JetComfy – The travel pillow reinvented

I love traveling so much but I always end up with a bad back and a stiff neck after each flight. Long haul flights tend to be a very painful nightmare and that is because I can never find a good sleeping position. And to be honest, who can say that they can sleep comfortably while sitting?

During my latest long haul flight to India, which was just a couple of days ago, I tried out a new concept of travel pillow: JetComfy. At first I didn’t believe that it can be much different from any other travel pillow. I mean, how can you get a good sleep on the plane? I know I never had one!


JetComfy is a travel pillow that attaches to the armrest of the chair through a strap and it takes about 5% of the space, so you don’t have to worry that you will bother your neighbors, especially if you are unlucky and get the middle seat. Because it is lined with a non-skid rubber to keep it from moving around, it won’t damage the armrest either. The pillow is fully adjustable to anyone’s height and it ensures a natural position of the body, while all your weight is transferred to the armrest. JetComfy has a 2″ layer of memory foam, very comfortable to rest your head and neck on.

The best part is that JetComfy is not only a pillow but a travel companion as well. The upgrade kit comes with 2 USB power banks and a multi-functional pen (normal pen, tablet pen, laser pointer and flashlight).

You can use it on any chair that has an armrest and you can attach it to your luggage when you fly budget airlines, as I found that it takes a bit of space inside the bag.


During my flight from Abu Dhabi to London I have to say that I slept almost like a baby. I woke up only to have lunch. And this never happened to me before. I’ve put on a movie (Absolutely Fabulous) and didn’t manage to watch even half of it as I’ve fallen asleep with my head resting on the comfort of the memory foam. When I woke up, we were already flying over Germany, with about an hour left until the destination. One of the flight attendants was very interested in JetComfy also and the row neighbors joined in too, asking to try it out. They all loved it.

The only negative I can say about JetComfy is that it takes a bit of adjustments until you find the perfect comfortable position, so you might struggle for 5 minutes getting it right. But it’s all worth it for having a good sleep without any back or neck pain afterwards.

You can buy JetComfy here, with free worldwide delivery for a limited time only.

Disclaimer: Please note that I received JetComfy for free to review it. However, all comments and opinions in this article are my own.

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96 thoughts on “JetComfy – The travel pillow reinvented

  1. Marlene Marques says:

    It looks like a really good product. I know what you mean: I have a really difficult time sleeping in long flights. Have you have any trouble passing with it in the security checks in airports? I guess is not a product they usually see.

  2. Natasha Welch says:

    This is such a good idea for people that struggle to sleep! It looks a bit funny but probably worth it. I don’t even have a neck pillow haha usually just lean on a screwed up jumper haha, i’m pretty lucky though I can sleep anytime

  3. Paula says:

    OMG, I saw this pillow in a comercial and I thought it was such an amazing thing! After reading your post I think I’m adding it on my Christmas list 🙂

  4. Jitaditya Narzary says:

    Hey ths s a pretty useful product. Of course we call have some version or the other of this. But this one seems to be more useful and seems to have been designed by someone who has travelled a lot himself/herself.

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