Something lovely that happened one Sunday in Havana

Something to know about transport in Cuba – it’s very, very tricky. There are various ways to get around, and most of them are slightly unreliable, many of them are unnervingly crowded and some are occasionally infuriating. If Danny and I need to get into old Havana from where we live, we usually flag down […]

What’s the food really like in Cuba?

One of the most common questions people asked when I told them I was moving to Cuba was this: ‘What’s the food going to be like?’. Years of the embargo, overpriced imports, scores of tourists frequenting the all-inclusive resorts where the food is not always fabulous, ubiquitous pizza shops where your choice is ham, or […]

Life in Cuba – New series by Bethan James

Hello! I’m Bethan and I will be guest writing for Joanna about learning to live in Cuba. After visiting the island several times, I moved here for good in August 2017, firstly for love (of course) and secondly to start work at an International School. I now live with boyfriend Danny in Miramar, an area […]

Hurricane Irma in Cuba – A Personal Experience

I think that is it very important to talk about Hurricane Irma and what it did to the Caribbeans as well, and not only to Florida. We have been bombarded with news about the measures taken in Florida, how many people were evacuated, the worries about the yachts and boats anchored in the ports of […]

10 things you need to know before going to Cuba

1. Visa Everybody who visits Cuba needs to obtain the tourist card. If you are flying to Cuba with certain airlines, like Air Canada for example, you will receive the tourist card on the plane, for free. Sometimes, you can ask for it at the desk counter of Air Canada, in Toronto or Montreal Airports. […]

New Year’s in Havana

I woke up the next morning with a feeling of sadness, knowing it was my last day in Cuba. In less than 24 hours I was supposed to be on board of a plane, returning to the real world, in the 21st century. My time in Cuba had exceeded my expectations and thought me a […]

Why did I chose to go to Varadero?

Havana welcomed us back from Vinales with open arms. We arrived around lunchtime, after stopping by to have some food at a service station on the motorway.  Each of us was dropped off at our casas and, as before, I was the only one staying in the old centre of Havana. The first thing I […]

Vinales – The land of cigars and rocking chairs

It was Christmas Eve and I woke up early again, so I decided to take another walk before breakfast, to say goodbye to Trinidad, the town that stole my heart. The kid from across the street was preparing the bread for the fish sandwiches his father was going to sell later, and when he seen […]

Trinidad – Where I left my heart in Cuba

I fell in love with Trinidad at the first glance, from the moment our bus tuned left at the entrance of the city and continued slowly onto the cobbled streets alongside small colored houses. It didn’t take long until we stopped and get off the bus. A group of locals were waiting for us with […]