Make Money Whilst You Travel the World – 5 Simple Ideas

Many travellers experience a cash flow problem at some point during their adventures. Whether they’ve not budgeted correctly, they’ve had a financial emergency, or their travel fund is running dangerously low, there’s nothing quite as daunting as being on the other side of the world with next to no money. And no one wants to end their travels early because of a cash flow problem.

The most effective way to keep yourself in the black is by earning whilst you’re abroad. Thousands of travellers each year make money whilst backpacking by simply signing up to work all kinds of jobs. Depending on how much money you want, how long you’re planning to stay, or your skill set you can find work anywhere in the world, regardless of where you come from.

So, even if you’ve used your savings or cashed in your ISA to fund your initial trip – click here to find out more about Junior ISAs – you can still continue to boost your travel money whilst abroad by working! Want to know more? Read on for 5 simple ideas that will help you make money whilst you travel.

Look for resort jobs

Theme parks, hotels, water parks and everything in between. If you’re currently living in an area that experiences a high volume of tourists then you could be tapping into this lucrative form of employment. There are all kinds of jobs at resorts including:

  • Cleaning parks, rides and hotel rooms
  • Bar work
  • Restaurant work
  • Entertainers
  • Life Guards
  • Slide/ride supervisors
  • Park security
  • Reception and customer service

Your skill set will depend on what kind of job you can get, and many resorts offer accommodation to their employees, so it’s certainly worth looking into.

Work in your hostel

Are you staying in a hostel? Or are you in an area that’s crammed full of them? Why not see if they have any openings? You could be working on reception or cleaning the rooms. It’s a simple way to enjoy a free bed and board!

Fruit picking

An extremely popular and common kind of work that’s mostly seen in Australia. Fruit picking involves days out in the sunshine, making friends and picking plenty of fruit for several hours a day. It’s simple but physically demanding work so if you’re hoping to increase your physical activity whilst on the road, then fruit picking is ideal.

Work remotely

Is there any reason you couldn’t take your current job with you on your travels? If you mostly deal with data entry jobs, copywriting, website building or other admin based tasks then you might be able to work remotely from anywhere in the world. Speak with your current employer about your options.

Café/restaurant work

Just like in your home country, there are plenty of cafés and restaurants that are jam-packed full of customers during lunch and dinner. So, consider jumping into the hospitality sector on the other side of the world. You’ll get to improve your language skills and enjoy the tips too!

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  1. Mary says:

    Superb tips for those who traveling. I am also a travel but not lot. I can apply your tips when i travel next time. Make some bucket during traveling not a bad idea.

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