Encounter with Buddhism, back to Delhi and goodbye India!

In the last day spent in Varanasi we visited Sarnath (also known under the name of The Deer Park), 13 kilometers from the city, the place where Buddha delivered his first sermon after his enlightenment. There are  lot of different temples in Sarnath, including an 128 feet high stupa, that marks the spot where Buddha gave […]

Varanasi – Contrasts, fascination, death – Part 2

It was still dark when we climbed down the stairs of the ghat, leading to the Gange river. The air was cold and we couldn’t see anything beyond the steps ahead, just a white cold haze, surrounding us. When we stopped, on the gray concrete lane leading from one ghat to the other, we suddenly […]

Varanasi – Contrasts, fascination, death – Part 1

I wouldn’t know where to start the story about Varanasi, this sacred city of India, an enigma for the outsiders, hard to understand. Here, death is present at every corner of every street. And for a weird reason, after a few days, you get used to it and accept it as part of your life. […]