How to save for a holiday

The first step in putting together any holiday is deciding how much you want to spend. From destination, transport and accommodation to the amount of spending money you take, there are several factors that can impact a holiday budget.


Pounds Till Payday explain the ways to save that can help make your dream holiday a reality.


The best way to save is deciding on a figure, then setting money aside each month, or whenever you get paid that will comfortably allow you to save for a holiday without causing financial difficulty.

You need to make sure you can cover food, fuel and any other costs then keep some money aside to cover any emergencies. Whatever is left you can save and put towards a holiday.

If you don’t trust yourself with not spending money you can always buy a piggy bank that does not open unless you break it, so it doesn’t tempt you. You can also open a savings account and create a monthly direct debit for as little as you can spare. Everything helps!

Spread out costs

One way to severely hamper your ability to save for a holiday is to do all of your preparation in one go or at the last minute.

Spreading the cost of getting everything you need for a holiday can help you to avoid running into financial difficulty and can also help you have access to additional spending money when you eventually take your trip.

Buy one time each week when you’re shopping for example to combine the cost of holiday preparation with your weekly shopping budget, helping you to still carry on saving and avoiding being strapped for cash later.

Curb unnecessary spending

When you go out shopping and end up with three dresses, two pairs of jeans, one jumper in your basket stop for a minute and think: do you really need all of them? What if with the price of one pair of jeans you could pay the accommodation for one night at your desired destination? Would you still buy it?

In the run up to any major purchase or period of heavy spending, such as a holiday, or Christmas, it is a good idea to reign in any unnecessary spending, takeaways, nights out etc. While ruling them out entirely isn’t an option for many, pulling back to one a month can really help you to increase the amount you are saving.

To be honest, I almost never order takeaway or buy already cooked meals. I prefer to buy fresh ingredients and cook myself. Taking on consideration that a takeaway meal would cost an average of about £10 and that I spend around £20 a week for my dinners, you can easily do the math and see how much I save just by cooking.

You can also adapt spending habits to save additional cash on grocery shopping such as buying less branded goods or looking at meal plans to help limit the amount you buy and avoid overspending in the supermarket.

You can also look in the clearance basket at your local shop. Every evening the supermarkets are cutting the prices to the products that will expire the same day and you can find great offers for just pennies.

Throughout your period of saving for a holiday you can revisit your budget, you might find that from one month to the next the money you set aside for emergencies is still left over. This can be added to what you’ve set aside for a holiday as it is replenished by the next month’s budget.


With careful planning and sticking to a sensible budget you can quickly find yourself in a position where you have covered the cost of your holiday and have enough money aside to provide ample spending money to really help you enjoy your trip.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is a sponsored post and I received financial compensation for publishing it on my blog. However, all comments and opinions in this article are my own.

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59 thoughts on “How to save for a holiday

  1. Becky says:

    Great Post! It’s just about the right budgeting! I been putting money aside each month and trying to avoid unnecessary spendings and now I actually have enough money saved to book my summer vacation which I am really excited for even though I am not sure where I am going yet 😀

  2. Amanda @ The Travelling Blizzards says:

    Great tips! I have been living on a tight budget for about 10 years now, and it has finally paid off, as I can now travel full time! The tips you’ve listed are all things I’ve done to be able to live this lifestyle. And the clearance bin at the grocery store is always my first stop when food shopping! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Parnashree Devi says:

    I can relate to each word. I used do the same while planning for a vacation. Deciding on budget and cutting extra expenses helps immensely to plan your vacation wisely. I do a lot of cut down on my shopping just before a few months of my trip. Great post 🙂

  4. WhereMonicaGoes says:

    People always ask me how I can afford traveling almost nonstop for two years now and I always tell them it is just how I budget my finances and know my priorities. I agree with everything you say especially that about unnecessary spending! Saving for a holiday or exchange program is really not easy. Thanks for these tips!I go to a mall and buy more than ten items not in my shopping list. I admit I am still suffering from it, but proud that I came a long way from who I was before. Now, there is really a sincere effort to just get what I really need and think of long-term planning and saving for my travels.

  5. Kristina says:

    Saving for holiday is always so stressful, but these are great tips! I like that they’re realistic as well. Curbing spending is easily the most important and i”m glad you touched on that! Super helpful for anyone trying to figure out how to afford travel!

  6. Marlene Marques says:

    This is always a major issue for me, since I always have to plan costs for every trip I do. And you give great tips in this post. Since I start traveling I always think twice when I’m buying new clothes or shopping for something that in the end I don’t really need. But, at the end, it’s worth it. 🙂

  7. Suruchi says:

    This is a very good article and it is going to help me try saving and funding my next trip. I have never been a good saver but piggy bank might sort my bit of this problem. I agree with you that every small effort a day can help you in saving a lot at the end of month. Thanks for sharing this up.

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