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When you go hiking for a few days it’s important to pack properly and not overload your backpack with unnecessary items, food included. It’s long gone the time when the only options for camping food were bulky cans of beans or soup. These days, camping food shouldn’t be boring either (I deeply hate beans and couldn’t imagine them being my only option to eat whilst camping)!

When you hike you need food that is packed with protein and gives you enough energy to push through the challenging trails. How many times you brought your own home-made snacks and felt like you need to go to sleep after eating it? How many times did you feel that it was hard to start walking again once you stopped for lunch? And the weight of the backpack… I know I am guilty of overfilling my backpack with food and then regret it half way through the trail when every kilogram carried felt 10 times heavier.

When I go hiking or cycling I usually bring with me energy bars, nuts, and fruits (mostly bananas, which I am not really keen on but which provide energy). There were plenty of times when I wished I could just have a hot meal instead of a cold and chewy granola bar, which, to be honest, it is healthy and nutritious but it’s so small… and I had my fare and share of homemade sandwiches which disintegrated inside my backpack, leaving a mess behind.


What is Summit to Eat?

When Summit to Eat contacted me and offered to send me to try out some of their dried food I said yes straight away. The thought of yummy, flavoursome and easy to cook dried meals made specifically for hiking trips and festival camping days out sounded really good!


Summit to Eat provides a full range of dehydrated freeze dried foods, from morning breakfast oats to hearty mains and even desserts, with a vegetarian range as well. They are made with natural ingredients which are freeze dried after cooking. They are easy to make, just add boiling water up to the guideline inside the pack, mix the contents, seal it back and wait for 8 minutes.

This saves not only time but also carrying extra plates and containers for your dinners, as you can eat it directly from the bag.


My Summit to Eat choices to try out were as follows:

Breakfast – Scrambled egg with cheese

Mains – Salmon and broccoli pasta, chicken tikka with rice

Dessert – Chocolate mousse with granola and cherry


Breakfast – Scrambled egg with cheese (£5.50)


I don’t like oats, so I chose the scrambled eggs with cheese for breakfast, as the other option would have been morning oats with raspberry. To be honest, this was my least favourite meal. The taste was great, very cheesy but the texture wasn’t quite right, with lumps of egg bits and too much liquid. I blame it on the fact that I might have not mix it well.

The scrambled egg with cheese pack has 469 calories and 30.8 grams of protein, which gives you plenty of energy to keep hiking until late afternoon.


First main: Salmon and broccoli pasta (£5.50)


I enjoyed to much this main, with the pasta being perfectly cooked in a creamy sauce, with plenty of pieces of salmon inside. The taste was great, with strong flavours of fish. It was my favourite meal out of all I’ve tried, maybe because I love pasta in white sauce in general. I liked the tiny bits of broccoli as well, they were crunchy and gave the dish texture.

The salmon and broccoli pasta pack has 638 calories and 18,2 grams of protein.


Second main: Chicken tikka with rice (£5.50)

I was happy to find an Indian dish among the Summit to Eat range, as it’s one of my favourite cuisines in the world and I pretty much eat a curry once a week.  The chicken tikka is a mild dish but has plenty of flavour and a slight spiciness, just enough to feel that you are enjoying an Indian dish. There is plenty of chicken inside the pouch, cooked in a tomato and onions based sauce. I was a bit afraid that the rice won’t be fully cooked, and it might have hard bits, but it was perfectly fluffy.

The chicken tikka with rice pack has 688 calories and 19.7 grams of protein.


Dessert: Chocolate mousse with granola and cherry (£4.5)

Chocolate and cherry is my all time favourite dessert combination. If there’s a black forest cake on the menu, I’ll be ordering it! So I was very looking forward to trying this dish… and it didn’t disappoint! The mousse set up very nicely and the taste was very chocolatey. The granola bits give the dessert texture and the sour cherries the balance, making it a perfect treat. I was actually very surprised to find sour cherries in this dessert, as I am not used to it in England. It’s one of my favourite fruit in the world, as when I grew up my grandma used to have a tree in her garden and she would treat me every time with compote or jam, but once I moved to England I was unable to find it anymore.

The chocolate mousse with granola and cherry pack has 416 calories and 11.3 grams of protein.


My verdict

What I liked about all the meals is that there is enough food in each of them to make you feel full, so you don’t need more than one pack per serving. They are also nutritiously balanced, designed to give your body the strength and energy needed when it’s active.


The package is bright yellow, easy to spot, and has all the nutrition information clearly displayed on the front. It is also easy to open and re-seal back, which is very helpful in case you don’t find a bin straight away and have to put it back in your backpack after you finish eating.

Overall, I was very impressed with Summit to Eat: it’s not only nutritious and very light, but also tastes very good.


Would you try Summit to eat on your next adventure trip?


Disclaimer: I have been sent the Summit to Eat samples for free to review them. However, all the comments and opinions in this post are on my own and have not been influenced by this.

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