The Best Feel Good Netflix Documentaries And Movies That Will Fuel Your Wanderlust

I will start this article by saying that there is absolutely nothing wrong with binging Netflix all day long, if you don’t feel like doing anything else. We are living in very uncertain times which took us unprepared and, staying indoors for such a long time can have horrible effects on our mental health.

Even if the internet is full of motivational articles with what you should do with all this free time, it’s important to understand also that this is not “free time” at all. It is hard to mentally adapt to living indoors and it is normal to feel down.

This is why I’ve put together this list of uplifting documentaries and movies that you can watch on Netflix. If you are in bed, watching Netflix all day, at least treat your brain with something that will boost its serotonin levels and make you feel better. It is scientifically proven that watching movies affects us either by helping releasing emotions, which is very important during times of isolation, release stress, give us a break from what is currently happening in our lives and, make us happier.

So grab a bowl of popcorn, cosy up with a warm blanket on your couch, cuddle up with your pet and let the movie marathon start!


A Night on Earth

By Alexander from Gourmand Trotter

Watch here:

A night on Earth

A Night on Earth is one of the newer documentaries on Netflix, and it’s a one of a kind travel show that displays some of the world’s most famous cities and other interesting places on our planet. Thanks to the use of a new technology that allows video to be recorded and fully visible even when it’s pitch dark outside, this documentary series has been able to capture our World in a whole new perspective.

At night, most humans are asleep, but not everyone, and in many places in the world, our cities are getting visits from “night trippers” who venture to the cities. The nighttime visitors are animals, and in total, there are 6 different episodes of A Night on Earth. Moonlit Plains, Frozen Nights, Jungle Nights, Dark Seas, Sleepless Cities, and Dusk till Dawn are all of the episodes from season 1 in this new groundbreaking travel show.

The show is well-presented and structured in an interesting way that will capture your attention for the whole episode, and make you want to watch next after next. Also, there is no need to follow them in order, and each episode can be enjoyed on its own after personal preference and interest.


The Kindness Diaries

By Corritta from It’s a Family Thing

Watch here:

kindness diaries

The Kindness Diaries on Netflix is a travel docuseries that will pull at your heartstrings. If you are a crier, I recommend having tissue by your side. It opens your eyes to not only the suffering that is going on in the world, but the extreme kindness of humanity.

A lot of people have close to nothing but are willing to offer a helping hand to a stranger in need. The premise is, a global traveler is embarking on a journey from Alaska to Argentina with only the kindness of strangers. He is driving a 1971 Beetle named “Kindness Two”, and relies solely on the kindness of others for everything including food, shelter, and gas.

This show brings out many different emotions and makes you think and question yourself. Are you doing enough? What can you do to help? Do you really have it that bad? This show inspired us to change how we go about our family gap year. We have decided to make this time about service to others. Instead of filling our days with tours, food, pictures, and visits to temples, we will dedicate our time of the people.

It is always interesting to see, the people with the most give the least and the people with the least give the most. When was the last time you were kind?


Our Planet

By Campbell and Alya from Stingy Nomads

Watch here:


My husband and I grew up watching BBC documentaries with David Attenborough. When we saw the documentary series Our Planet on Netflix, we immediately knew what we were going to watch for the next couple of days. The series consists of 8 episodes, 50 minutes each. Every episode is dedicated to one specific topic. The series covers different climates and regions of the world from the desert to the tropical forest, from the coral reef to the Antarctic. The quality of the footage and the professionalism of the filming crew are incredible. I highly recommend watching the ‘behind the scenes’ episode to understand how much work and effort went into this documentary. Every episode is fascinating and can be watched over and over. The first episode One Planet shows the incredible biodiversity of our planet; it’s a great introduction to the entire series.

Our favorite episode is Coastal Seas. We both love diving, the coral reefs, the underwater world. We know how difficult it’s to film underwater and how unlucky you can be sometimes with diving conditions. Watching this episode was very inspiring for us as it shows some places where we’ve already dived like coral reefs around Indonesia as well as some of our dream destinations like the Galapagos. The beauty and the diversity of our Planet are not the only topics covered in the series. Every episode shows negative human impact on the environment that results in extinction of some species. Our Planet is an inspiring program that shows how beautiful and fragile our Planet is.


Tales by Light

By Jo from Lost Wanders

Watch here:


Tales by light follows filmmakers and photographers to the ends of the earth in their quest to share stories with the world. From vanishing cultures to the animals that are on the brink of extinction, this Netflix series shines a light on untold stories through the eyes of the story teller. You can get a real glimpse of life on the edge of life on earth with people that have no boundaries when it comes to showing the real story behind an issue or place. From the edge of a volcano, to the depths of the ocean, there’s nowhere these creatives won’t go to follow their passions and tell the tales that the world needs to hear.

The cinematography and destinations are stunning as you are taken along on the adventure of a lifetime. These are the people on the front line discovering things about the world that must be saved or looked after and passing on the message through mass media. It’s a fascinating insight into an amazing career many of us can only dream about. In the third season Orlando Bloom makes an appearance as an ambassador for UNICEF with photographer Simon Lister in Bangladesh documenting impoverished children. A truly absorbing documentary.


Chef’s Table

By Lori from Italy Foodies

Watch here:

chefs table

If you’re a person who travels for food, then Chefs Table, the award-winning documentary series on Netflix should be at the top of your list to watch. Each episode tells the story of one Chef from around the world, from their humble beginnings and what drove them into their career as a chef, to what inspires them to create their food today. Toward the end, their signature dishes appears one by one, rewarding the viewer with not only drool-worthy cuisine but an in-depth understanding of its creator. The elegant production quality and stunning cinematography is a feast for all your senses, and I promise you, it will inspire you to make plans, book your flights, and go!

Last year, as we planned our European road trip from Austria to Italy, we added a last minute stop in Kobarid, Slovenia to dine at Hiša Franko on my birthday after watching Chefs Table. It will forever remain one of the most memorable meals of my life.

And as lovers of all things Italy and food, it’s no surprise that our favorite episodes feature Italian chefs. Two of our favorites showcase Chef Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana in Modena, Emilia Romagna, one of the 50 Best Restaurants in the World, and Corrado Assenza of Caffè Sicilia, a famous pastry cafe in Noto, in southeastern Sicily. The magic these two Chefs create from the simplest fresh ingredients epitomize the true beauty of regional Italian food.


Cuba and the Cameraman

By Ayngelina from Bacon is Magic

Watch here:


Although there are many Cuban movies which document the everyday lives of Cubans, no one has done it as extensively as American filmmaker Jon Alpert.

This documentary spans visits to Cuba over 45 years as he continues to visit three families and also interacts with Fidel Castro as a journalist. It begins in the 1970s when Cuba appeared to have a prosperous future and sadly during the “Special Period” which was an economic collapse after the Soviet Union dissolved and the average Cuban lost 12 lbs.

It’s an interesting look at how government policies in Cuba and abroad make international news, but Alpert is able to show you how it impacts local lives. Alpert is able to step away from political bias by sharing his journey to Cuba, but never speaking for them. Instead he allows them to share their stories of what is happening for better or worse over the years.

His sincere affection to get to know people beyond shallow questions and learn more about their lives is entertaining and infectious. Anyone wanting to visit Cuba will be inspired by the stories he shares and generosity of local people to allow him into their lives.


Chasing Coral

By Oksana and Max from Drink Tea and Travel

Watch here:


Chasing Coral is a documentary on Netflix which follows a team of divers, scientists, photographers and videographers around the world to record the bleaching of our coral reefs. It brings to the forefront the effects of climate change which are often not seen by the average person.

In Chasing Coral, you’ll witness the divers, scientists, and visual artists run into a lot of obstacles on their mission to document the effects of sudden temperature changes in our oceans. However, their dedication is palpable and they are able to document the bleaching from start to finish.

Not only are they able to record the graveyards of bleached coral but they also capture stunning scenes of healthy, colorful coral reefs. They delve into the importance of coral reefs on ocean ecosystems around the world and on the remote communities who rely on marine life for sustenance and income. The final product is the result of over 500+ hours of underwater footage and includes footage from over 30 countries.

This documentary is often touted as a wake up call. As travelers and divers, watching this always reminds us how important it is to protect our natural world and to travel sustainably!


Ugly Delicious

By Daisy from Oman Travel Guides

Watch here:


Ugly Delicious is a popular Netflix documentary produced and presented by the award-winning chef David Chang. The series follows David around the world and features travel, history, and local cuisine in a light-hearted yet informative manner. Every episode focuses on one dish and dives into how it is made in different parts of the world, as well as how it evolved in accordance with the culture and history of the region.

So far, David Chang has explored the concept of tacos, fried chicken, and shrimp and crawfish, to name a few. For the episode on pizza, David traveled to New Haven, Naples, and Japan to compare the various elements that restaurants from each country focus on, so to produce a dish similar in concept, yet unique in taste.

The show is fascinating in that it not just highlights the food at hand, but also brings about important cultural issues that are deeply embedded in the dishes we have every day. Ugly Delicious does a great job in exploring the dissimilarities and connectivity between various regions of the world, no matter how far the distance in-between. It is a great show to learn about cooking, history, and make us think more deeply about the intricacies of food.



By Inna from Executive Thrillseeker

Watch here:


Mountain is an Australian documentary filmed in 2017. It’s a cinematic &  musical odyssey that tells about the mountains of the whole world, about people who have dedicated their lives to study and conquer these magnificent creations of nature.

Combining power and beauty,  mountains occupy more than 24% of the Earth’s surface and have surrounded people since ancient times playing an important role in humans’ lives: they sheltered from strong winds and protected from enemies. Nevertheless, people were afraid of mountains: their peaks evoked thoughts of danger, but not of beauty.

People believed that one could only approach the foot and never strive for the mountain’s peak because that’s where the Gods resided. Only three centuries ago, anyone who expressed a desire to climb a mountain would be considered insane, but then something changed.

Mountains began to turn into a dream, began to attract more and more people. Adventurers and thrillseekers were ready to lose their life in an attempt to reach the peak, and history knows many similar sad examples. According to 2012 data, the mortality rate while climbing the most dangerous mountain in the world – Annapurna – reached 32% which means it took the life of every fourth climber.

Why, despite so many many difficulties and dangers, thousands of people rush into the mountains every year? What mysterious power draws them to the top?

The documentary directed by Jennifer Peedom covers all these questions and even more.


Dark Tourist

By Albi from Ginger Around the World

Watch here:

dark tourist

In this Netflix documentary will David Farrier, a journalist from New Zealand, shows you a dark part of tourism. What Dark tourism essentially means is to travel to places that are generally associated with death, suffering or something dangerous. In this series, you will have an opportunity to visit all these places on all continents, from your living room. You will go to the suicide forest in Japan, a radioactive lake in Kazachstan, visit forbidden places in all kinds of other places. What is really interesting about this is the fact, that you might find out that you have a dark tourist place in your own country or your continent as well. For example, I didn’t know that Cyprus would be in one of those places either. I visit the country some time ago, but it also has a dark past, like a lot of other place. In America, people are doing tours dedicated to serial killers. In this documentary, you will see all of it and probably get to decide, whether it is something that you would like to try or not. Some of those places are very interesting. Others I think I would like to leave out for my own good.

During these series, you will see David Farrier certainly struggling with some of the facts of dark tourism and trying to do things, that people probably shouldn’t do. It is a very educational but also really good warning for anyone who would like to bathe in a radioactive lake or something similar to that.


National Parks Adventure

By Stephanie from Explore More Clean Less

Watch here:

nationa parks

“National Parks Adventure” is a short documentary (45 minutes) that was made to celebrate the 100th birthday of the National Park System in the United States. The film highlights some of the United States’ most popular parks like Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park , Yosemite National Park, Redwood National Park , Arches National Park , and Devil’s Tower National Monument. The film was initially shown on IMAX theaters and mixes up angles that often make it so you feel like you’re there in person!

Narrated with the soothing voice of Robert Redford, the film follows around extreme sport aficionado Conrad Anker, adventure photographer Max Lowe and artist Rachel Pohl. The trio is seen whitewater rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking over red sandstone rock formations, climbing frozen waterfalls, and hiking through the varied landscapes.Their adventures are  set to an upbeat soundtrack, mixed in with history about the parks, nature based quotes, shots of the beautiful landscapes, and footage of the most popular landmarks. It would serve as a great introduction to the National Park System for someone who has never been to one, or any international travelers wondering where the best places to go in the United States are! Rated G, it’s all positive and upbeat, perfect for all ages to watch together as a family. If you already love National Parks, it’s a calming trip through the greatest hits! Read about an easy hike that takes you past one of the stunning hot spots in Yellowstone shown in the documentary, here.


Street Food

By Pamela from Directionally Challenged Traveler   

Watch here:

street food

This is the show I’ve been waiting for since I first saw Rick Steves on the Travel Channel. It’s an entire show devoted to the deliciousness of street food.  Not only does this show go in depth into the food of a city, you also get to meet the people making the food. The relationship of street food to culture is symbiotic – with both deeply impacting the other. Every episode focuses on a different city in Asia, featuring three to four restaurants while interviewing a local chef.  The travel show is unique in that it shows each destination in a new light – through the on-the-ground culture rather than a list of places to visit.

For example, in the pilot episode, you meet Jay Fai from Bangkok Thailand. She rose from poverty to receive a Michelin star for her crab omelet. The life of a street food vendor is not all roses though.  The show dives into the struggle of these vendors- on the street level and on a larger level of street vendors around the world. The producers of the show allow the beauty of the food and the complexity of the chef’s lives to speak for themselves.

Each episode is only 30 minutes, making it an easy binge. Each episode will have your taste buds watering and your feet wanting to travel.


Somebody Feed Phil

By Arrianne from Travel Habeat

Watch here:


Somebody Feed Phil is an original Netflix travel documentary series featuring Phil Rosenthal, an American writer and producer. Two seasons were both released in 2018 having 6 episodes each. Phil explores different cities through food like Bangkok, New Orleans, and Copenhagen. Aside from highlighting local cuisines, he shares the culture and the history of the places he visited. You will then discover how the dishes are intertwined with interesting stories of tradition, heritage, and way of living. Phil also meets fascinating people adding depth and flavor to his journey. What makes the documentary even more stimulating to watch is Phil’s sense of humor and authenticity. Don’t expect hardcore food connoisseur’s reviews. He simply enjoys his meals and honestly blurt out in the funniest way if the dish is not just for him. Most viewers, especially those that are not professional food critics, will be able to relate to him. Catch Phil in Mexico City learning how to make a tortilla and eating some unique kinds of tacos. You will be surprised that there is more to Italy than Venice, that is, the beautiful and humble province of Modena. This is where Phil got to try balsamic vinegar on gelato and a balsamic vinegar that is 25 years old. Whichever destination it is, one thing is for sure, Somebody Feed Phil will leave you smiling at the end of each episode.


Conan Without Borders

By Daniel from Layer Culture

Watch here:


When looking for fresh and exciting travel content to watch on Netflix, be sure to check out Conan without Borders. Conan is a well-known talk show host who is also the star comedian of this tongue-in-cheek travel comedy that aims to connect American life with foreign cultures. Aside from the political humor and great cringe-worthy entertainment you can see how the solution to a lot of problems is to go to other countries and meet people. You’ll find places like Cabo San Lucas and Baja California peninsular region on the lists of the safest places to visit in Mexico. In my experience traveling, I have generally found Mexican people to be friendly and warm: contrary to the belief of many on the opposite side of the Mexican border. One of my favorites episodes was the Conan’s Made in Mexico, where Conan crosses the border with Mexico. Conan, up to his usual antics, crosses over the border to repair US-Mexico relations. Putting all comedy to one side, though, Conan is able to deliver lots of additional educational moments to these trips, which makes it a great show. Although I didn’t agree with all his statements, I was both cheerful and inspired by this show and after a recent trip to Mexico. This show should help break down any barriers in your mind about foreign countries and hopefully inspire you to travel.


Travels With My Father

By Gemma from Two Scots Abroad

Watch here:


If you are looking for three seasons of wanderlust on Netflix check out Travels With My Father.

Each season sees British Comedian, Jack Whitehall, and his father, Michael, travel to a different continent intending to work on their bond.

Season one is set in Southeast Asia, starting in Thailand, travelling through Cambodia to Vietnam, a very popular gap year route.

During this trip, the duo experience everything from 5 star luxury to backpacking beach huts. Stops include Bangkok, Phuket, Angkor Wat, Siem Reap and Hanoi.

Always suited and booted, Michael picks up a creepy doll called Winston Whitehall at the start of this season which is still referred to in season three. Weird.

Season two heads to Europe, invading Germany, Budapest, Romania, Moldova, Kyiv and Istanbul. Episodes run for 30 minutes so easy viewing.

Finally, the third season is currently in the USA with visits to LA, Phoneix and Arizona so far with episodes lasting an hour.

While the comedian and his Dad play the central characters in the show, you do get to meet lots of locals, you’re introduced to businesses and there’s plenty of landmark eye candy using drone footage.

Jack plays the part of the voiceover sharing some cultural and political input and explanation.

Awkward moments include Jack referring to Michael as Daddy and his attempts at interrogation. Either one of the father/son combo is set up during an experience in which they feel uncomfortable.

So who is this travel show for? If you don’t mind a bit of cringe and are looking for a bit of humour with your holiday viewing then you’ll enjoy Travels With My Father.


Mamma Mia

By Sheila from Discarde Paris

Watch here:

mamma mia - cinema quad movie poster (1).jpg

Based on the musical of the same name, Mamma Mia! has a special place in my heart. I watched the musical performance on Broadway in 2010, and long ago got my first Blue-ray media so I could have it forever with me (ok, It sounds quite old!). Little did I know my blue-ray worth for nothing these days. Luckily, we have it on Netflix so I can watch it over and over again.

Besides the super fun sing-along ABBA’s music, the mesmerizing scenery site takes my breath away and makes me want to jump on a plane headed straight to Greece. “Mamma Mia!” may be the best movie to inspire some Greek travel.

In Mamma Mia, most of the outdoor scenes were filmed at the small Greek island of Skopelos, and the seaside hamlet of Damouchari in the Pelion area of Greece. The film’s main location site in Skopelos was Kastani beach on the south west coast. In the movie, they named it as the island of Kalokairi, a fictional place. Kalokairi translates to “summer” in Greek, how appropriate!

You can enjoy in the movie the island’s beautiful architecture, with the stone white houses, blinding sun reflections in the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea, and that summer vibe you can only get in places like these. During this locked up times, the movie helps you keep dreaming and planning what to appreciate and savor once you have the chance.

In case you never watched, I really enjoy how they picture the mother and daughter dynamic in the movie, which resonates a lot with my own relationship with my mother. Although mothers can be tough and not understanding sometimes, this always comes from love (and past traumas!).

As a great conclusion (spoiler alert!), in the end, the daughter Sophie realizes she is too young to commit like that and decide to go explore the world instead. And the mother and her friends? Well, If you haven’t watched yet, it is your turn to find out!


Eat Pray Love

By Lauren from Always Find Adventure

Watch here:


“Eat, Pray, Love” is the famous 2010 biographical romantic drama based on the book by Elizabeth Gilbert, who is played by the award-winning actress, Julia Roberts. It’s a tale about wanderlust, finding oneself, and discovering the beauty and lessons that travel has to offer. Other stars in the movie include Billy Crudup, Viola Davis, James Franco, and Javier Bardem.

The storyline is about a married woman (Elizabeth Gilbert) who has everything – the husband, the successful career, and the house. She realizes how unhappy she is when her life falls apart after a divorce. After this, she decides she needs to go in a new direction by leaving the past behind and going on a solo journey around the world.

Her first stop is in Italy where she learns to get rid of diets and go back to enjoying food. In addition, she learns the power of family and taking the time to connect to people. The second stop is in India, where she learns the power of prayer and stillness. Her journey ends in Bali, Indonesia where we see Elizabeth finding inner peace, self-love, and a little romance.

You might just be inspired to go on your own trip after this, or maybe you can relate because you’ve had similar experiences.


P.S. I Love You

By Nils from Let’s Go Ireland

Watch here:

ps i love you

There is nothing better than being travel inspired and entertained by a movie at the same time. P.S. I Love You manages to do both. The movie (based on the book by Irish author Cecilia Ahern) is such a beautiful homage to Ireland that you may want to book yourself on the first available flight to the Land of Saints and Scholars!

P.S. I Love You was mostly shot in County Wicklow National Park, about an hour’s drive south of Dublin. Here is where Gerry and Holly kiss each other for the first time. The Irish countryside with its shrubs, hedges and mountains are so stunning that even the Irish weather (including the mist and rain which Ireland has plenty of!) adds to the romanticism.

If you want to get the amazing vibe of a good music session with live Irish music, then you will enjoy the scene where Gerry spots Holly in the crowded pub and sings the song Galway Girl to her. This was filmed in Whelan’s Pub on Wexford Street in Dublin.

P.S. I love You is the perfect romantic comedy to watch if you want to daydream about Ireland, its beautiful nature and feel the warmth of Irish culture and hospitality. It’s definitely one of the movies on Netflix that you should watch these days!


Seven Years in Tibet

By Zach and Julie from Ruhls Of the Road

Watch here:

7 years in tibet

Seven Years in Tibet is an incredible movie detailing one of the most incredible, unbelievable stories you can imagine. On top of that, the movie is travel-related, which is a passion of ours! The story tells of a German climber, Heinrich Harrer, who was climbing with a team in the Himalayas during the outset of World War II. As Germans in enemy territory, they are arrested, and so begins a series of escapes and adventures, culminating with Harrer befriending the Dalai Lama himself.

The Seven Years in Tibet story is one of overcoming obstacles, putting pride aside, and the beauty of exploration. Harrer himself feels alive in the mountains, where the Dalai Lama is living in the holy city of Lhasa in Tibet. By chance, the two befriend each other. Harrer teaches the Dalai Lama what he can about life in a Western society, while the Dalai Lama teaches Harrer about Buddhism and spirituality.

One takeaway from watching this movie is the sheer beauty of the Himalayas. The enormous mountain range, the tallest in the world, is jaw-dropping to see, even through a screen. The scenery in this movie would make the movie great on its own. Add in the fantastic true story, and you get one of the best travel-related movies ever made. Make some popcorn, grab a drink, and sit down to enjoy Seven Years in Tibet, you’ll be glad you did.



By Jenna from I know the Pilot

Watch here:


The tv series ‘Outlander’, based on the book series of the same name, has captured imaginations – and hearts (we’re looking at you, Jamie) – across the globe. And it isn’t just the lovely male lead that has people talking, but the stunning locations; magical forests, old stone manors, enchanting ruins, and lonely moors.

When Claire, the main character and a WW2 nurse, is transported through time to Scotland in 1793, she must navigate a new, strange and dangerous world. Finding herself caught up in Scottish politics and needing a quick alibi, she marries a young warrior named Jamie for protection (though of course, it quickly turns to love) and is thrust into the world of the Jacobite revolution, amongst the ranks of the Scottish Clans. The history and political intrigue is fascinating, taking place across the country in grand castles, local taverns and on muddy battlefields.

The stage for these scenes is none other than bonny Scotland; indeed, the country is almost a character herself. Filmed almost entirely in Scotland, Outlander truly showcases the beauty of the region, as well as the Highlander culture. Interestingly, even the international scenes – including Jamaica, France and America – were all filmed locally, and many sites are open for visitors today. Tourism in the region has increased significantly since the show was released in 2014.

The lush green mountains, mossy woods, mystical standing stones, ancient castles and dramatic lochs inspire intrigue and adventure in all who watch, and really encapsulates the true magic of Scotland. Outlander is great viewing, not only for romantics or history buffs, but for anyone who enjoys travel or exploring new places.


Y Tu Mama Tambien

By Sabrina from Just One Way Ticket

Watch here:

y tu mama tambien

I watched this Mexican movie almost 20 years ago for the first time, but I still remember so many scenes from that film, and how it had such an impact on me and fuelled my desire to travel to Mexico (which I did eventually –  it was my first solo trip in 2005).

So what is this movie about? Two young men – Julio and Tenoch – who are best friends, taking a road trip through Mexico. A woman called Luisa joins them spontaneously on their road trip, she’s a few years older, and more experienced in relationships. Both of the guys are trying extremely hard to impress Luisa, which puts the guy’s friendship to the test.

While they travel to the coast of Mexico, they get to know each other better, learning about life, love, sex and friendship. The movie is fun to watch, it’s a mix of comedy, drama and some erotic scenes, although they’re more hilarious than sexy, but overall the movie will give you definitely a desire to plan a road trip and feel a sense of freedom.

After all these years, Y Tu Mama Tambien is still one of my favorite movies and I’ve probably seen it more than 10 times til date. If you don’t mind subtitles, I highly recommend to watch it in original (Spanish), it’s even better! You won’t regret!

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