The best beaches in Mallorca

The best beaches in Mallorca: the beach of Cala San Vincente

Mallorca is probably one of the most popular islands in the Mediterranean for European tourists who are searching for the winter sun. After I’ve told you which are my recommendations for non-touristy things to do on the island, I have asked my fellow bloggers to tell me which are their favourite best beaches in Mallorca. Because don’t we all travel to Mallorca searching for those paradise looking beaches with soft sand and azure sea, that make us believe we are in the Caribbean and not in Europe? And don’t worry, they are beautiful even if it’s raining in Mallorca.

Mallorca beaches are special because for such a small island, the diversity is huge! There are rocky beaches, full of pebbles, surrounded by cliffs. There are sandy beaches with azure blue waters safe for swimming. There are small beaches, there are large beaches. There are secluded beaches and popular resort waterfronts. In this article you will find a selection of all, including some of the most beautiful Mallorca hidden beaches that nobody tells you about, to which you need to hike to reach.

Let’s find out which are the best beaches in Mallorca, ranked by travel bloggers:


My personal top best beaches in Mallorca are Cala Boquer and Sa Calobra.

Cala Boquer is a hidden remote beach in Mallorca which you can reach only if you hike several kilometers through the mountains behind Port Pollensa. The sea here changes colours, starting from a beautiful turquoise close to the shore, passing through different shades of azure until it reached an intense indigo as it goes reaches the point where it looks like it touches the sky. The path is not hard to hike but you do need good shoes because it’s quite rocky.

The best beaches in Mallorca: a panormala of the beach in Cala Boquer with its azure colored waterFind the best rated hotels for every budget near Cala Boquer


Sa Calobra is a hidden gem that you can reach by bus or by car only. The road going to Sa Calobra is spectacular, with over 50 curves cutting through the mountain, most of them hairpins. I would recommend to take the bus if you are not an experienced driver as this is a very challenging road. Sa Calobra is tiny, with a beautiful tiny beach in front and a hidden lagoon that you can reach by going through a narrow tunnel carved through the rocks.

The best beaches in Mallorca: the rocky beach in Sa CalobraFind the best rated hotels for every budget near Sa Calobra


Prepare your trip to Mallorca with my recommended Lonely Planet Travel Guide:


Best Beaches in Mallorca: Cala Barques by The Soz

The best beaches in Mallorca: Cala Barques beach

Cala Barques is beautifully tucked away between the rocky cliffs of the Tramuntana mountains in the North of Majorca. It is a pebble beach that neighbours the Cala Clara and Cala San Vincente and is famous as a snorkelling location. If you are not used to walking barefoot on pebbles, buy a pair of water shoes at any of the small tourist shops to make your way into the water a little more comfortable.

You don’t need to venture far in before you are surrounded by an abundance of fish. The natural reef that literally starts just a few meters off the beach offers a bright and colourful display of marine life. The rocky cliffs nearby are also great for cliff jumping from a height of about 30 feet.

Since we gained knowledge of this beach we’ve been here 4 times and are definitely going to visit there again. Whether you want to snorkel or jump off a cliff, you will not be left disappointed. If you are a fan of the ocean and the water is your thing I would absolutely recommend a visit to Cala Barques. It is definitely a ‘not to miss’.

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Secluded beaches Mallorca: Caló des Moro by Chantell Collins

The best beaches in Mallorca: Calo des Moro secluded beach

Located in the south of Mallorca, is a protected paradise called Caló des Moro. While exploring the island, this was the most stunning Mallorca beach that I encountered.

To get to Caló des Moro by car, it is about a one-hour drive from the capital, Palma. As far as I am aware, there is no public transportation from Palma to Caló des Moro, and if you are planning to see the natural beauty of the island – a car is your best bet for getting around

What make Caló des Moro so special is its isolation and the lack of development. There was once a plan to build a hotel here but the foundation that protects the beach, stopped construction. The sand area of the beach is short, so this really is a beach for swimmers, not sun bathers, but the clear water makes up for that. In the Summer months, it can get a little crowded so best to arrive early. Or if you want to just enjoy the view, visit in the off season, like I did in February.

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Mallorca beaches: Cala Pi by Ariana del Rio

The best beaches in Mallorca: A view of Cala Pi

I can call Mallorca home, having recently relocated from gloomy Northern Spain (love you though Galicia!) to smack in the North of this treasure island, and I’ll tell you that the sun, sand and brag-worthy crystalline Mediterranean waters have been such a breath of fresh air to this California native.

Though living in Spain coming up on two years, I’ve only been on this isla for the past two months, but don’t doubt my skills of discovering in a short time frame. I’ve been exploring via car, bus and especially Motorbike/scooter to find the best spots, the ones with something special, the ones that leave you oh so satisfied. Can you really “know” Mallorca’s gems if you don’t leave Palma? That’s easy: NO! So get yourself on some form of transportation y Vamos, vamos a la playa: Cala Pi.

Just 45 minutes east of Palma, you can fly over to Cala Pi and take the staircase down down down to the cove, though your jaw will likely be dropping all the while, Cala Pi Stuns! It can be crowded given its proximity, but if you visit on a cloudy-ish (rain sprinkles too) day like I did, the crowds disperse to nearby bars. Swim, tan in between drops of summer rains, and stay for a while. Even well into late October/early November it can feel like endless summer, so get here!

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Top Mallorca beaches: Playa de Formentor by Kerry Ireland

The best beaches in Mallorca: the crystal clear water of Playa de Formentor

I spent my time in Mallorca exploring the north-eastern region of the island. By far, the best beach in Mallorca that I visited was Playa de Formentor, which is located in one of the northernmost areas of the island. Formentor is a nice sized beach, not too big or small. The water is the most gorgeous electric blue color, and totally crystal clear. Dozens of pine trees are lined up behind the beach, so the air has this amazing combined scent of fresh pine needles and ocean water. In the distance, you can see the coast of Menorca.

The only downside to Formentor is that it is slightly difficult to get to. The hotel on the beach is highly expensive, and few busses depart and return daily from nearby towns. This will not be a problem if you have a rental car. You can also take a taxi or a half-day bus tour to the Formentor region!

Formentor is a true paradise and is by far the best beach I visited in Mallorca. Make a visit to Playa de Formentor a priority for your next Mallorca trip.

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Best Mallorca beaches: Cala Mondrago by Arzo Travels

The best beaches in Mallorca: Cala Mondrago in Mallorca

Mallorca´s beaches and calas are one of the most beautiful ones in all of Europe. This definitely makes it hard to choose one favorite beach, however, I found one beach that has become my favorite and which should be on your Mallorca itinerary as well.

Cala Mondrago, located in the Mondraga national park on the south-east coast of Mallorca, has a beach that does not impress in size but in gorgeousness.

After you have parked your park in the car park (parking costs about 5€) you need to walk a few meters before you arrive at this stunning place with water that is so clear it is almost scary (as you can even see the little fish).

There is a sandy beach – with sand so soft and white like you expect it from the Carribean – but if you walk around it you´ll also have the small cliffs where you can hop into the water.

The beach is, and this does not come as a surprise, quite crowded but given its beauty, it is understandable and acceptable.

I recommend packing your bags and spend a relaxing day at Cala Mondraga – p.s. if you forget to bring your snacks or enjoy restaurants with a view, you´ll find some dining options just at the beach.

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Spectacular beaches in Mallorca: Cala Figuera by Corey

The best beaches in Mallorca: Cala Figuera Mallorca

Driving along the coast of Northern Mallorca on Cap de Formentor, my family and I came across one of the most stunning beaches we’ve ever laid eyes upon: Cala Figuera.

We had set out to drive to the lighthouse of Cap de Formentor, taking in the dramatic coastline that so defines the North. Spectacular views are a given on the cape, and my eyes – being in the passenger seat – were glued to the Mediterranean Sea from way up high. Suddenly we rounded a bend and down below I spotted the most electric blue water and told my husband, almost in a panic, to pull over.

We found a parking lot and next thing I knew we were hiking down a craggy path to Cala Figuera, an absolutely exquisite cove with the most beautiful aquamarine water. The water is so clear and turquoise, we jumped in as soon as we made it down. Like many beaches in the more rugged parts of Mallorca, it’s not a sandy beach, but a rocky and pebbly one. That didn’t bother us in the least, though, as it was one of the most serene spots of our entire vacation. For an off-the-beaten-path and striking beach, head to Cala Figuera.

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Remote beaches Mallorca: Cala Varques by Nicola

The best beaches in Mallorca: Cala Varques Mallorca

One of Mallorca’s beautiful hidden beaches is Cala Varques in the South-East of the island close to Manacor. From the main road, where you can park the car, you have to walk around 40 minutes along a cobblestone road and through a forest to get to the pristine beach and crystal clear water. You won’t find the big crowds down there, but don’t assume to have the area completely for yourself. If you’re not used to sun exposure, bring your umbrella with you, because you won’t find natural shade at the beach.

You can explore the coastline of Cala Varques and will discover a beautiful lagoon with turquoise water only a few minutes walk from the beach. Another short walk away from the lagoon you will find a natural stone bridge which is the perfect scenery for a photo.

A few guys run a bar at the beach where you can buy water, crepes or even cocktails. To have the full adventure, stay there for the sunset and enjoy a Mojito.

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  1. While I’m stuck in snow, your post has greatly warm my soul. I love beaches and warm weather and these beaches look fantastic with their bright sky and blue waters.

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  6. Mallorca is one of my favourite islands and I have lost count of how many times I have been there. The beaches are just so beautiful.

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  9. Stunning photos! I’ve never been to the Mediterranean Islands, and I’m very intrigued by Mallorca. Playa de Formentor would definitely be my favorite beach too.

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  13. What a wonderful list of places! We travelled to Mallorca two years ago, in October and it was amazing! I have loved the island, even though we didn’t explore much, we had a toddler and a baby with us, and all we wanted was find peace and rest, and we had plenty!!

  14. I’m pinning this post for later! I went to Mallorca at the end of winter when it was still a little too chilly for beaches. Now I want to head back during beach season and check out all of these spots!

  15. I have never visited Mallorca but always thought it was a beautiful island and that there was more than just the tourist centre. All those beaches look amazing and some look so remote. It’s good to get away from the crowd.

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  18. Great post and beautiful pictures! Mallorca has so beautiful areas away from the touristical places. Unfortunately, I just been there one.

  19. I had seen a lot of shows featuring people buying beach houses in Mallorca and I did not understand all the fuss. However, with all these pictures and descriptions I can finally see the appeal! I particularly loved Cala Mondrago. The colour of that water is surreal!

  20. The beach is always a favorite destination. I didn’t know Mallorca had so many! I love the blue waters at Cala Figuera. I’m saving this for a future trip, thanks!

  21. I love this list, I lived and worked in Mallorca for 4 years and it’s one of my favourites places on planet. Seeing the beautiful images on your post and reading about each of the beaches gets me away from my winter blues.

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