I just had to pack it

I remember my first ever big trip and how careful I have thought of everything when it came to packing. And I packed, and packed, and packed… so much that my backpack literally broke on the way to the airport, about 10 minutes after I left home. And where was I going? Backpacking in Europe, of course.

In Berlin, at 6am, my backpack acting as a steady tripod for my camera.
In Berlin, at 6am, my backpack acting as a steady tripod for my camera.

Many years have passed since then and now I know that I can pretty much find anything to buy in the countries I am visiting (with an exception, Cuba). The only things I never leave at home are my medicine and first aid kit. Now I can easily travel for months with only a 30 liters backpack. I laugh remembering that first trip, when I couldn’t even carry the backpack, that’s how heavy it was.

We’ve all packed stuff that we didn’t need in our trips, so I though of asking a few bloggers what’s the most useless thing they ever packed in their bags. Enjoy!


Lauren from :

Three weeks. That’s how long it took my fiancé and I to pack for our round the world adventure. Hour after hour of packing and repacking.
So as you can imagine, every single centimeter of space was precious. Every single item had been thought through and squeezed into our packs. Which leads me to the item my fiancé felt he just had to pack.

Meet Rex:


Yes, that is indeed a First Order Stormtrooper. And he is heavy. And an awkward shape. And I can’t believe I let my fiancé take him with us! This is the one item that he wouldn’t budge on. No matter how I tried to convince him we didn’t need a Stormtrooper there was no changing his mind. Rex was part of our travels.

Now my fiancé did have all these great ideas about how we could take him on every adventure and get pictures of him frolicking in the sun, it would be great! An Instastar in the making! Thing is…. he’s been sat on the shelf and never left the apartment! I knew I should’ve secretly unpacked him!


Sarah from :

Three months in Kenya – my first time in the country.  Of course, I’d hit the Facebook groups for ‘tips and tricks’, and was told over and over again that “they don’t always provide toilet paper”.  So, ‘be prepared’ I thought.  ‘I can’t do without toilet paper’.  Three rolls subsequently found their way into my already stuffed suitcase.  I sat on it and managed to zip it up with a satisfied (and somewhat smug) smile.

Sarah and her toilet paper

On arrival in Kenya, I discovered that it was true – not everywhere provides toilet paper.  But you know what?  They do sell it.  They sell it everywhere: in the supermarket, in the corner shop, from a blanket laid out on the ground in the street… Why on earth did I think it was necessary to carry three rolls of the stuff 5000 miles across the world?  A pack of tissues to use until I could walk a dozen yards to buy some would have been quite satisfactory.  Do you know how bulky toilet rolls are?  I could have packed more mosquito spray, or another pair of shoes!


Taylor from :

I went to Europe for two months and just had to pack eight different lipsticks. You read that right: eight. My excuse for packing each one was that they were different colours, but in the end I only used about three or four throughout my trip. Make-up has never been a necessity to me, and my red lips are my go-to signature look, but lipstick tubes, especially when carrying eight can take up a lot of space in a backpack. Space that could definitely be used for more valuable and useful things.

taylor 2


Kristina from :

I am a 25 year old who still can’t part from her Teddy! His name is Maci, which means Teddy in Hungarian (I’m Hungarian on my mother’s side!). My cotton-pink friend has been in my life for the past 24 years, and he is one of my best friends. I take him everywhere – absolutely everywhere! He has a special spot in my carry-on bag while I travel, for quick access in case I need to check on him to see “if he’s ok”, while on our journey. He has literally been all over the world! He’s a little tattered now, but he will always be my soft companion. I used to never fall asleep without him – much to my boyfriend’s dismay!

I remember falling to pieces when I forgot to pack him on one of my trips to Indonesia. I called my parents at their home, where I had left Mact behind, and asked them to take care of him. No joke! Their response was to send me daily “updates” of Maci; telling me he was misbehaving! This picture will explain it all:

Maci Image 1

A few weeks later, my parents joined me in Indonesia and brought Maci with them. One day I come back from a dive and see Maci all geared up ready to go on the next dive with me! My parents are hilarious!

Maci Image 2


Ruben from :

I usually pack very light for my trips, no more than 10 kilos and that´s including my sleeping bag and tent. Always traveling with just the essentials. What do I usually bring that is considered useless? My shaver machine. ha! I carry it everywhere and most of the time, I am not using it. Especially in Asia where haircuts and barber visits are so cheap. Plus when I travel, I usually just let my beard grow.


The only real use of the shaver is when I meet people and tell them I’m bringing one, they suddenly feel the need to use a shaver, like get a haircut! haha! It became more of a way to socialize and break the ice with new people. So that’s pretty interesting and funny at the same time.


Miss Happy Feet from :

I used to always pack in a bar of soap and a bottle of travel hair wash when I travel. If you’ve asked me why, I would say:”What if there is no soap in the hostel?” Of course that never happens. All hostels/hotels/motels I’ve stayed in offered complimentary soap and shampoo.


I stop bringing them along when one fine day they messed up my bag big time. We were on a road trip in the U.S. Southwest. I am not sure it was due to the heat in the car-booth or the fact that we were trying to cramp everything into a small confined space, my soap sort of “melted” and my hair wash was squeezed open, leaving behind a coat of soapy layer in my bag pack and the rest of my stuff.


Steven from :

The strangest thing I bring with me when I travel is a small sock monkey. My mother makes and sells sock monkeys, with the marketing concept of traveling monkeys. To help promote this for my mom, I carry a small sock monkey with me whenever I travel, to photograph the monkey at famous landmarks, impressive locations and doing the sometimes mundane tasks of traveling, like plane rides or reading a map. Since it needs to be easily accessible to photo when I am on the go, it often ends up filling my pocket whether I am touring a city or hiking a mountain. I just can’t leave home without it!

TravelToBlank Sock Monkey in Kathmandu Nepal


Jeanette from :

There’s a few basic 101 items that I just can’t travel with. It’s true that the luxury items such as underwear, lipbalm and sunglasses are really high on the packing list. The one thing I just had to pack is my KeepCup. It’s one of the most versatile items that I carry with me. Together we’ve travelled to more than 20 countries together since 2009. The KeepCup is an Australian designed and made reusable coffee cup. The sealable lid makes it perfect for urban adventures in new cities, or that first cup of coffee on the mountain whilst out camping. When it’s not in use holding delicious coffee it;s perfect for holding small items in my carry on luggage. It’s amazing how often you can use a cup. From brushing your teeth in a dodgy hostel, to administrating medication to kill off that nasty head cold on a road trip. Quite often cafes will also give you a discount for a BYO cup.

Jeanette and her KeepCup


What is the strangest thing you ever packed?

113 thoughts on “I just had to pack it

  1. Tanya says:

    I went to work in Magaluf for the summer and I over packed majorly, my suitcase wasn’t allowed on unless I took stuff out, there I was in the middle of the airport with a bunch of lads I’d never met before making them open their suitcase and load them up with my stuff ha

  2. Klaudia says:

    Hahaha , and I thought I was mad when it comes to packing for vacations 🙂 Toilet rolls , really ? But the best it that Super Trooper thingy , what do you want to take this for ? A Teddy , hm … understandable ! I always carry far too many shoes with me , but that is a girl’s thing I believe . Great reading !!!

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