How to save for a holiday

The first step in putting together any holiday is deciding how much you want to spend. From destination, transport and accommodation to the amount of spending money you take, there are several factors that can impact a holiday budget.


Pounds Till Payday explain the ways to save that can help make your dream holiday a reality.


The best way to save is deciding on a figure, then setting money aside each month, or whenever you get paid that will comfortably allow you to save for a holiday without causing financial difficulty.

You need to make sure you can cover food, fuel and any other costs then keep some money aside to cover any emergencies. Whatever is left you can save and put towards a holiday.

If you don’t trust yourself with not spending money you can always buy a piggy bank that does not open unless you break it, so it doesn’t tempt you. You can also open a savings account and create a monthly direct debit for as little as you can spare. Everything helps!

Spread out costs

One way to severely hamper your ability to save for a holiday is to do all of your preparation in one go or at the last minute.

Spreading the cost of getting everything you need for a holiday can help you to avoid running into financial difficulty and can also help you have access to additional spending money when you eventually take your trip.

Buy one time each week when you’re shopping for example to combine the cost of holiday preparation with your weekly shopping budget, helping you to still carry on saving and avoiding being strapped for cash later.

Curb unnecessary spending

When you go out shopping and end up with three dresses, two pairs of jeans, one jumper in your basket stop for a minute and think: do you really need all of them? What if with the price of one pair of jeans you could pay the accommodation for one night at your desired destination? Would you still buy it?

In the run up to any major purchase or period of heavy spending, such as a holiday, or Christmas, it is a good idea to reign in any unnecessary spending, takeaways, nights out etc. While ruling them out entirely isn’t an option for many, pulling back to one a month can really help you to increase the amount you are saving.

To be honest, I almost never order takeaway or buy already cooked meals. I prefer to buy fresh ingredients and cook myself. Taking on consideration that a takeaway meal would cost an average of about £10 and that I spend around £20 a week for my dinners, you can easily do the math and see how much I save just by cooking.

You can also adapt spending habits to save additional cash on grocery shopping such as buying less branded goods or looking at meal plans to help limit the amount you buy and avoid overspending in the supermarket.

You can also look in the clearance basket at your local shop. Every evening the supermarkets are cutting the prices to the products that will expire the same day and you can find great offers for just pennies.

Throughout your period of saving for a holiday you can revisit your budget, you might find that from one month to the next the money you set aside for emergencies is still left over. This can be added to what you’ve set aside for a holiday as it is replenished by the next month’s budget.


With careful planning and sticking to a sensible budget you can quickly find yourself in a position where you have covered the cost of your holiday and have enough money aside to provide ample spending money to really help you enjoy your trip.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is a sponsored post and I received financial compensation for publishing it on my blog. However, all comments and opinions in this article are my own.

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  1. Ah, yes. Budgeting and eliminating unnecessary expenses is where it’s at! We don’t have a social life when we’re not traveling haha, it’s just work, home, sleep, repeat. It’s amazing how much a person can save when he/she cuts out unnecessary spendings!

  2. That’s a very useful article. I have always believed in the philosophy that the more you save, the more you can travel. That’s how I have travelled to more than 150 destinations since 2008. I also try to cut down costs. It’s a blessing that I never shop on the move.

  3. I loved reading this article because it reminded me of one thing: I am in control. I am in control of how much money I want to spend, how much of my earnings I want to set aside, and how much I want to travel (which means making sacrifices). Thank you for encouraging us to live simply and in turn, saving more for something more meaningful and memorable, which is travel! 🙂

  4. There are some great tips on saving money here. Cooking for yourself from scratch does save a lot when you do the math. I need to be disciplined and maybe I can do this for myself too. I think when it comes to shopping, staying away from the shops is the best way, then there’s internet shopping!

  5. Everyone always asks how we afford to travel so much. It is probably one of the questions I get asked the most. this post basically sums up how I do it. I budget, I save, I plan in advance, I eat out less and buy off brand products, all to be able to travel. It’s all about choices.

  6. Some great tips! I do my monthly saving for traveling. I try to cut down expenses by classifying everything based on my wants and needs. I prioritize my wants before my needs and this really helps me to minimize my expenses.

  7. Being a full time traveller, I am always having to be careful with money to make sure I have enough money to keep on the road. I never go shopping unless I need something, no room in the backpack for it!! I maybe do eat out a little too much as I hate cooking!! Am dreading the day where I have to cook at the hostel every night!!

  8. My husband and I are working on a savings account for our wedding reception. I wish it could be for a vacation instead!

  9. I am hopeless at saving but your post shows me why. I know I don’t make a lot of money but if I put a little aside to save, it would my dream holiday become a reality quicker x

  10. Great tips! It really does require a lot of discipline to save money for a trip or for anything. I rarely buy clothes and hate shopping actually, so I save quite a bit that way. I get a lot more value and enjoyment from travel than from new clothes. One thing i’m not so good at yet is buying groceries and cooking at home. It’s tough because I really don’t have an interest in cooking and there are so many takeaway places accessible at my fingertips so I just get lazy with that.

  11. Such a relevant post .. my husband and I are planning a trip and just talking about this! I especially love your tip about curbing unnecessary spending. This is me .. at Target(!) I’m not even kidding. So, I started asking my hubby to stop instead .. it’s saving us a ton of money (and I have a lot more free time)!

  12. Great tips and recommendations!! Budget is my weakest point, but I am trying hard to save! Carrying a lunch box is such a great idea, we always spend so much on food! Thanks for the tips will keep them in mind!

  13. Great tips! I hate it when a massive lump of money comes out of my bank account for my trips. But that’s because I always book everything at once! I need to start spreading out the cost a bit more, it’s kinder to my wallet!

  14. Good tips. It always used to be hard for me. Eventually, I adapted a different approach of giving up a settled life and expensive apartment for the sake of it. But I understand that does not work for everyone.

    Curbing unnecessary spending is harder n big cities where there are many temptations but that can be the best way to save your plans.

  15. When I started to pay more attention to where I spend, I realized that I’m buying a lot of unnecessary things! Planning the budget can be really great, otherwise we cut off opportunities that we could truly enjoy! Traveling should always be a priority :)))

  16. Budgeting is so important – you have to look for where you’re willing to compromise and where not. For me, food and drink is one of the most important things for me so I won’t scrimp on meals out etc but I don’t plan on spending much time i my hotel room so I’m happy to go more budget there!

  17. Such useful tips for those saving for a holiday. I agree that spreading costs throughout the year is a great idea. It also makes sense to cut back for a few weeks at least beforehand – plus buying clothes on holiday is often a lot cheaper than in our own countries!

  18. I’ll admit that I’m not that good in terms of budgeting. More often than not, I always find myself losing track of the costs and the money spent during the travel duration. Thanks for these helpful tips and hacks! 😀 😀 😀

  19. You hit the nail on the head when people cry they can’t afford a holiday. You have put together how you can achieve it. We do some of your points, but getting the wife to not buy that dress is out of the question. We have just started the cruise circuit. You can pick up cruises for no deposit and payoff for a year. Thanks for your share.

  20. I have educated myself to save for my dream holidays, and it works. When you are fashion and travel addict, the struggle to travel on a budget is real. Curb unnecessary spendings definitely helps. Sometime I even use to plan what outfits I am gonna wear in my holiday like 3 months ahead. And then I will start the hunt for the perfect outfits (and on a budget of course) and I will buy them way in advance.

  21. Great tips here. Unfortunately, we buy so much stuff that we don’t need. I have a lot of friends that they tell me all the time I am lucky because I travel so much when they said it I always showed them a list like your to tell them that everyone can travel if they want, they just need to cut costs in superficial things.
    I didn’t need to buy a piggy bank 😀 😀 😀

  22. Whenever I travel I always make sure I will never starve and will be able to eat whatever I want but I can compromise my lodging as long as I van eat good food and able to see all the best tourist spot

  23. Great post, I find that if you want something enough, you will find a way to save the pennies, and usually when you start to see the amount you are saving grow it makes it so much easier to carry on, with a lovely reward at the end x

  24. These are really great ways that you can save and set aside money in order to go on holiday. Spending money is always about choice, do you really need the things you are buying or are they a want. Being able to travel often includes making sacrifices in other areas of spending.

  25. Fab post to inspire holidays. I’m not sure whether i will with friends with weddings and babies this year, I will be saving for visits to them who are long way from me x

  26. Good tips! I know myself since I am used to always planning and budgeting (professional defect I guess since I;m a financial controller) and have managed to do so much more than anyone would have imagined while I was gaining so little .

  27. Such a good read. I’m constantly looking for a holiday and saving yet every time we save something breaks so we have no money. I’m really wanting to go to Florida, not for Disney. I have a budget in mind and a few family members in Florida to help me find cheaper options x

  28. honest and real tip here, will ave alot from this and bravo for putting this up. not many will have the mindset for this but its very resourceful

  29. I am hopeless at budgeting when it comes to booking a holiday. I always wait and get a last minute deal and then panic I have only a few days to pack and go x

  30. Some helpful tips. We always budget all of our money because all we want to spend it on is holidays! We found that only spending money on things that are important to us helps really save some money.

  31. We always go to Devon every year with the whole family for one or two weeks and we start saving the minute we get back from the first holiday so we can ensure we don’t ever feel like we can’t enjoy our time away. I think we just make it a priority in our budget to put so much aside x

  32. I always make it a point to do some budgeting and saving for my upcoming vacations and trips. Indeed this is needed so that we can enjoy the trip without worrying about the expenses we will incur.

  33. There are many useful tips to save money for your travel. We also try to set the budget aside but we hardly stick to that. Seeing this article made us think how much we would have been saving just by cooking 3 times in a week.

  34. We do save for our travel and we budget it as well. I use almost all the tips that you called out here. With particular stress on cutting across the unnecessary spending. I have not shopped for ages now. And eating out is less frequent. And it does make a difference.

  35. This is a very good article and it is going to help me try saving and funding my next trip. I have never been a good saver but piggy bank might sort my bit of this problem. I agree with you that every small effort a day can help you in saving a lot at the end of month. Thanks for sharing this up.

  36. This is always a major issue for me, since I always have to plan costs for every trip I do. And you give great tips in this post. Since I start traveling I always think twice when I’m buying new clothes or shopping for something that in the end I don’t really need. But, at the end, it’s worth it. 🙂

  37. Saving for holiday is always so stressful, but these are great tips! I like that they’re realistic as well. Curbing spending is easily the most important and i”m glad you touched on that! Super helpful for anyone trying to figure out how to afford travel!

  38. People always ask me how I can afford traveling almost nonstop for two years now and I always tell them it is just how I budget my finances and know my priorities. I agree with everything you say especially that about unnecessary spending! Saving for a holiday or exchange program is really not easy. Thanks for these tips!I go to a mall and buy more than ten items not in my shopping list. I admit I am still suffering from it, but proud that I came a long way from who I was before. Now, there is really a sincere effort to just get what I really need and think of long-term planning and saving for my travels.

  39. I can relate to each word. I used do the same while planning for a vacation. Deciding on budget and cutting extra expenses helps immensely to plan your vacation wisely. I do a lot of cut down on my shopping just before a few months of my trip. Great post 🙂

  40. Great tips! I have been living on a tight budget for about 10 years now, and it has finally paid off, as I can now travel full time! The tips you’ve listed are all things I’ve done to be able to live this lifestyle. And the clearance bin at the grocery store is always my first stop when food shopping! Thanks for sharing!

  41. Great Post! It’s just about the right budgeting! I been putting money aside each month and trying to avoid unnecessary spendings and now I actually have enough money saved to book my summer vacation which I am really excited for even though I am not sure where I am going yet 😀

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