How to avoid getting sick on the plane

As you already know, I live by travelling but November is going to be an extreme month for me. I have three international trips on two different continents combined with a few journeys to London too and when I’m on the road, my immune system is not as strong and it’s easier for me to catch colds. When I am travelling I don’t pay that much attention to eating healthy or keeping fit and I also take my body to extremes by challenging it with hikes, long walks, or even extreme sports sometimes.

Every time I board a plane I remember the trip I took in April, to Mallorca, which left me with a very nasty virus caught on the plane, during the journey back home. I had quite a hard time recovering from it as it got to my lungs, and it took almost two months to get completely healthy again.

Now I pay more attention and try to prevent catching a cold on the flight by using some simple tips:


I wash my hands regularly

Imagine how many people pass through airports and travel by plane every day. Did you know that in any given moment, there are around 200.000 planes in the sky?  With an average of 150 passengers per flight, imagine how many viruses make their way from one corner to the other of the world. Due to the air being circulated inside a plane, it’s very easy to get sick while you fly, and one of the easiest way of catching a virus is through your hands. It is important to wash your hands regularly with soap or hand sanitizer, as one of the dirtiest surfaces on a plane is actually the tray in front of you.


I try to avoid touching my face

I know this is a hard one to do as usually I am touching my face all the time. To avoid doing this I usually wash my face too, together with my hands, and I use a balm for my lips. One of the reasons why I’m touching my face on a plane is to check how dry my lips get, but if I use a lipbalm I won’t feel the need to do it all the time. I also try to use a moisturiser cream, to avoid the itchiness feeling that comes on a long haul flight, due to the dry air inside the plane.


I brush my teeth as often as I can

Your mouth can be a paradise for bacteria, especially when you are traveling for quite some time and don’t have a chance to brush your teeth in between meals. I always brush my teeth in the airport, before boarding the flight and at the end of the flight. There is nothing wrong with it and even if you might get a few funny looks, your health is more important. Plus, the airport bathrooms are one of the cleanest you will ever find in the world. Besides toothpaste, I also use a germ killing mouthwash, like Listerine, to make sure my mouth is clean and my breath is fresh. And when I get off the plane, having a fresh minty taste in my mouth actually helps me embrace jet lag better and be ready to explore the new city I just arrived in.


I drink a lot of water

Drinking water not only helps your body stay hydrated but it also helps your body keep its defence system up against viruses. Did you know that being dehydrated reduces your defence against cold viruses? I remember my very long flight back from Cuba, which kept me for over 48 hours on planes and inside airports, and I recall how badly my body was asking for water. Therefore, I drank a lot of water and I found that it also helped a lot with the jet lag. Avoid drinking alcohol, coffee or tea while flying because they also dehydrate your body. Just stick to water and your body will thank you.


Use ColdZyme

Sometimes you need to give your body a little help to protect you from the cold viruses. ColdZyme is a mouth spray that targets the the causes of the cold, not just the symptoms, and it also reduces the duration of the cold when used prophylactically. The spray works by creating a protective barrier on the mucus membrane in the throat. The barrier works by trapping the viruses and preventing them from binding with the human cells, helping the body to remove them naturally. You can buy ColdZyme from Boots, Lloyd’s Pharmacy or independent pharmacies nationwide.


Disclaimer: Please note that I received ColdZyme for free to review it. However, all comments and opinions in this article are my own.

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87 thoughts on “How to avoid getting sick on the plane

  1. Ella Ivoire says:

    I agree with drinking a lot of water!! Really important to be able to do anything really.
    I have a tendency for getting car sick, not plane. Also, I’m so glad you brought hygiene to the conversation as so much people tend to forget that purely because of stress.
    Oh and I second the vitamin C!!

  2. Davide says:

    Helpful tips and I think I have one more to add in your list: take Integration Of Vitamin C twice per day; it helped me a lot during my last journey in South America when I took 3 long flights in 3 days and the first one was from Europe! thanks for sharing 😀

  3. Laveena Sengar says:

    Very interesting post. I think everyone would benefit from this post. As travelers we need to keep hygiene in mind and you have with some great tips. The product looks nice and I would really like to try it out.

  4. Ana says:

    Great tips shared! I try to moisturize my skin before boarding a flight and drink lots of water if a flight is for a longer duration. I also apply sanitizer on my hands several times to prevent it from germs.

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