Tablet vs Laptop: Which One To Take On Your Travels?

As your next travel adventure approaches, you’ll have a lot to think about: from planning your route to learning some of the lingo, from booking the perfect hotels to researching the best spots for scuba diving! Travelling will leave you with some of the best memories ever, especially when you plan intensively before hand! With all the details planned, one question remains- should you take your laptop or your tablet with you on the trip? The decision initially depends on what you’re going to be using it for, so let’s take a closer look.


What do you need it for? 

If you are a digital nomad and travel and work in the same time, then you will need to rely on your laptop. If you’re travelling for work, depending on what you do, you’re likely going to need a powerful device with a keyboard. You can get keyboards for your tablet of course, but not many find these as convenient for big projects. If you’re not going to be working while you’re travelling, you are definitely be better off with a tablet. Tablets are lighter, easier to carry and handy for your basic browsing, checking tickets, or a little Netflix downtime. Laptops are heavier than tablets, so you’ll want to consider if you prefer to travel light. Some people prefer to keep it simple when they travel and only go with the basics. For many, just a smartphone will do. If you’re travelling for work if might be a good idea to look into Notepad + + for Mac solutions.

I personally travel with a Samsung Tab, which is a nice hybrid between a light laptop and a tablet. It has a keyboard, decent specs for blogging and I can use it both as a laptop or as a tablet. It doesn’t weight much and it’s good enough to write, surf the web and check my emails on.


Security issues 

Sad but true, security is a big issue when travelling. You’re going to have the time of your life, but that’s not to say that theft won’t be an issue to watch out for. Be vigilant with your possessions and yourself at all times to stay safe. Tablets are less expensive than laptops, so you will end up being less out of pocket should your tablet get stolen or take a dip in the pool. Some people even buy a cheaper tablet before they go travelling with this in mind. The decision will all depend on your personal preference, but one thing’s for sure- make sure that you have all your devices backed up. Carrying around either device could make you a target for theft, so keep these out of sight as much as you can.



You’ll likely have a smartphone or a camera, but even so; tablets can also provide you with some great pictures! Generally speaking, it’s impossible to take pictures on a laptop. If you think you’d like another way of taking snaps on your travels, a tablet could be the way to go, if it’s small, like an Amazon Fire for example, which has a 7″ screen! I wouldn’t see myself taking photos with a tablet bigger than that. Travelling is all about the memories you make and so the more beautiful pictures you get-the better. Plus, you will want to have some decent photos to post on Instagram, right?

Whichever device you travel with it’s always a good idea to get it insured through your travel insurance. Doing so will protect your devices, and your other belongings should the worst happen. Overall, unless you are working as you go- the tablet is probably your best bet. If you are working and you need your laptop, invest in a comprehensive travel insurance that will cover your devices if they get stolen or break down whilst you are on the go. Things that are out of your control can happen all the time, so better be safe than sorry. For someone traveling with a lot of gear for a longer time, I recommend the World Nomads travel insurance where you can customise your policy to your specific needs.

When you’re travelling to the most beautiful countries in the world, you won’t want to take any worries or stress with you!



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28 thoughts on “Tablet vs Laptop: Which One To Take On Your Travels?

  1. Shelby says:

    I like to bring along my tiny chromebook bc it folds backwards to resemble a tablet but then I have a keyboard if I want to write!

  2. Patricia M. says:

    I completely agree with you that if you are going on a work trip you need a laptop. Most of the time I travel with my tablet but soon I’ll need to have a laptop with me

  3. Katie says:

    I definitely need a streamlined laptop to take along on trips. I like the capability to edit photos and organize them as I go.

  4. Cindy Ingalls says:

    For me, it depends on the type of trip I’m taking. If it’s for fun, I leave my laptop at home. If I have to do work, then all my devices come with me. I’ve gotten pretty savvy at taking them in and out of my laptop bag, although it is a pain.

  5. Jennifer S Walker says:

    I ask myself this question every time I travel! I often just take my tablet with me as I usually can get away without the added weight and space needs of my laptop. I like to travel light, and I can generally make do with just the tablet, unless it’s a long trip.

  6. Luna S says:

    I personally like using both, but I prefer my laptop because I like having a full keyboard since it allows me to type faster.

  7. Dani Flanders says:

    I take a laptop on my travels because it’s easier for updating my blog. When my laptop crashes, though, I think I’ll look at a tablet that might be able to handle that task while still being lightweight!

  8. Simon Starchevsky says:

    Whenever I travel, I take my smartphone that I usually buy a local Sim card with, for internet access. Then I take my 2-in-1 Asus that is both a tablet and has a keyboard. It gives me enough processing power, and when I use the local sim card on my smartphone for internet, I turn the smartphone into a hotspot and have internet access virtually anywhere.

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