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For me, traveling is a way of life and I couldn’t imagine my life without hopping from one place to another, learning about other cultures and discovering little by little, the world we live in. I started traveling by myself during my first year in University, when my budget was quite tight. With going to classes and keeping a part time job to support myself, I was always on the hunt for bargain deals and cheap flights allowing me to travel during weekends. Back then I had to rely on checking for offers directly with the airlines, as flight comparison websites were not popular (or even existed).

These days is so much easier to find bargain deals and go on that holiday that you’ve dreamed of all year. Or, if you’re like me, go somewhere new almost every week.


Who is CheapOair?

Allow me to introduce you to CheapOair, the second largest seller of airline tickets in the United States. Unlike other airfare booking engines, CheapOair focuses on finding the best flights for you and not on the extras, such as hotel reservations or car rentals.


Cheap is good! Go Ahead, Be Cheap! 

Let’s be honest, when was it the last time you refused something because it was cheap? Being able to book a cheap flight means that you can spend more on accommodation or experiences at your destination. CheapOair’s campaign “Go Ahead, Be Cheap”, encourages you to book your dream holiday without worrying that you won’t be able to visit all the places you want because of a tight budget. By saving money on flights you will be able to enjoy staying at a Disneyland Hotel in Florida, or a delightful meal with a view in San Francisco for example.

CheapOair helps you save on average around 40% on airfare (prices which are compared with the same travel period from last year). Cheap is good, isn’t it?



By booking through CheapOair you earn rewards points which you can later exchange towards flight credits or reduced hotel rates. Just by creating an account on the website, CheapOair welcomes you with a gift of 500 points, which automatically grants you the bronze status. With each flight you book through CheapOair you climb a rewards tear, which means earning more points for each dollar you spend. When you reach the Platinum Level you earn 3 points for each dollar. Moreover, every time you refer a friend and they join the rewards program you earn an extra 5000 points. If you use the mobile app to book your flights you earn double the points, whilst if you pay using the CheapOair credit card you earn 6 times more!

With CheapOair not only that you find cheaper flights, but you can also pay less by using the points!


Spontaneous trip?

I love spontaneous trips, especially when I can get a very cheap last-minute deal. If I’m craving a good pizza I’ll check flights to Napoli; if I want sunshine, I’ll think about sunbathing in Malta; if I feel like going on an adventure, I’ll keep an eye on deals to Switzerland.

By creating an account on CheapOair you can get special deals curated just for you, departing from your local airport. You don’t even need to search, how amazing is that?

For example, I found an amazing deal to go to Lisbon for only $42 from my current nearest airport, which is Malaga in Spain. I love that the suggested dates are over the weekend as well, which means that I don’t have to take any time off from my daily freelance work. Another fantastic deal, for a weekend as well, is to Barcelona, for only 51$! For $36 I can go on a city break to Birmingham at the beginning of December, which is the perfect time to see the city’s famous Christmas market.


Are you flexible?


It is well known that multi-city flights are much cheaper than returns. A multi-city flight means that your journey will start at one airport, but your return flight will land at another one. For example, let’s say that I want to go to Mexico City on holiday and I live in New York. By flying New York – Mexico City – New York, I found a flight for 818$. By using the multi-city option on CheapOair and changing my return flight from New York to Philadelphia, for the same dates, I found a fare of 612$. That a saving of over 200$ and only one and a half hours extra by bus between Philadelphia and New York!

Another great option that CheapOair is offering its customers is the Fare Predictor, which can alert you when the prices for your desired itinerary are dropping. Based on your flexibility, CheapOair also suggests alternative dates to fly on, which are cheaper for your selected itinerary.


Need help?

Travel hacking and finding great deals can be time consuming, so why not take advantage of the CheapOair travel specialists? This unique service allows you to discover secret deals by picking up the phone and calling a CheapOair agent. They will do the search work for you and even offer you deals that are not advertised online. How easy is that?

You can always call a CheapOair agent when you have a larger booking to make or more complex details, such as more than one destinations, multiple family members in different age categories, or pets traveling with you.

What do you think? Have you book a flight through CheapOair before? Did I convince you to check them out? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post which has been written in collaboration with CheapOAir.

Some of the links one this website are “affiliate links.” This means that if you click on the link and do a purchase, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost for you. This helps me keep my website running and continue to share my traveling knowledge with you. I thank you for booking your flights or hotels using the links on my website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.


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  1. OHH I need this for March when we go on vacation!! I am glad you posted this I’ll be saving that and praying it works for me!

  2. I love traveling as well, however never tried cheapOair!Did not it offers so much! thanks for sharing this, will take a look into it the next time we decide to travel !

  3. I am not so flexible about my job but i wish I would travel as much as you do! I love reading travel blog and find out new trick and ideas and read about that adventure you guys had and how you mange the travel. 🙂

  4. great tips you have here. I myself always try to find the cheapest deals when planning for a travel. It excites me if I find good ones. 🙂

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  11. The first time that I heard about CheapOair I was reluctant. I thought that it wasn’t secure and that it might be a scam webpage. After I used it the history was totally different. The experience was great. I had no issues whatsoever and I got cheap tickets. I recommended it!

  12. Nice! I have never use CheapOair but I do have a list of resources to find always the best deals. I will make sure to include this one! Thanks for sharing!

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  14. So awesome when you can find amazing deals like this! Often flying is the most expensive part of a trip for me living in Canada, so if you can find cheap flights it makes everything so much easier!

  15. Flexibility will always save you money, no matter which airline you use. If you’re not traveling with family, it can pay to take a short diversion or book a different flight.

  16. Thanks for this thorough review and features on cheapoair. I agree that it’s waaay better to spend on enjoying the trip instead, such as on food, sightseeing and lodging! Flexibility is definitely important for flight prices too, and weekend trips sound like fun!

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