Must-Have IOS Travel Planning Apps


Do you like travelling but the trip preparation causes you stress and anxiety?

When you plan your trip in advance you reduce the likelihood to get nervous and have unexpected mishaps while travelling.

A great and enjoyable journey mostly depends on how well you are prepared for the trip. This involves deciding where and when to go, what to do, clothes to wear, and travel insurance.

Nowadays, travellers often rely on smartphone apps to make their travel easier. You can create your travel plan like arrange places to stay, sight seeing trips and people to meet by just using the mobile phone.

If you are planning to go globetrotting this coming holiday or still have not decided where and how to go about your vacation, do not stress further cause as you scroll down, you will get to know about useful and invaluable apps, which every traveller needs.

Here are some of the must-have trip planning apps that will help you in organizing your journey whether it is a family vacation or a business trip.


Globelink Travel Insurance App:

Do you want to travel somewhere, but you’re afraid of unpredictable situations and expenses? The best option to ensure peace of mind when you’re abroad is to take out travel insurance.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re 17 or 89, wherever you are going and how long your trip lasts, travel insurance is necessary.

Once you’ve downloaded Globelink Travel insurance app from the App Store, you can solve your travel insurance needs easier than ever before. It provides you with a quick way to buy and tailor your travel insurance with a range of extras, store travel insurance details safely in one place, access the 24 hr Medical Assistance Service and Claims. The main advantage of this app is easiness and speed: you can get your travel insurance in just a few minutes whenever and wherever.



You’ve booked the airline tickets and now it’s time to think about accommodation. Airbnb is a big platform with various options for searching an appropriate lodging to stay while you’re travelling. Using a convenient Airbnb app you can view different offers of accommodation and book a proper one according to your requirements.

Moreover, Airbnb provides an opportunity to select interesting activities hosted by locals for the period of your trip. Also, there is Airbnb Business, where you can see rated local homes, which fit perfectly for business trips.


Google Maps:

To feel confident and safe in a new place, you need to have a map at hand. Google Maps is an essential app for planning a route when you travel. It helps to specify directions  and estimate time to get to the destinations. With the app you get real-time GPS navigation, transit info and travel tips in one place. Besides, you can use Google Maps offline and follow the planned itinerary without Internet connection. So, it makes sense to download the offline map of the area you’re travelling to so you don’t worry about searching for Wi-Fi on the way.



Managing your mobility through the city is not easy, especially if you’re in a new city and should be on time in a certain place. Uber is a great solution for moving around the city in a comfortable and quick way. Therefore, it must be in that folder with all the other travel apps.



Skyscanner is one of the most popular apps among travellers all over the world. Here you can find the best flight prices, great hotel discounts and affordable car hire offers. The most attractive feature of the app is there are no booking fees or hidden charges. With the Skyscanner app you will find the cheapest trip option, so the money you save can be spent for food and sightseeing instead.


Explore the world, plan your journey, and try extraordinary activities using the above-mentioned travel applications. These apps help you organize a worry-free trip so you can just focus on the fun. Enjoy your trip!



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7 thoughts on “Must-Have IOS Travel Planning Apps

  1. remo says:

    Informative post. Google maps is the most important app in mobile while traveling. Such a lifesaver! Will check out Globelink Travel app.

  2. Sarah says:

    I am hearing so many mixed reviews about Airbnb. Is it a good app? I just heard that Google Maps turned 15 years old this year. The seniority is real with that application. Great breakdown and blog post.

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