The best food I’ve ever had while traveling

This is my first post collaboration and I am pretty happy about it! The other day I was thinking about trying out new recipes and my mind flew away to that amazing blini I had in Moscow, and to that delicious pho I had in Vietnam, and to that delightful posy from Mongolia, and to those heavenly dumplings from China… and I wondered, what was the best food I have ever tried during my travels? And I have also asked a few travel bloggers, and this is how this article was born!

One of the best dishes I have ever tried while traveling was almost 2 years ago, in India. After a day of traveling, we sat down at an open air restaurant, on top of a haveli, in Jaisalmer. I ordered the Bharwa Aloo, intrigued by its description: paneer stuffed potatoes, in a tomato gravy, with nuts and spices. It turned out to be a great choice, an amalgam of flavours and aromas that I have never tried before, spicy and sweet in the same time, with a drop of yogurt to cut off the spiciness.


Let’s discover now other special dishes that you can’t miss in your next travels!


A signature French feast in the capital of gastronomy

Jacqui Moore-Moroney

On your next trip to France make time to experience the incredible local food in the gastronomic capital of the world, Lyon. The best dish I’ve ever eaten was the Tartare de Boeuf at Cousin Cousine & Co. a few years ago. I’ve visited the ‘city of flavours’ twice more since then to get my fill of this delicious French signature dish featuring raw minced beef, onions, capers and seasonings topped with a raw egg yolk. It’s not for the fainthearted, but it is delicious and the best culinary experience when served with a Beaujolais or Cotes du Rhone wine.

IMG_5166 tartre de beouf websize


Lobster in Cabo de la Vela, Colombia

Ashlyn George

I think I’ve ruined lobster forever after tasting the succulent crustacean in Cabo de la Vela, the most northern town on the Caribbean coast in Colombia. It was freshly caught that day and scrumptiously prepared for a mere $10 U.S. with all the fixings, including Venezuelan beer and patacones, or sweet plantains deep-fried in vegetable oil. It was a little piece of luxury while sleeping the nights away on the beach in a hammock in a very simple town without plumbing hours away from civilization. I don’t think I’ll taste lobster this good for that cheap ever again.



Mofongo in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Cathy Ries

It’s honestly hard to decide on an absolute best dish I have ever had while traveling but one that definitely comes to mind was mofongo. My husband and I were exploring old San Juan in Puerto Rico for the day and found a lovely café/restaurant while strolling through the cobblestone streets and admiring the colorful buildings. I had no idea what anything on the menu even was since it was mostly local cuisine and frantically Googled half of the menu before deciding on something called a “seafood mofongo.” When it arrived at the table, I was in awe. A mofongo is a Puerto Rican dish made of mashed deep fried plantains. It is then turned into a cylindrical shape and at the very restaurant we were at, the mofongo was topped with seafood (shrimp, scallops and fish fillet) and topped with a criollo style sauce. It was the first dish I tried while in Puerto Rico and will far be the last!



Thukpa, in Rishikesh, India


The best dish which I ever had was in Rishikesh, India. The dish was Thukpa – and I was having it for the very first time in my life. Thukpa is basically a Tibetan clear noodle soup. Although it is a Tibetan dish, it is widely available in Northern region of India. I devoured this hot dish when the cool breeze from River Ganga were making me shiver in the cold weather of Rishikesh. What I loved about it is that, this hot-spicy noodle soup is filled with the goodness of vegetables and it’s perfect for winter, for cold climes. This dish is definitely a must try!



Lava dessert, in Iceland

Jamie Italiane

When I was visiting Iceland to celebrate my 40th birthday, I found the food to be fresh and delicious- much different than I had expected based on guide books. I especially loved the discovery of  langoustine, a small,lobster-like crustacean, which I dined on at ever possible meal there. But the item that I remember the most was a dessert that was just like Iceland- so unique, different and reactive. It was called a lava dessert and I had it in Vik, although I cannot recall where- we also tried some horse at that  meal. It had something cold (ice cream), something that looked like black ash (a hard meringue)  and something eruptive (pop rocks). Super fun and unique!



Tigania in Greece

Noemi Espinosa

After spending a day at the beach, The Greek Mister, his friends and I went back to the city with only one thing in mind – food! We were in Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece which offers a myriad of choices when it comes to dining. Someone recommended that we dine at a restaurant which offers traditional Greek dishes and that’s when I had my first taste of tigania.

A very simple recipe of pork cooked in wine and tsipouro smothered with mustard and spices, this dish is guaranteed to delight your taste buds and satisfy your hungry stomach! I’ve eaten so many delicious food in Greece but this is my absolute favorite.



Rosti in Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli, Switzerland 

Divya Shetty

I had visited Switzerland in Aug 2014. I always wanted to visit Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli to tick it off my bucket list. I had read that it serves the worlds best Rosti or chäsrösti as it is called. But like they say You need to strive hard to achieve something. Same was the case here, we had to take the cable car ride up, hike down for another 20 mins, pass a dimly lit cave , a 1000 year old church and voila we were there. All this while Rosti was on my mind. We ordered it the moment we reached there.

The Rosti is made by boiling potatoes and keeping it in the fridge for a day. The next day its shredded into a pan with butter and cooked. Once its crispy on both sides they put shredded cheese over it and let it melt. My mouth is watering while i write this. The melted cheese feels like heaven. Its one of the best dishes i have ever had in my life.



Kaiseki ryori in Japan

Matilda and Patti

We’ve had quite a few good meals while traveling but our experience at a traditional Japanese ryokan easily tops all of them.  Funny enough, we didn’t even think about food while booking our stay.  We were in the area to visit Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park and were mostly preoccupied with easy access to the snow monkeys.  It was merely a bonus that meals were included in the room rate.  Served kaiseki, everything was prepared with fresh seasonal and local ingredients.  And the presentation was just as impressive as the taste – dishes were so beautifully arranged, it looked more like an art form than a meal. Our entire dinner was amazing especially the fresh sushi.



A stunning Paella with a lovely sunset at a restaurant, sitting right at the cliffs

Matt from Hostelgeeks

Whenever someone talks about the Balearic Islands, my brain drifts away, thinking about this one special Paella I had in Menorca. Paella is the typical rice dish served in Spain and it comes in many different variations. From rabbit to chicken, fish, and even a mixed fish and meat Paella. A vegetarian option is possible as well – not typical, but possible.

We went to a restaurant in the south of the island. A good friend recommended this place. The white, smallish building was sitting on the cliffs, overlooking a tiny white-painted village with the sunset in the background. It was off-season, only another couple was there and the Latina woman was speaking in the voice of half the restaurant. The waiter who already brought us the deli red wine came over with the big pan of hot Paella in his hand


Reindeer in Finland

Evan Kristine

I’m a chef by profession therefore trying out different cuisine/food is a must for me. However, since my style is so Scandinavian, my favourite has to be the one’s I’ve eaten here in Finland and so far nothing has beaten its place. Finnish cuisine is usually very simple and straightforward – something I completely love about it and this dish I had is from the previous place I used to work and it had Reindeer (hunted locally from northern Finland), potato gratin, lightly seasoned sautéed vegetables and simple red wine sauce. Simple but absolutely to die for! I’ve never eaten so good game meat in my life until I tasted it in Finland. A specialty indeed!



Cuy, in Peru

Cherri Megasko

I am an adventure eater, which means that when I travel, I specifically look for unusual foods that are eaten in the local area. So it’s no surprise that when I went to Peru, I had to try cuy – or as it is known in North America – guinea pig!

Cuy is a traditional dish of both Peru and Ecuador. It’s mostly eaten on special occasions like birthdays and weddings. I had it at a restaurant in Mira Flores (an area of Lima) called Panchitas. It was an upscale eatery frequented by local business people as well as tourists. I ordered the Cuy Crocante – a whole roasted guinea pig served with spicy potatoes and gravy.

It was totally awesome! The cuy was roasted to perfection with crisp, well-seasoned skin and moist, tender meat.  It was accompanied by Creole and chili huacatay (an Andean herb often used in Peruvian salsas).  If our stay in Mira Flores hadn’t been so short, we would have gone back and ordered the cuy again … it was that good!

Cuy2 (2)

What is the best food you have ever tried while traveling?

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  1. OMG these food pictures look so amazing. It is almost lunch time here at my side. I wish I could grab some of these. YUM!


  2. I’m vegan and I’m always having problems with food. It’s easier in some countries but in others eating can be a nightmare believe me!
    Great pics x

  3. Joanna, there are other food that I liked but all of them pale in comparison to LOBSTER! $10 is cheap! I could imagine the smell and the taste!

    I don’t envy you though… I actually felt happy for you reading this knowing you have had all those wonderful experiences.

  4. There are two dishes that stand out from my travels. I fell in love with the mushroom and onions prata with curry sauce for dipping at the Indian Restaurant in Singapore. It was my first time to taste Indian food and it was sooo good! Another pleasant gastronomic experience was the beef tendon and brisket wanton noodles at the food court near the ferry station in Hongkong.

    1. I totally agree with you that Brisket wanton noodles are awesome, the way they serve it in hong kong. I got mine a couple of blocks away from this train station that we alighted from… I kinda forgot the name of the restaurant though. 🙁 But I remember the taste of the food 🙂

  5. What a unique post! I loved seeing all these dishes, most of which I’ve never even heard of! What a collection you have experienced also, lucky you! I think the Puerto Rican Mofongo would be the favorite for me. It look delicious!

  6. The best way to know a culture is tasting their food. Beautiful food selection , the pictures doesn’t even come close on making justice to that great food! but the first dish , look at coriander !!! beautiful

  7. I had taken supper now am hungry just after seeing those nice photos with that delicious food. Its yummy! Hope one of these days I can manage to travel.

  8. This is such a nice post about food around the world. It shows how the food is part of the culture. I don’t think I have traveled enough to be able to make a list of my favorite food but I love paneer!!

  9. I love seeing all of this delicious food. I would love to eat in Puerto Rico and the dessert with the pop rocks looked so good! It makes me want to travel just so I can eat all of the different kinds of foods in the world! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you!

  10. Wow, so many mouth-watering dishes. The best food I ever had wasn’t a specific meal, it was anything prepared at the restaurant at the Apple Farm Inn in San Luis Obispo, California! Scrumptous. It was also one of our favorite places to stay.

  11. Wow, all of those dishes looks so incredibly delicious! I want to try them all! That’s the beautiful thing about travel, you get to try to many different cultures’ foods.

  12. Amazing list of dishes out here. Want to try out others too. Thanks for featuring my contribution – Thukpa too <3 Food is something which makes travelling even more worthwhile !

  13. I’ve known travellers who would not put anything down their throat except their multi-starred hotel’s food cooked by some fancy chef. I think they don’t soak in the culture they expect to explore. But, you have bask yourself in the country you travel. Great post

  14. Wow the dishes all look and sound amazing. Having being following you for so long I knew your dish had to be from India. I thought it would be kaali daal. But Bharwa aaloo is great

  15. Those are yum yum good. I particularly like the lava dessert. How I wish I get to travel a lot and eat different kinds of food.

    I wouldn’t mind trying cuy. Just like you, I like trying different food anywhere I go

  16. Mm the Bharwa Aloo sounds amazing. I’ve had such amazing food around the world it’s hard to pick the best! I love Arepas, and the best ones I’ve had were in Puerto Rico.

  17. I am a vegetarian so while I wont be trying guinea pig I do like alot of sweet dishes from other countries r.e. Pasta DE Nata from Portugal is a delicious custard tart.

  18. I ate the best chicken in Wadi Rum desert, beduins cooked it in casserole buried under the sand. As for East Africa, nothing impressed me so far, the food is very basic, rice, beans, ugali…

  19. So many delicious looking exotic dishes I have never heard of! They all look great but the ones that stood out most to me are the Indian ones. I like Indian food but it is my first time to hear of Bharwa Aloo and Thukpa, and they both seem like hearty comfort food.
    I have never been to India but it is on my bucket list and will be sure to try these when I one day get myself there. I have tried countless great dishes on my travels but one that comes to mind now is the baby sole fish in Barcelona with orange sauce.

  20. Yay! What a list… this made me hungry lol. If I happen to taste these foods someday, it will make me feel that I’ve been into their country of origin ?

  21. My gypsy soul smiled after reading this. Food and travel do go together. Food is one of the reasons that make me want to travel. I have tons of favorite dishes that I would love to try from their motherland or it’s what I’d call “authentic”.

    One of the best dishes I’ve had from one of my most recent trips would be the Peranakan Laksa in Singapore. So much food on this list that I am definitely trying in a lot of future trips.

  22. When I travel, the first thing I look for are places to visit and second is the food. Exploring food in every country is a way to know their culture too. Speaking of food, I guess the Cuy Crocante of Peru is similar to suckling pig I saw in La Tienda, a local restaurant here in Philippines.

  23. I’m very much attracted and curious about Japanese food! And you made me even more so. I’ve never been to Japan and I really think I, as an Italian, would appreciate their attitude for food, quite similar to ours. Thank you for sharing

  24. Wow you travelled so much, it’s great that you had the chance to experience all those things. Food looks delicious! Even though, to be honest, i haven’t heard for the most of the dishes but i can’t wait to explore them myself 🙂

  25. Yum! You should post a warning for major food porn!
    I love trying new dishes, it’s always the highlight of any trip for me! I love Indian food but sadly haven’t gotten over to India yet.. those dishes in particular oh my word, I need to write them down!

  26. Wow that sure is awesome that you were not only able to experience other cultures, but you’ve tasted them. Food just looks amazing! I’ve never tried any of them but I would love to try the Lobster one the most.

    As for my favorite food while traveling, I’d have to say it’s inasal from the Philippines. 🙂

  27. I loved the Beef Tartare in France – so fresh! and Paella is one of my favorite things to cook 🙂 Not sure I would want to eat reindeer though – I know it’s just meat.. but I have visions of Rudolph!

  28. Food, food, foood! It’s always been a thing of mine to taste something local whenever I visit a new place, as I believe I can get to know the area better once I’ve tasted their food. Their culture speaks through the food for me, as a foodie. 🙂 I love collaborative posts so much! A lot of things here and there packed into one. I must say though that the photography is on point. I think I’m actually starting to drool. Haha.

  29. Some really exoitc looking foods, you have certainly had chance to try a lot of different things! I love trying out the local food when I am away (not nearly as often as I would like). The Rosti looks like something I would love! I am going to try look up a recipe and give it a go myself

  30. I love every food photo in this list! A friend once told me that it’s his philosophy to taste at least one local dish in every province or city he visits. I’ve taken that in mind (and heart) and hopefully I’ll be able to collate my own list of the best foods I’ve tasted during travels.

  31. It’s midnight when I got to see your post. I think my tummy is asking me to eat right now in the middle of the night just by seeing the pictures of your post. Loved it! Thanks for sharing! ?

  32. This post is making me hungry Joanna ? I lived in Dublin for a while and there’s a lovely French restaurant called Chez Max near Dublin Castle. They do the best Croque Madame. I was in heaven while eating it!

  33. Everything looks delicious. As with me, the best food I’ve ever had while traveling is this dish called, amok in Cambodia. It’s a coconut-based curry and it was really delicious!

  34. i think part of the fun of traveling is trying out new tastes and flavor especially if you are visiting a new country for the first time. that Indian dish does sound delicious, I hope I can try it out one day.

  35. Guinea pig roasted wonder what our guinea pig Billy would think of this. I am sure it would make billy happy about where he lives lol. So many great looking meals here would not know where to start. I am partial to a good Paella

  36. It is so wonderful to see how each dish differs from one another.. each country has their own distinctive meal and you are so lucky to experience them all.. I would love to taste those meals too especially that Tigania in Greece.. i find it really intriguing

  37. All of them look amazing but Tigania got my eye! It looks really delicious! Those recipe reviews, they make me crave summer vacation. Thank you for this great article!


  38. This is exactly what I would love to do someday: just travel and taste the culture and food of the places around the world. Cheers to more travels and food trips!

  39. I would love to taste that lobster and thukpa!

    Paella is a common dish whenever there is a special occasion in the Philippines, and because Spain is once our colonizer, spanish foods find its way in our taste bud preference.

    We also have our version of Cuy, from an ordinary pig.

    Great work! This article is hard to put together.

  40. gooosh this is soo mouthwatering I’m seriously hungry right now. great compilation! it’s cool that you took input from other bloggers as well, makes the list very authentic! 😀

  41. You made me so hungry with this post. Traveling and food are really inseparable. I love sea food and that lobster in Colombia looks oh so delectable!!!! Hope to visit India, Greece and Peru too and try the food you listed here. Great post!

  42. I don’t have favorites cause I just love eating. For me, what’s important is that I try to widen my palette by exploring new flavors. 🙂 Though nothing beats my mom’s cooking hihi, and those side street quail eggs garnished in i-dont-remember-what that I had in Guangzhou!

  43. It looks really delicious. You must come to Portugal to try some of the best dishes you’ll ever try in your life! I guarantee that you’ll love it!

  44. Food is one of the best reasons to travel. I love trying something totally new when I travel, like when I was in New Orleans and had chicken etouffe for the first time. I’d never had cajun or creole food before and eating that dish was like learning about a whole new world of flavors I did even know existed.

  45. The list definitely makes me hungry! *Ooops, diet what?* I have tried most in your list, and would like to add the humus dishes in Hungary, the gelato in Italy, and the pastries in Prague. Those are some that still have an after taste in my mouth. 😛 I try to taste ethnic cuisines during my travels, but it’s challenging to focus on food and exploring the place at the same time due to time restriction. And oh, I haven’t mentioned the delectable dishes and tropical fruit in the Philippines.That’s given. 😉 What about the worst dishes you’ve tried during your travels? I’m sure you’d find plenty of fermented fishes and meat here in Scandinavia that would make you question your mere existence. 😀

  46. I haven’t been to any of these places yet! But I just realized, whenever I go to a new place, I look for tourist spots to go to, but not restaurants or a particular dish. Maybe I should start doing that, like associate certain dishes with a specific country. Might make the trip a whole lot more interesting!

  47. Whenever I travel I always food taste their pop foods. The bestst way to know a culture is tasting their food. Btw. the pictures makes me hungry, it really looks delicious. I might consider cooking inspired food for my hubby.

  48. I love that you are a food adventurer, too! You are much braver than I am because there are a few things in your post that I would be very hesitant to even consider trying. That being said, eating is one of my favourite things about getting to travel. 🙂

  49. I enjoy reading your food adventures as well as travel! This list is amazing, I love trying out new recipes too when I am traveling! All the photos look so yummy and make me feel hungry! 🙂 As I am Russian from Moscow I am so so glad to hear you liked our blini!

  50. Omg those are definitely some unique dishes!!!! Food is always something I look forward to when I travel. Love eating what the locals eat!

  51. Aside from the tourist spots and beautiful sights, what makes our trip more enjoyable is the food we get to eat. I always like to try local delicAcies as they speak of the place’s culture. Enjoy traveling and share them with us always.

  52. These all look delicious! I’ve read about cuy, but I’ve never tried it. I have eaten kaiseki ryori in Kyoto, and that is amazing. I have also had mofongo in Puerto Rico, but the one in this picture looks better than the one I had. I am going to Lyon this summer, so I will have to try that restaurant!

  53. Such wonderful list! I think it’s illegal to travel and not try local delicacies. These two goes hand in hand! You get to have a deeper appreciation of the place’s roots through the food served.

  54. So many different dishes and so many different stories. What a great post to see so many different bloggers telling about their best foodie while traveling. I love this idea. Next time you do this, I would love to be involved in it =)

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