Jersey in images (The Channel Islands)

I’ve spent last weekend in Jersey, the Channel Islands. I have to say that I arrived there without any expectations, as I didn’t have time to research before my trip. I did pick up a free guide from the airport and discovered that this tiny, 40 miles island, has so many things to offer than a weekend is way too short to see it all.

The thing that impressed me the most were the daffodils growing wild on every single patch of ground. That’s why, for me, this trip was to Jersey – The Land of Daffodils.

I’ll let you with the 3 minute video I’ve made using my new phone, the Samsung S7 Edge. Enjoy!


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77 thoughts on “Jersey in images (The Channel Islands)

  1. Rashmi and Chalukya says:

    Awesome video… Am awestruck with the beautiful places you visited in Jersey. The beaches look pretty secluded with those amazing rock formations. Would love to visit such places with pepetual blue seas and the green landscapes where the goats frolick around happily.

  2. Alison says:

    It is a beautiful place to see! There is so much for a tiny island. The daffodils are beautiful! I need to learn how to use my phone to make great movies like that!

  3. Psychic Nest says:

    Hi Joanna,

    I have never visited the Channel Islands but after watching your video, I will try in the near future to travel there. Thank you for the great experience you gave us with this fantastic video!


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