JetComfy – The travel pillow reinvented

I love traveling so much but I always end up with a bad back and a stiff neck after each flight. Long haul flights tend to be a very painful nightmare and that is because I can never find a good sleeping position. And to be honest, who can say that they can sleep comfortably while sitting?

During my latest long haul flight to India, which was just a couple of days ago, I tried out a new concept of travel pillow: JetComfy. At first I didn’t believe that it can be much different from any other travel pillow. I mean, how can you get a good sleep on the plane? I know I never had one!


JetComfy is a travel pillow that attaches to the armrest of the chair through a strap and it takes about 5% of the space, so you don’t have to worry that you will bother your neighbors, especially if you are unlucky and get the middle seat. Because it is lined with a non-skid rubber to keep it from moving around, it won’t damage the armrest either. The pillow is fully adjustable to anyone’s height and it ensures a natural position of the body, while all your weight is transferred to the armrest. JetComfy has a 2″ layer of memory foam, very comfortable to rest your head and neck on.

The best part is that JetComfy is not only a pillow but a travel companion as well. The upgrade kit comes with 2 USB power banks and a multi-functional pen (normal pen, tablet pen, laser pointer and flashlight).

You can use it on any chair that has an armrest and you can attach it to your luggage when you fly budget airlines, as I found that it takes a bit of space inside the bag.


During my flight from Abu Dhabi to London I have to say that I slept almost like a baby. I woke up only to have lunch. And this never happened to me before. I’ve put on a movie (Absolutely Fabulous) and didn’t manage to watch even half of it as I’ve fallen asleep with my head resting on the comfort of the memory foam. When I woke up, we were already flying over Germany, with about an hour left until the destination. One of the flight attendants was very interested in JetComfy also and the row neighbors joined in too, asking to try it out. They all loved it.

The only negative I can say about JetComfy is that it takes a bit of adjustments until you find the perfect comfortable position, so you might struggle for 5 minutes getting it right. But it’s all worth it for having a good sleep without any back or neck pain afterwards.

You can buy JetComfy here, with free worldwide delivery for a limited time only.

Disclaimer: Please note that I received JetComfy for free to review it. However, all comments and opinions in this article are my own.

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  1. I am never comfortable trying to sleep on transport so the Jet Comfy pillow would be a great creature comfort to have! You certainly look comfortable in the pictures 🙂

  2. I struggle with neck pain on regular days so when I travel my neck and back get so tight and painful. I rarely sleep on planes because of how uncomfortable it is. However this sounds like a perfect solution. I will definitely have to check it out.

  3. I am yet to experience a very long haul flight. But I don’t get a proper sleep while I am sitting, so mostly I don’t sleep through my flights. I wish this could make me fall asleep through it’s comfort

  4. I have to say this pillow does not look a bit funny to me (does it kind of resemble a sponge broom or is it just me?), but I’m sure it’s hella comfortable! I’d certainly give it a try. How do neck pillows work for you?

  5. That is one cool pillow idea. I have the same issue and have bought very expensive to very cheap travel pillows and haven’t been content with any of them. The cheapest with the beads have worked the best for me at least you can adjust them -my guess is that this one with memory foam would work very well.

  6. JetComfy looks like a perfect idea for long flights! My boyfriend used to have stiff necks every after a flight due to not having a neck rest, but then we found out that some airlines’ head rest can actually work as neck rest! 🙂

  7. Lol I’m a little bit skeptical to be honest as I have never seen its kind, but it does look comfortable and portable.
    I think I’d check it out as I have stiff neck too after long journeys.

  8. This is pretty awesome! I used to travel a lot so this would have come in handy especially during the long flights! I really like it!

  9. THIS IS WHAT I NEED! I am so glad I stumbled upon this post, ‘cuz I usually have a busy time catching up on sleep while flying. Then reaching the destination, having to be all fresh gets worse. I am hoping they deliver in India.

  10. Joanna, that is one of the most innovative thing I have seen. That is such an excellent idea. Plus it can be upgraded to be a power bank… well, that does make it useful. You know what would make it even better? If the pod it comes with can somehow be used as a pod for cameras. I mean it is for traveling so it makes sense to make it that it can be used as a camera tripod too, (or monopod), right?

  11. Oh this pillow looks to be what a traveller needs eh? I first heard about this when a travel blog I was following gave away a few of these to their followers. It looks like you really enjoyed using it. I hope there are other colors available.

  12. Oh i find it a little weird, but seems useful! When I travel, I always bring my neck pillow which works fine with me.

  13. This looks amazing. I do longhaul Europe to Australia every so often and this would be fantastic. I’ve seen a few similar things around recently (like a sling one that attaches around your head) but this looks and sounds most practical. Definitely keen to give it a try!

  14. Read the first sentence. Found myself nodding my head vigourously. I also suffer from stiff necks/shoulders/poor posture and this is always amplified when flying for long hours! I’ve seen this little JetComfy on a video on Facebook before and did not think that it was an actual thing to be purchased. Awesome to read that you had a good sleep following 5 minutes of adjusting!

  15. Interesting! I don’t like the regular neck pillows. But I’m always in to try something new. I saw something named nodpod recently. But that didn’t look comfortable to me. This one does. And it’s so awesome that it has a powerbank as well. Love that. Glad to hear you’re very positive. Makes me want to try it out as well. Love the review.

  16. I love the design. Like you, I can never sleep properly on planes because my head always falls forward! It seems like the Jetcomfy would stop this. I’ve never been on any really long haul flights but I think if I do next year I will buy this!

  17. I actually bought my first travel pillow before a flight to SE Asia two weeks ago and left it in the terminal by mistake – Cant believe it has an inbuilt powerbank though, that’s just genius 😀 Hey, do you think they would deliver to a hostel in SE Asia?

    1. The handle is so that you can attach it to the armrest and the shift your weight towards it. When not in use, it goes inside the pillow.

  18. OMG!!! I have always wondered where I could find a perfect pillow for travelling, you know, the one that can really catch my heavy head during the entire transpo. I might just get myself this one too!!

  19. It’s such a funny looking device, but, everyone looks funny sleeping on an airplane. I’m glad it worked for you, I’ll have to check it out.

    I also still haven’t seen the AbFab movie. What did you think?

  20. That looks clever! I always have difficulties with sleeping in a plane – my head turns in complicated positions and then the neck is aching. This could be a perfect solution!

  21. Love this pillow! I was traveling by a plane yesterday and it was really difficult to sleep. My head was falling all the time. I must try jet comfy in the future 🙂

  22. WOW!!! that is a pretty awesome product. I am def going to get myself.I recently visited Prague and traveled all the way from South Africa. The flight was horrible due to sitting and a lack of sleep

  23. I need this in my travel life! I will definitely going to get one. Seems like a very handy travel accessory to have specially for the long haul flights/travel. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  24. This looks incredible and such a fantastic idea. I’ve not been on a long haul flight for over 10 years but I could have done with one of these travelling 12 hours to South Africa! I love that it doesn’t take up too much room and won’t disturb other travellers. Great bit of kit, I’m not surprised it became almost a celeb on your Abu Dhabi to London flight.

  25. I was searching for a travel pillow like this for my long haul flight to mexico and I couldn’t find one! Safe to say I didn’t sleep at all on the plane as my head kept rolling down! Will look into getting one of these. Ree Love30

  26. Interesting! Though I admit it looks funny, like an upside down sponge mop. How would you know where to place it? I don’t usually know which direction my head falls to hehe XD

    1. No, you don’t have to hold it. How could you if you sleep? 🙂 It straps to your chair and if you wake up and take your head off it, it will still stay there, it won’t move.

  27. This is genius! I can’t fly without a pillow, but this one is so much better than the one I have. Getting one for my next flight.

  28. I hear you, Joanna, I always struggle with my stiff neck after a flight too. JetComfy seems like an amazing travel device, I need this pillow!!! Sleeping like a baby in an airplane is a dream for me! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  29. I really need this 😀 … every time I Travel I don’t find a good position for my neck!! for me is quite difficult to get sleep on a train or on a plane…almost a nightmare since I use to sleep on the right side, but using my arm is impossible since every single time my head slip away….so annying! Thanks for sharing this amazing pillow 🙂

  30. Getting from Place A to Place B is most often the worst part of traveling. This pillow looks like it could go along way towards making that better. Thanks for sharing this great item! I really want it now 🙂

  31. I always have this problem too, especially if I end up in a middle seat. There just often isn’t any comfy way to sleep. This pillow is genius.


  32. Wow what I wouldn’t do to have a good sleep on a plane. I often try to sleep but fail. JetComfy looks cool. The only downside would be people asking to try it out when you’re trying to sleep. I suppose you could just get some ear plugs as well.

  33. It looks like a very nice solution! …comfortable!
    I see this for the first time but I like the idea! It can be very helpful especially during the long flights! Thanks for sharing!

  34. A pillow is what I am always missing on a plane, as soon as I go on board I check the storage room and look out for pillows. Not often I am lucky enough to get one.

  35. Hmm very interesting. It does not look like it would be comfortable by the angle, but it sounds like it was. I always get window seat so that I can try to sleep better laying my head against the window. I might have to try this!

  36. This is such a cool product. I didn’t know something like this existed. I have never tried it but I think it will solve a lot of my problem if I do try it. I have been following your journey to India on social media. I am sure you had a good time in India.

  37. Hi Joanna
    You look adorable in the picture. i must say that is one of the most innovative i have come accross. I would really look to sleep like a baby while traveling.

  38. This kind of pillow looks cool, but the stand comes with it right? How long can it stand? And looks like a tripod.. Would there be an issue whem you bring it as carry-on during flights?

  39. Sounds like a nice product! I don’t really care for pillows while traveling on the flight but my husband definitely needs one, this seems like a good option.
    xx, Kusum

  40. Oh that looks interesting! I’m used to the normal travel pillows that never work great for me, it would definitely be worth giving this one a try for my next long trip! Very nice product

  41. I have been contemplating a neck pillow but this one beats that. Definitely a comfortable thing to have on long flights. I wonder if they offer a trial 🙂

  42. LOVE THIS! My neck was so sore the other week while flying to and from Lisbon and yesterday on a late night flight from Orlando. I would love to have had one of these.

  43. I always struggle to sleep while flying but this Jetcomfy pillow sounds good and yeah, in the picture you look sleeping like a baby! I need to have this before my international flight next year!

  44. Hey ths s a pretty useful product. Of course we call have some version or the other of this. But this one seems to be more useful and seems to have been designed by someone who has travelled a lot himself/herself.

  45. OMG, I saw this pillow in a comercial and I thought it was such an amazing thing! After reading your post I think I’m adding it on my Christmas list 🙂

  46. This is such a good idea for people that struggle to sleep! It looks a bit funny but probably worth it. I don’t even have a neck pillow haha usually just lean on a screwed up jumper haha, i’m pretty lucky though I can sleep anytime

  47. It looks like a really good product. I know what you mean: I have a really difficult time sleeping in long flights. Have you have any trouble passing with it in the security checks in airports? I guess is not a product they usually see.

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