Life in Cuba – New series by Bethan James


Hello! I’m Bethan and I will be guest writing for Joanna about learning to live in Cuba.

After visiting the island several times, I moved here for good in August 2017, firstly for love (of course) and secondly to start work at an International School. I now live with boyfriend Danny in Miramar, an area on the edge of Havana.

Weeks are spent teaching English and literature to sparky students from a huge range of cultures and backgrounds, in a lovely little classroom where I can see palm trees from the windows (but where my lesson can be completely disrupted by tropical sized bugs). Evenings and weekends are spent enjoying the delights and negotiating the challenges of life in Cuba, and holidays are spent exploring the rest of the island! Whilst I can’t claim to be an expert on anything – quite the opposite, in fact – what I can hopefully offer is a little insight into Cuba beyond the tourist experience.

As a teacher and lover of anything wordy, I would love to get your comments, questions and suggestions for future posts… what do you want to know about life here? Please also have a look at our pictures too, at

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