Sustainable Christmas Gifts That She Will Actually Use

It’s that time of the year again, when we are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the woman who likes to travel.  As travelling for the last few years has been quite sad, classic Christmas gifts such as travel bags or accessories might not be a good idea, as she is still yet to use the ones you got her for previous Christmases.

So this year, I thought about writing a sustainable Christmas gifts guide, not only to support smaller local producers, but also to give you some interesting gift alternatives that she will just love and happily make use of.

Fifth Origins Infinity Cape


The Fifth Origins Infinity Cape is the type of gift you would give to a woman who loves to travel, but already has everything. The beautiful cape is versatile and can be worn in 15 different styles, making it perfect to be worn for for many different occasions, such as an evening jacket, as a scarf on a long flight, or as a warm cover up. Made from Himalayan wool, the cape is hand-made in India by 25 different artisans, starting with the sheep herders and finishing with the master tailor who adds the final touches. Each cape comes in a one size fits all, up to UK size 20, and you can customise it to your own preference.

The Fifth Origins is a sustainable and responsible brand which supports the local communities in the Himalayas. The capes are designed in Amsterdam but are completely produced in India using locally sourced materials, wool that is sheered cruelty free and eco-friendly dyes, whilst still conserving water.

By gifting this Christmas a Fifth Origins Infinity Cape to the woman in your life, you are not just making her happy, you are also contributing to the livelihoods of 15 people.

You can buy the Fifth Origins Infinity Cape directly on their website by clicking here.

A Maple Glow House of Mahogany Luxury Scented Candle


Every single woman I know loves scented candles. I have at least four in my living room at any one time. House of Mahogany is a brand opened by mother and daughter Dorothy and Valerie, to combine their love of the great outdoors and nature with their passion for beautiful fragrances. They have created a sustainable brand which uses biodegradable ingredients both in their products and packaging. Moreover, if you buy a house of Mahogany product, part of the purchase goes towards planting a tree in an endangered area.

The Maple Glow Luxury Scented Candle is a beautiful winter scent that reminded me of the warm winters I spent with my grandparents as a child. The scent of burnt orange and maple sap is strong and rich, it enveloped my living room quite quickly and lasted for a long time.

You can buy the luxurious candle directly from the House of Mahogany website by clicking here.

A Sassy Shop Gift Set


Sassy Shop is a family-owned business that started in Keeley’s kitchen in Bristol, back in 2017.  Because her premium wax melts smell divine and were so successful, this year she expanded and launched a bath collection.

The Candy Cane wax melt is a fun scent that reminded me of eating the famous minted treats during the festive season.  As soon as I opened the box, a sweet peppermint fragrance spread all around my living room. And this was even before melting it!

The Snow Pixie whipped soap smells divine, like a sweet bubble gum mixed with candy floss. The texture is even more dreamy, making it a perfect accompaniment to a pampering bath. The soap transforms into foam when it’s rubbed on the skin, making even a simple shower a luxurious experience.

You can buy the gift set directly from the Sassy Shop’s website by clicking here.

A Refill My Candles Set


Refill My Candles is a brand started by Anita, to give used candle containers a new life. Her easy-to-use premium soy-wax candle refill kit is eco-friendly and comes with enough materials to fill containers. 

The Refill My Candles kit is extremely economical. There are two kits you can order, one that fills up three containers and has a burn time of 180+ hours, or alternatively one that can fill up five containers with a burn time of 250+ hours. Both come with two beautiful 25ml paraben free designer fragrance oils. My kit came with the Adventurous Day and Adventurous Night oils.

The Adventurous Day is a fresh, quite citrusy fragrance, with lightly sweet notes. Adventurous Nights is a sweet vanilla fragrance, which is quite exotic in my opinion. The kit comes with step by step instructions on how to refill the old candles, making it a fun afternoon activity.

You can buy the candle refilling kit directly on their website, by clicking here.    

A Hapi Bottle


These days there is no excuse not to have a reusable water bottle. The Hapi Water Bottle is different than the usual ones on the market because it is suitable for both cold and hot beverages, maintaining the temperature of the beverage you fill it with. The bottle keeps liquid cold for up to 24 hours, and hot for up to 12 hours, more than enough for a day of hiking.

The Hapi Bottle comes in five vibrant colours and in three different sizes: 350ml, 400ml and 500ml. It is made to last, it fits most cupholders and it is safe, meaning it is BPA, BPS, and phthalate Free. Another great feature of the bottle is the powder coating, which makes it non-slippery when you grab it with a sweaty or wet hand.

The Hapi Bottle opens up by the push of a button and it also has a safety lock to avoid spillage. If you’re clumsy like me, you’ve spilled water on you many times on the plane just because you didn’t close the lid properly.

You can buy the Hapi Bottle directly on their website, by clicking here.

A Dorsya Terra Necklace


Women love jewellery, it’s a fact! And when the jewellery is travel related, it’s an even more thoughtful gift for a woman who is always on the road.

The delicate Terra Necklace is part of the Carte du Monde collection developed specifically for travellers, by Dorsya. The Carte du Monde collection was born through D.Orsy and Arpi’s passion for travelling. They noticed that there was no accessory on the market to remind travellers of their beautiful trips, so they came together to create Carte du Monde. The collection’s pieces are names after the Travel Gods in the Roman mythology. 

The Terra necklace is made from 925 sterling silver metal and features the world map on one side, and an inspirational quote on the other.

The Terra Necklace comes in a beautiful grey velvet pouch with rose gold details and a personalised handwritten message enclosed in an envelope sealed with wax, which makes it already beautifully wrapped for Christmas.

You can buy the Dorsya Terra Necklace directly on their website, by clicking here.

An Emma’s Botanicals Tea Towel


Emma van Klaveren is a botanical watercolour artist and illustrator and a member of the British Botanical Artists, who has just launched a gorgeous pineapple designed tea towel. She has been painting for twenty-five years, not only working with many different brands but also having her own exhibitions in London and abroad.

The pineapple tea towel is made from quality cotton, and it was designed by Emma using her original watercolour. It is a beautiful luxury addition to any table for an afternoon tea, or a special occasion.

You can buy the tea towel directly from Emma’s website, by clicking here.

A Regatta Luz II Knit Hat and Gloves Set


A hat and gloves set is always welcomed as a Christmas gift, especially that we kind of need them at least six months out of the year in this country. The stylish Regatta Luz II Knit hat and gloves set is a perfect stocking filler for a woman who spends a lot of time outdoors. The hat is hard wearing knitted and has an extra stylish faux fur trim to keep ears warm in all kinds of weather, even when it snows.

The gloves are soft, have a perfect fit, and not only do they protect your hands and fingers but you can still easily hold everyday objects such as mobile phones or bags. The creamy colour of this set, and the faux fur trim make them useful as well as quite elegant.

Regatta is known for their high-quality outdoor clothing, so you can’t go wrong choosing a gift from them. For more Regatta stocking fillers, check out their website here.

A Set of Complete Me Nutritional Blends


Long-term travelling, jetting off from one destination to another, changing time zones a couple of times a month, have a huge impact on a woman’s body. The most common issues I usually struggle with after a few weeks on the road are tiredness, lack of energy and sleepless nights.

Complete Me is a nutritional blend of targeted supplements that helps the body to function normally, even when the normal routine is broken. The range of Complete Me supplements come with six different blends that target different issues such as lack of energy, gut balancing, or low immunity. Each supplement contains a blend of vitamins and nutrients that create balanced aids for a healthy lifestyle. Most of the supplements are gluten free, non-GMO, vegetarian and vegan.

I have tried the Sleeping beauty blend, which helped me sleep better in the long run. It took about 5 days to start feeling it’s effects, but once it kicked in I started to sleep like a baby and not wake up several times during the night.

You can buy the Complete Me supplements directly on their website

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    All of these gifts look amazing! The candy cane wax melt caught my eye. I am ready for the holidays. Such a nice time of year. Thanks for the great gift guide!

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