My travel tech wish list for my upcoming trip to South America

It’s decided: after months of searching, I have just booked the ticket for this year’s big adventure. I am going back to South America, and I’m going to make my way down from Peru to Chile. I visited Peru three years ago and loved it so much that I promised I would go back. Having already experienced South America, I decided to make a tech travel list that will make my journey much easier.


A high quality compact camera

 With all those diverse landscapes and beautiful wildlife, the first item on my list has to be Panasonic TZ100, a compact travel camera with a powerful zoom that will capture those rare vicunas running around in the wilderness of the Atacama Desert. I need a compact camera because I don’t want to worry about having to carry a separate bag just for my DSLR and my lens, nor about keeping an eye on it all the time on trains and buses.

LUMIX Digital Camera DMC-TZ100EB

A solar charger

I remember that while hiking the mountains of Peru for 5 days, doing the Salktantay trek to Machu Picchu and sleeping in tents overnight, charging my electronic equipment was a challenge. This time, I am going to choose this option over a power bank because I can simply attach the solar charger to my backpack and forget about it while I’m on the trail, in the mountains. When I get to the camping site I can simply de-attach it and charge my camera and phone without worrying that the next day I won’t be able to take photos.


A pocket keyboard

I like to record all my experiences from my journeys but I also like to travel light. Carrying a laptop with me is not a solution and typing a blog post on my mobile phone takes ages (and a lot of frustration when auto-correct kicks in). This is why I have to add onto my list a pocket keyboard that attaches to my phone or my Ipad so that I can happily write about all those beautiful moments, as they happen.


Noise cancelling headphones

In South America bus journeys can be very long and tiring. Even if you want to sleep, the driver might decide he wants to make the entire bus watch a loud action movie all night long. I did not manage to close my eyes for even 10 minutes that night and wished I had brought with me a pair of noise cancelling headphones. But this time I will be prepared and Jackie Chan won’t keep me awake for more than half an hour.


For more suggestions on other travel tools which will help you plan your trip easier you can check out .


I am looking forward to exploring more of South America and I will be more prepared this time. I am confident that it will be an unforgettable experience, full of excitement and wonderful people, the same as my last two adventures, in India and Cuba.


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  1. For bloggers like us, we definitely need a good quality camera to capture all the beautiful places and delicious food so we can also share them with our readers. I also often carry a digital camera with me almost everywhere I go. A pocket keyboard is a great idea.

  2. I like the fact that this camera is compact because normally the good DSLR cameras take a lot of space. I own a Nikon DSLR and I love the results of that camera. It is very expensive and I got it from Dubai but sometimes I think I should get a compact one as well for daily use. May have a look at this one and keep it in mind when buying.

  3. Wow this sounds pretty perfect! I think bloggers know the importance of a good camera as our pictures and imagery is just as important as our writing. When I need a new camera I will for sure remember this one.

  4. The Lumix is quite a nice and compact little camera. One of my cousins has one and her pictures come out quite nice. Being married to a photographer, we lug DSLR cameras with us 🙂 . For quickies, l use the iPhone, but l wouldn’t mind having this camera. the noise canceling headphones are definitely a good idea.

  5. I hope you get to capture the wild vicunas with the gorgeous Panasonic travel compact camera, its sleek design is perfect for photographing the beauty that is South America.

  6. Such a good idea to want to invest in a solar charger, because that is definitely something that would come in handy! And as a blogger it’s so important to have a good camera to document your travels. Having something compact would be perfect!

  7. That camera would be a match made in heaven for your trip to South America. I mean with a great blog like this, you need some great pics of your trip. I think it is def worth it.

  8. I think of all the things that you listed here, if you’re traveling to a place as beautiful as South America, the camera is definitely the most important gadget you can bring! It’s good to have a keyboard ready too, like you said, so you can keep everyone updated with all the beautiful sights and experiences!

  9. You’ll definitely need a great camera like that Panasonic to capture your moments. I’m looking forward to seeing photos in the recap of your trip.

  10. I have camera addiction. I have so many (and lenses too)! I just can’t stop myself lol. I’ve heard great things about this little camera. Will definitely be checking it out.

  11. Joanna,

    You can’t go wrong with that camera. That is a LEICA lens there. I am pretty sure you will be taking stunning snapshots and photos with this one. Can’t wait to see some samples when you buy your new toy. 🙂

  12. Great list. A lot of things I wouldn’t think of. So I’ll remember those. The camera looks great. I love a compact camera as well. I’m curious of the pictures you will take! A powerfull zoom is so important while traveling!

  13. I also use a Lumix camera for my blogging adventures, just a little older version. This one sounds like a great improvement.
    I use my phone to record conversations when I go to do interviews, etc.

  14. I do understand that you want to have a zoom camera which is great. But does it have the ability to capture motion photos. Sometimes such compact camera do not have that feature and great photos that are in motion frame come blur, out of focus or hazy. so I try to avoid that.

    1. To answer your question, to capture motion pictures you don’t need a special feature in the camera, you need to play with the manual settings. DSLRs don’t have any special features for capturing motion pictures, it’s all done from setting up correctly the camera. Same with a compact camera. You also have the option of using the “panning” technique, when you want to shoot motion pictures with the subject in focus and the background blurred, like a car race for example. The panning is all done by hand. So the answer is yes, you can capture motion pictures with the Panasonic Lumix.

  15. Such a great post! I strongly believe that a blogger has to have a great camera for the photos to speak to people! and i love the Solar charger.. has to be the coolest idea ever!

  16. It’s been a while since I last heard of Lumix. The features are really great. It’s true that DSLRs are quite hassle to bring especially if you are backpacking.

  17. I think I have the same list, even though I prefer Canon but that camera is amazing too. I’m looking forward to your posts from the trip. Don’t forget to enjoy and live in the moment, have a great time.

  18. Oh yea, Solar Charger, that is must have for any serious hiker. couple days of hiking and realizing that your camera don’t work because battery is empty is bugger. Managing any blog without proper keyboard is nightmare, you are right, I prefer bit harder keyboard. Noise cancellation headphones are not thing I prefer, once I used them and slept over one nice bus stop place. I saw my friend photos after and regret ever since.

  19. I love the idea of your compact camera. Though I have a dslr myself, I don’t really carry it in a separate bag you know. I just detach it’s lense and carry it in my handbag. Though I doubt your camera will be of any lower resolution 🙂
    I also loved your apart charger concept. Was never aware of it until I read your post…

  20. Good luck on your trip. It would really be helpful if you don’t have to bring a lot of stuff on your trip and it seems that this camera is all you need in capturing your precious moments on your vacation.

  21. That camera is a really good one! Great suggestion. I agree with the noise cancelling earphones. Those can be great lifesavers when you just want to listen to your own stuff and drown out all the others sounds. Enjoy your travels.

  22. I try to carry handy cam, digital camera and power bank for my trips. I would check for solar chargers. Mostly I keep keyboard for my tablet as it’s very convenient for working. Have an amazing trip to South America and looking forward to reading your experiences!

  23. Happy #NationalCameraDay btw 🙂 EPIC trip you’re about to embark on. Peru is just majestic in it’s own right. When we went the day was all about running around with my camera to take the most amazing pics and the nights were all about the tequila bars haha.
    I love the solar charger feature, how helpful is that. I need to get one of those, usually have to carry two batteries as back up. Awesome camera.

    I have no clue what vicunas are but I definitely want to see one

  24. Is this one of the mirror less cameras? I bought one recently and love how light it is. I definitely need to buy me a solar charger too. Have a great trip to SA 🙂
    xx, Kusum

  25. Me and my husband is looking for a good camera for our blogs and vlogs. I will totally recommend this camera to him. This will be included in our list of cameras that we’re planning to buy.

  26. Having a solar powered camera is a genius of an idea. Makes life much easier and lighter while traveling. Definitely need the noise cancelling headphones (an absolute must have) Great post and gave me some ideas for our own travels. Like a mini keyboard, that is something I need to purchase within the week. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Not only the noise cancelling headphones is good for eliminating noise, it also helps you keep a low volume and will have less damage to your ears. On the other hand, I might consider that pocket keyboard. Thanks for the advice!

  28. Wow this camera looks amazing, I have a canon T4i and T3 and haven’t really ventured out from these two. Maybe I’ll consider this camera as a future purchase.

  29. If I am on your shoes, regardless if what location I’ll be going, sure these wishlist you have are definitely a perfect companion to have!!! urrggg, those latest gadgets will definitely satisfy your trip indeed!!!!

  30. Pardon me if my comment goe haywire here- my nose and eyes are watery from allergy right now.
    Ok, so I learnt two things from you- a solar charger and a pocket key board. This reminds me of putting an ad of solar charger on my website ( hope you buy it from there- it is an Amazon ad)! Talk about me being so merchant minded..But, best wishes for the Peru trip.

  31. Solar charher is just awesome and actually a must have gadget if you are a techie. If for non techies, it comes real handy. The list is really thoughtful.

  32. Cameras are definitely a must have in every trip, at least that’s how it is whenever I travel. I love your choice and I sure hope you’re able to get it before you leave for South America! Have a fun trip and I love this list of yours!

  33. I invested in a camera which zooms in up to 1000 mm (without changing lenses). Finally I can make some really good bird pictures! Unfortunately I didn’t have it yet on my South America trip.

  34. Noise cancelling headphones is great way to get some quiet surrounding especially when you walked whole day and need energy for tomorrow, and your neighbors decide to make small party. Last year I was on 7 days hiking tour. Each day we were walking around 50 miles and sleeping in forest cabins. Last two days were too exhausting because in cabin next to us came some group of Boy Scouts which were very loud at night and we could not sleep.

    1. It depends on what your budget is. I believe that it’s affordable compared with other cameras in its range and very good value for money for it’s stunning features, like filming in 4K for example.

  35. Having a realiable camera to go with your trip will surely make that adventure a truly memorable and beautiful experience. I like the idea of solar charger. We have trek a number of mountains already and been outdoors most of the time and its just so frustrating to know you just cant capture more because your camera’s battery is almost empty. A compact camera is also highly appreciated as well as high quality because after all, you got the camera to preserve those moments and you want everything crisp and vivid.

  36. We have been dreaming of going to South America for a while and were finally able to do it last year. It was a great and very memorable trip. The cameras and technology definitely made it better to capture all of the things we saw and experienced. We took a cruise via Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. We love our Canon DSLR so we had that along on more scenic trips, and also the compact Olympus Tough camera for every day. Didn’t have a solar charger at the time, though we do have one now for our next adventure

  37. I’m so excited about your trip to South America. You have a talent, ability to describe your experiences and adventures in a best possible way. It’s like every time you’re telling us a new story. It makes your blog very unique. I’m reading a lot of blogs/articles but your is one of these “unforgettable” (sorry for my English btw.) The camera is very important for me, because I love photography. This one example by Panasonic: TZ100 seems to be a great solution for me personally, because of small size. Currently I have too big handy and now I tend to small and practice tools. I also have a lot of small bags and I like to have all-in. Thanks so much for sharing. For sure I will show this post my friends to know their opinion too. Have a nice afternoon and weekend (in advance)!!

  38. Peru … just the thought of makes me wanna go there . I am sure , you will capture excellent photos on your trip with that camera . I am sure , you have chosen wisely after checking on many different ones . Looking forward to get to see your first photo shoot post from south America. Good luck and lots of fun ….eehm , and heaps of brilliant photos !!!

  39. I’m going to Thailand this summer and I really, really want to buy a new compact camera for exactly the same reason! Unfortunately, I think it will be a little out of my budget so I’m not sure :/ Will check out your recommendation!

  40. These things are really worth buying because it’s just really essential! That solar charger sounds like a cool stuff to have. While you bask yourself under the sun, it charges without having to use the electricity! Also the noise cancelling headphones – I’d definitely need one whenever I need to study or work! 😀

  41. We’ve got a similar list for some essentials! Only yours is a much better set, that compact camera looks really nice, I bet it shoots a lot of quality shots. And I might just need to get a solar charger as well, more products should have their own solar-counterparts anyway.

  42. what a smart idea to take a solar charger. That would be way more handy than a power bank because once that power bank runs out, there’s nothing left at all if you don’t have electric nearby.

  43. I love the idea of bringing a solar charger, very brilliant! I want road trips and these wish list are so helpful!

  44. I’m looking for a good camera too! As bloggers, this is really an essential for us. Please make a review for it if you happen to buy it so I would know if I’ll consider the camera. haha! Good luck on your upcoming south america trip! 🙂

  45. Yeah, having a camera with powerful zoom is very essential in travelling. Specially if you can’t get near most of the subjects like in the wilderness. I checked the camera and it has promising specs. Anyway, great wish list!

  46. That Panasonic camera looks handy. I plan to have my own compact camera too, especially since I plan to travel solo. 🙂 Currently I’m still looking at vouchers and asking around for the best travel camera.

  47. Noise cancelling headphones are a must. I hate trying to listen to an audiobook and I hear the people around me instead!

  48. A compact and wonderful camera is a great alternative to the bulky DSLR. I also wish to have one of this camera which can be really great for travelling!

  49. A couple of great items here that anybody could use when travelling to any parts of the world. Panasonic always make great cameras and i believe you would get some quality shots

  50. Been planning to buy a camera to but I’m torn between 2 cameras Xt1 of fuji and D700 of Canon. But you got a good camera choice right there. So handy and convenient for a blogger just like us.

  51. I wish to have all of it also 🙁 This is a must whenever we travel. We want to make sure to capture every moment. I hope you will get all of it before your trip. Have a blast!

  52. Nice wishlist for traveling, travel bloggers do need to have compact stuff if they want to get around easily and still do the job at the end of the day. Hmmm, the pocket keyboard idea is something I haven’t thought of, must look for one to purchase today haha.

  53. Glad I came across this! Personally, I lug around my 5year old DSLR and it’s really heavy. I love its photography and I’ve gotten the hang of it. But I think once it starts giving up, I’ll be more keen on buying either mirrorless or digicams.

  54. Good list! I hadn’t thought about the solar charger before for our tech gear. What a great idea! I will need to look into this for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  55. I travel most of the time and I really hate it when I run out of batteries. A solar charger is definitely a must! Though I don’t know where to buy one. I bet it’s hella expensive.

  56. Those are a good bunch of wish list. Especially, the handy Lumix camera and the solar charger which I am really intrigued about. I have a Lumix too and I really love that it’s handy , sharp and has good colors. Bringing a DLSR would be really troublesome and too bulky. Enjoy the trip!

  57. Have you managed to get any of these things yet? Just curious if the camera is worth the price? I had thought about buying a camera for my travels but the iPhone 6 and nightcap app were actually better than most cheaper cameras and did a great job at capturing everything (including the northern lights!) without lugging a camera around too…or is it worth it? Also, I had a solar charger years ago for an old iPhone and it never worked, no matter how long I left it out in the sun while I was on the beach…but have they gotten better since then? These things all sound perfect for a trip to South America!

  58. I’ve never tried the solar charger, but it sounds like a genius idea. I’m also in the market for a camera. There seem to be an endless supply of possibilities, and my head is spinning, but the Panasonic looks like a great option that I need to investigate!

  59. Definitely a must to bring a good quality camera, need to capture those wonderful experience when you travel. I used to bring Canon 500D DLSR camera with me when I travel, until I came out bringing iPad Air to take photos and videos with. I guess a gadget with easy access to the internet can be very handy to bring.

  60. I love my DSLR, but a high-quality compact camera would be nice! My first (and only) point-and-shoot camera was actually Panasonic, and I had been using it for 10 years before I switched to SLR. It never let me down, and I still use it sometimes.

  61. Replacing my bulky DSLR with a Sony a5000 mirrorless was one of the smartest travel decisions I ever made! I totally agree with getting a compact camera. I had no idea solar charges were a thing. I’ve gotta check that out!

  62. This post is hilarious! I can’t travel without my cancelling noise headphones and without a good camera. I’ve to try the others! Thanks for sharing your faves!!

  63. I also want to have a new camera to use for blogging and for my future youtube channel. I also prefer compact ones so it is convenient to bring anywhere.

  64. Oh yes, those are important things to remember before any trip! Good and light camera is a must. Nowadays th phones have such good ones so i ratehr leave my powershot home, althought it’s not heavy to carry. Charger that functions in different countries and places where electricity is not available is a must.

  65. Great post! I was just looking to buy a good quality camera for my next trip and have no idea what to get. I want it to be a really good and proffesional camera, but I also want it to be compact. I will check out the camera you’ve suggested and see if it answer my needs.

    You also mentioned some other stuff that I wasn’t thinking of but now that I read it, it make total sense to buy them! Like a solar charger.

    I’m also need to buy a compact and light laptop that would be good for my blogging. Do you have any recomendations?

  66. I like the idea of a pocket keyboard. I did not know about this. The solar charger is another very good idea. Sounds like you are good to go! Have a safe trip.

  67. Nice wish list there, I would first like to have the noise cancelling headphone, especially if I am on a long haul flight and would like to get some shut eye before embarking on a new traveladventure. I would also love to get a Drone for myself. These days they are all the craze.

  68. I am planning for a trip to South America end of next year and thinking if there is any tips you can share with me? I am planning to visit Peru and Chile as Brasil would be too dangerous I heard. Do you think I should seriously get a good camera? Most of my travel pictures are taken with cell phone. Samsung Android latest model.

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