Jersey in images (The Channel Islands)

I’ve spent last weekend in Jersey, the Channel Islands. I have to say that I arrived there without any expectations, as I didn’t have time to research before my trip. I did pick up a free guide from the airport and discovered that this tiny, 40 miles island, has so many things to offer than a weekend is way too short to see it all.

The thing that impressed me the most were the daffodils growing wild on every single patch of ground. That’s why, for me, this trip was to Jersey – The Land of Daffodils.

I’ll let you with the 3 minute video I’ve made using my new phone, the Samsung S7 Edge. Enjoy!


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  1. Great video – looks like there is so much to see for such a tiny Island. Those Dafodills are beautiful! Apart from them, which bit was your favorite from your visit?

    1. I think that hiking in the North of the island was my favorite part. I like hiking and even if the wind was a bit strong and the weather not great, I still felt happy while walking on the cliffs and enjoying the stunning scenery.

  2. Ah. Those scones ?
    That looks like a fun weekend / last minute getaway. Our favorite bits were the scenes of the sea overlooking the islands and the street shots with pigeons. Think streets give the best sense of the vibe of a place 🙂

    1. I found St Helier to be very lively compared with the other parts of the island. There was almost nobody in Gorey, where the most famous castle of the island is.

    1. I love daffodils too. I suppose you can always order some bulbs on Amazon and surprise her, as they will bloom every spring if taken care of in a pot. 🙂

    1. Well, I wanted to go to Jersey because I live in the port-town from where the ferry goes to Jersey every morning. But the cost is very expensive. So when I found flights from my town for only £37 I’ve booked them. I would have gone even if I would have researched it, it’s a tiny island with so many things to do that you simply can’t get bored. 🙂

  3. S7! Yeah, the video quality is good… very good. I would like to have one too! LOL!

    Anyway, I was wondering what daffodils are. So that’s what they are. You know what I liked watching the video? The sceneries and places because those are all new to me.

    1. Oh, the quality of the pictures and the videos on this phone is simply stunning. I am so glad I waited 2 more weeks and didn’t buy the S6 Edge. I am simply in love with the S7 Edge. It’s superb!
      Daffodils are those yellow flowers that bloom in spring. It was full of them everywhere. I am glad you liked watching the video. The sceneries are definitely different than in the Philippines, I think here the coast is very abrupt, with lots of cliffs.

  4. Fab video! I’ve never been to jersey, but it seems to remind me of home in Ireland. It also reminds me that I need to update my phone and quickly! 🙂

  5. I can’t believe you took that video on your phone. How many megapixels does the Samsung Edge have? I would love to go to Jersey.

    1. I think it has about 12 MP. The quality is fabulous though. And it has hand stabilization too, my hands are very shaky and the wind made it worse. But you can’t really tell by watching the movie. 🙂

  6. Beautiful video and you have steady hands ; ) very impressed that you actually shot this on your Samsung. I heard lots of good things about it but I’m very impressed with your video and editing skills! The scenery is stunning, thanks for sharing.

    1. I don’t have steady hands, the phone has stabilisation. My hands are very shaky actually and this was a reason why the quality of the videos amazed me.

  7. Have not thought of the Channel Islands in quite sometime… Thanks for the great video. Looks like a nice mix of everything from tunnels to cute street, scenery and more!

  8. That burger caught my attention lol but really this such a beautiful and calm place. The beach looks so beautiful and peaceful 🙂 I wonder what it feels like to leave in such small island where everyone seems to know everyone ! by the way love the mika song

    1. It felt wonderful to drive onto small narrow roads, surrounded by nature, and a village here and there. I wish the weather would have been better, I bet it’s great in summer. Unfortunately, in summer the prices go up to the ceiling.

  9. Must have been a great experience, also you are lucky to have the new Galaxy is greatest phone so far. Also amazing video, thank you for sharing your expereince!

  10. I really enjoyed the video, it felt like we’re travelling with you. It’s a really lovely place. Also, what’s the song in the background? 🙂

  11. The video is fantastic! Looks like the S7 shoots better videos than the S6 we have 😛 The small islands do seem to be a great find. Hope we get the time to visit it whenever we’re in the vicinity the next time around 🙂

    P.S. love the song in the background – which one is it ?

    1. The song on the background is Mika – Elle me dit.
      The S7 Edge is spectacular. I wanted to buy the S6 at first, but then they announced the coming of the new S7 Edge and I only had to wait for another week after my upgrade, to buy it. And I decided to wait, as it has 2 main features from the S6: a card slot and it’s waterproof.

  12. Beautiful scenery. And that stormtrooper! Uhmm..where was I? Oh, yes! The city (or those urban places reminded me of Brussels. It`s very similar.
    One of my dreams is to start travelling. A lot. Hope you the best with your journey(s)
    (I envy you)

    1. I didn’t find it similar with Brussels but I was surprised on how developed St Helier is. The rest of the island is pretty much just villages and nature.

  13. Such a beautiful place! I never even new that Channel Island existed! I am sure you had a wonderful weekend. Thanks for sharing it with us! Great video. I want to visit this place one day!

    1. Yeah, the Channel Islands exist. They are very small, between England and France (closer to France but they sort of belong to the UK)

  14. You sure have a steady grip 🙂 I can’t take decent video because of how bad my hands shake lol. The scenery is awesome. I’m always fascinated with island towns, they have their charms.

  15. Nearly thought daffodils were those sheep in that video. Nice video and thanks for sharing your travels.

  16. Wow.. First of all, I need to get the S7 cause I’m a traveler and looks like I could use it. Second, thanks for the lovely video. The Island looks lovely.

    1. There are a lot of things to see in Jersey. I have been there only for 3 days but I oculd have spent a week without getting bored.

  17. wow, thank you for taking us here with your video.. although I am wondering where are you while taking this vid? It seems like you are in some kind of elevated moving platform..(specially the 0:35-0:45( to is it a double decker bus? or you are using a drone?
    Love the quality of the video! Cheers!

    1. Haha, yes indeed, I was in a double decker bus. I don’t use a drone, I would be a bad pilot and probably crash it. 🙂

  18. This video is awesome, it has a good quality, it’s so nice to see places like these, great video by the way. I love all the views you showed

  19. Beautiful scenery! I dream of going to places such as this. It’s a totally different environment to my country which is tropical country. 🙂 Amazing at how great your video is. Still can’t believe it’s taken using a smartphone. Thought it was taken using a gopro. :p

    1. This was the first trip I took my new S7 with me and I am so impressed with the quality of the video and the pictures. It’s simply stunning! I will be testing it again this weekend, in my next trip.

  20. The S7 seems to be producing good photos and videos! Will check this up in our local store and check the camera myself. The island seems to be a great place to reflect because of the scenery.

    1. You also have to check the Samsung VR that comes with the S7 Edge. It is a whole new world behind those glasses 🙂

  21. I really liked the video, I am still trying to play around with my new camera and figure some tricks out. Jersey looks like fun! And the little sheep were so cute 🙂

  22. Hi Joanna,

    I have never visited the Channel Islands but after watching your video, I will try in the near future to travel there. Thank you for the great experience you gave us with this fantastic video!


  23. It is a beautiful place to see! There is so much for a tiny island. The daffodils are beautiful! I need to learn how to use my phone to make great movies like that!

  24. Awesome video… Am awestruck with the beautiful places you visited in Jersey. The beaches look pretty secluded with those amazing rock formations. Would love to visit such places with pepetual blue seas and the green landscapes where the goats frolick around happily.

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