Did you know that in the UK 80% of households buy instant coffee for in-home consumption? Or that single-serve coffee pods, which are not environmentally friendly, are becoming more and more popular? For comparison, in Italy only 1% of households buy instant coffee. There was a time long time ago, when I used to drink […]