My travel tech wish list for my upcoming trip to South America

It’s decided: after months of searching, I have just booked the ticket for this year’s big adventure. I am going back to South America, and I’m going to make my way down from Peru to Chile. I visited Peru three years ago and loved it so much that I promised I would go back. Having already experienced South America, I decided to make a tech travel list that will make my journey much easier.


A high quality compact camera

 With all those diverse landscapes and beautiful wildlife, the first item on my list has to be Panasonic TZ100, a compact travel camera with a powerful zoom that will capture those rare vicunas running around in the wilderness of the Atacama Desert. I need a compact camera because I don’t want to worry about having to carry a separate bag just for my DSLR and my lens, nor about keeping an eye on it all the time on trains and buses.

LUMIX Digital Camera DMC-TZ100EB

A solar charger

I remember that while hiking the mountains of Peru for 5 days, doing the Salktantay trek to Machu Picchu and sleeping in tents overnight, charging my electronic equipment was a challenge. This time, I am going to choose this option over a power bank because I can simply attach the solar charger to my backpack and forget about it while I’m on the trail, in the mountains. When I get to the camping site I can simply de-attach it and charge my camera and phone without worrying that the next day I won’t be able to take photos.


A pocket keyboard

I like to record all my experiences from my journeys but I also like to travel light. Carrying a laptop with me is not a solution and typing a blog post on my mobile phone takes ages (and a lot of frustration when auto-correct kicks in). This is why I have to add onto my list a pocket keyboard that attaches to my phone or my Ipad so that I can happily write about all those beautiful moments, as they happen.


Noise cancelling headphones

In South America bus journeys can be very long and tiring. Even if you want to sleep, the driver might decide he wants to make the entire bus watch a loud action movie all night long. I did not manage to close my eyes for even 10 minutes that night and wished I had brought with me a pair of noise cancelling headphones. But this time I will be prepared and Jackie Chan won’t keep me awake for more than half an hour.


For more suggestions on other travel tools which will help you plan your trip easier you can check out .


I am looking forward to exploring more of South America and I will be more prepared this time. I am confident that it will be an unforgettable experience, full of excitement and wonderful people, the same as my last two adventures, in India and Cuba.


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107 thoughts on “My travel tech wish list for my upcoming trip to South America

  1. kumamonjeng says:

    I am planning for a trip to South America end of next year and thinking if there is any tips you can share with me? I am planning to visit Peru and Chile as Brasil would be too dangerous I heard. Do you think I should seriously get a good camera? Most of my travel pictures are taken with cell phone. Samsung Android latest model.

    • Joanna says:

      South America is my big love! I have traveled there with my camera and had no problems. Send me an email with all your questions at [email protected], and I’ll answer them 🙂 I have been to all three countries, Peru, Chile and Brazil. 🙂

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