November Rain – The Poncho That Saves Lives

I have always supported brands that are sustainable, do something for the environment and give back to the local communities, as you might know from my articles about the Bombay Sapphire Distillery or the Hilton Hotel in Malta.

We have only one planet and we need to do everything we can to protect it. Even as individual persons we need to think about our future and how it will look like if we are indifferent to the major changes our world is going through. You might think that one person can’t make a difference, but the truth is, every single one of us can have a positive impact on the environment or on the people around us.

When I first heard about November Rain I was curious about their ongoing water based project in Thailand to which they donate 10% of their revenue. Reading about it and have been traveled to the South East Asia in the past, I know the poor living conditions from the rural areas and the poverty the people live in. During the last quarter, November Rain donated over 3000 dollars to the Waterculture project in the Children’s Rescue Mission in Mae Suai, Thailand. It must not seem like a big amount to us, but it is enough to help feed 100 children continuously, each year!

Photo courtesy by November Rain

Imagine that you are buying a November Rain poncho to protect yourself from rain on your next journey. Because of your acquisition a child in the other side of the world is not starving anymore.

The Waterculture system has been created for developing countries to produce high quality naturally grown fruits and vegetables through hydroponics, a method of growing plants without soil. This has been the first project in which November Rain has teamed up with the Australian horticulturists to aid the Akha hill tribe, originally from Burma. These people crossed the border to Thailand and fled their villages that have been destroyed by Opium dealers, people traffickers, and sex industry slave dealers.

Their next project will be a water filtration system to clean drinking water. Did you know that every minute a child dies because of a water-related illness? Personally, I can’t even count the countries I have traveled to where the tap water was not safe to drink and where the poverty was so high that people could simply not afford to buy bottled water.


I brought my November Rain Poncho with me to my latest trip to France, knowing that it is going to rain. For some reason, every time I travel to France it seems to be raining. The poncho comes in a very cute bag, with the same pattern, so it doesn’t take a lot of space in your luggage.

I loved exploring the small port town of Cherbourg in the rain, wearing the stylish November Rain poncho. I chose the Oriental Bird design, feeling that it suits best my wandering personality and my love for the color purple.


The first thing I noticed on the poncho is how soft it is to touch and how comfortable it is to wear. It is so lightweight that I barely notice I was wearing it. The temperatures in France were the same as in England, quite low for the end of March but wearing the poncho on top of my jacket actually kept me warm. I liked that, as I always suffer from cold and I don’t feel great in low temperatures.


November Rain poncho has a strong waterproof backing which is a bit longer than the front, a great asset if you ask me when you are wearing a backpack or when you feel tired and want to sit down on a bench but not get wet. I found it very useful that it has “sleeves”, for the times that you want to also be active in the rain and take photos for example (or eat a delicious giant pistachio macaron).

For me it is very important to be able to have my hands free when I walk around. This is why I don’t (and never did) own an umbrella. Where I live, on the South Coast of England, having an umbrella is a proper waste of money, as the rain is accompanied by strong winds which destroys even the strongest of all. I also cycle to work and back every day and I found the November Rain poncho to be perfect for covering me and my laptop backpack from the drops of rain. I like the fact that the hood is easy adjustable, allowing me to see what’s in front, on the road. The hood is also detachable, while the zippers and the studs are all heavy duty, made to last forever (yes, the poncho has a lifetime guarantee).


November Rain comes in one size fits all, making it comfortable for each body type. There are three beautiful designs to choose from, depending on your personality: Oriental Bird (my favorite), Tribe and Ocean (a beautiful shade of teal). I like the fact that each poncho is made using eco-waterless printing methods, which are less wasteful processes, environmental friendly.

You can buy your own November Rain poncho from Amazon, for £49. Remember that your purchase matters and it can save a life!



Disclaimer: Please note that I received the November Rain poncho for free to review it. However, all comments and opinions in this article are my own.

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  1. Shoshana Sue says:

    That’s a pretty poncho and great to learn that it has room for a backpack and is soft too.
    Yes change doesn’t come with people changing, because people is you and I. I have to change first then others will change too

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