How to Relieve Back Pain With ExoGun When Travelling


Travelling the world is a great experience. But before reaching your destination, you’re often racked with back pain due to uncomfortable seats on planes. Fortunately, ExoGun Pocket can quickly remedy your troubles.

This mini massage gun delivers muscle pain relief within minutes and targets a huge number of areas throughout your body. Let’s find out how it can help alleviate your back pain when travelling.

How Does the Device Address Back Pain?


ExoGun can release back pain efficiently due to its groundbreaking massage method. The device relies on percussion therapy to treat soreness using rapid, short pulses that reach deep into your tissue. It emulates vibration therapy with its rippling effects on the skin.

The biggest difference between percussive therapy and other methods is the motions. Instead of massaging your back from side to side, the gadget moves vertically to deliver absolute precision. Unlike devices that use horizontal movements, this product doesn’t cause any lingering pain. Instead, it massages only the parts of your back you specifically target, reliving knots deep inside the muscles.

As a result, it works great for both upper back tightness and very tight lower back muscles. It increases blood flow in specific areas to deal with pain, fatigue, soreness, and other issues associated with travel. Best of all, it’s safe to use, and you can treat yourself to a pleasant massage two or three times a day to reinvigorate your body.

Aside from the short-term benefits for travellers, Pocket can have many long-term health benefits:

  • Improving circulation – The machine regulates circulation by dilating your blood vessels. This way, it eliminates knotted muscles, allowing blood to flow more easily and giving you an energy boost.
  • Better flexibility – Using the massager for just a few minutes per day can improve your range of motion and decrease tension. Over time, your muscles will become much limber.
  • Optimal posture – Pocket facilitates good posture by promoting healthy muscles. This effect helps keep your bones healthy and fends off pain throughout the body.

What Muscles Can You Target With ExoGun?


Another great thing about this model is its versatility. It can target a wide array of muscles due to a variety of attachments to keep your body pain-free during your adventures.

The fork head attachment may be your best option when dealing with back pain. It’s divided into two points to treat muscles connecting to your spine, massaging these delicate regions without bumping your spine and risking injuries. Only a few minutes with this attachment can help you eliminate pain caused by those uncomfortable plane seats.

The device comes with three more attachments:

  • Ball head – This is the primary and most popular attachment. It targets large muscle groups, such as your quads and glutes, making it ideal for post-workout recovery.
  • Bullet head – The bullet head is the most intense attachment. It delivers focused percussions to target small areas or specific muscle knots.
  • Flat Head – The flat head might be the most flexible attachment of all. The non-aggressive shape makes it perfect for large muscles since it won’t hurt your joints or bones. It also offers less intensity than the other attachments to help beginners make the most of their massage sessions.

Besides being practical, the attachments are also easy to install. Each item comes with a rubber ring to hold it firmly in place – all you need to do is push it in with minimal effort. Removing the attachment requires the same amount of force.

How Good Is the Motor?


A robust motor is one of the strongest suits of this mini massager. It’s a highly competitive model that generates between up to 3,000 percussions each minute, outperforming most other massage guns. Plus, it comes with 8-millimeter strokes and four adjustable speed settings, enabling you to modify your treatments.

Although the motor is extremely powerful, it’s entirely safe to use. It may even be safer than a massage therapist who often can’t tell if you’re experiencing pain. By controlling the amount of force on your back and other body parts, you can dramatically lower the risk of tissue damage.

Furthermore, you can generate more intensity by applying manual pressure against the muscles. The machine shuts down automatically at 60 pounds per square inch to prevent injuries. While your pain threshold may be impressive, 60 pounds should be more than enough to alleviate back pain when travelling.

The motor is accompanied by proprietary ShockSmart sensitivity, ensuring a streamlined operation. The result is a responsive massage gun that directs the strokes to meet your body’s needs. What is more, it balances the energy and blows accurately according to your requirements.

How Easy Is the Machine to Use?


Frequent travellers will appreciate ExoGun’s intuitive design. To turn off the gadget, they need only press and hold the button on the back of the gun for about five seconds. Pressing this button again changes the speed.

The device boasts an ergonomic handle, too. It’s designed like a pistol, with most of its weight focused above the hand. In most cases, this arrangement offers tremendous stability and range of motion.

On top of that, you can use the machine with one hand for nearly any muscle group. The list includes the area along your spine and behind your head. It’s especially convenient for legs, arms, shoulders, and pecs.

For the best results, use the massager by pressing it gently for approximately one minute per area of your body. However, avoid holding the gun in one place for extended periods. Instead, move it in a small radius to help prevent injuries.

You should also avoid massaging torn or stretched ligaments, inflamed areas, bones, and joints.

How Long Does the Battery Last?


The last thing you want is a massager that runs out of power in the middle of your session. It will leave you with a sore back throughout the trip, and you may even have to resort to pain-killing medication. Luckily, this deep tissue massage gun isn’t plagued by this issue.

It comes with a high-capacity battery that runs for around three hours per charge. It should do the trick for most trips and serve you well until you land. It also lasts for approximately a month in standby mode, making it terrific for occasional use.

Is the Massager Portable and Quiet


In addition to its effective and versatile design, Pocket is also travel-friendly. Weighing about as much as an iPad, it’s one of the lightest massagers on the market. It comes in a tiny safety bag you can carry in a standard purse, laptop bags, backpacks, briefcases, and gym bags. This feature makes it a perfect travel companion.

Pocket eliminates another issue associated with conventional massagers – noisy operation. It’s one of the quietest massage guns around, producing only 50 dB. Thus, you won’t get on passengers’ nerves while using the device.

Is This the Best Massage Gun of 2021?


ExoGun Pocket is an excellent choice for travellers who want to remedy back pain. Powered by an impressive motor, it treats both upper and lower back to release knots and reduce tension. Other body parts can benefit from this massager, too, including the chest, neck, glutes, thighs, arms, and shoulders. With such a flexible massage gun by your side, your travels will be much more enjoyable. To find out more information about this well-made massager, check out this website:

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    These percussion massagers are really good. they can really help with muscle pain. I’m considering getting my dad one for Christmas.

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