The Best UK Christmas Markets for Couples

Christmas is just around the corner, but that doesn’t stop us from getting in the festive spirit now. Whether this is your first Christmas together or your tenth, throw on your Christmas jumpers and get out there — there is something for everyone to enjoy.

At Stagecoach, we understand that young couples don’t want to break the bank, so we have created a list of some of the best yet affordable Christmas markets around the UK. Wrap up warm and remember to capture plenty of selfies for Instagram!



Christmas in London is magical! If you’re looking for something a little more populated with lots of activities, London is the hot-spot to go to. Why not take a trip to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park? You won’t regret it as there is nothing that you can’t do, whether you want to go ice skating or visit the circus!

Even if you can’t make it in time for Christmas, Winter Wonderland stays open after the Christmas period has cooled off. Finish off your day in the capital with a trip to Buckingham Palace and take a selfie outside of the iconic landmark.

Booking is strongly advised for Winter Wonderland in London, just to be on the safe side given the event’s high demand.

Open: 17th November – 1st January


Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle transforms into the Christmas Capital during December and you don’t want to miss it. If you’re a lover of great architecture, this market is located just under Grey’s Monument at the top of a long and narrow street with plenty of coffee shops and restaurants close by if the cold gets a bit too much!


If you want to experience different cultures, this is the market for you. Retailers from across Europe come to Geordieland to sell their traditional dishes, delicious treats and unusual beverages in romantic wooden huts that are decorated to get you in the festive mood. Once you’ve indulged in enough food from around the world, why not look for a unique gift for your other half – just make sure they’re not looking when you buy it!

If you want to do something slightly more active, head to the ice rink next to the Centre For Life – you’ve got every excuse to hold your partner’s hand as you skate around the rink, especially if you’ve forgotten your professional skater tricks!

Open: 11th December – 17th December



The Germans are known for their beer festivals, and they always make their way to Birmingham for Christmas! Located in Victoria Square, the market makes a great setting for any Instagram post – with bright lights, big trees, fountains and the must-ride iconic carousel.

There are plenty of stalls for you to visit — 180 to be precise — and you’ll definitely see something that catches your eye, whether it is a gift for your parents or bespoke jewellery that will represent your relationship.


Grab a hot chocolate with marshmallows and have a stroll around the Christmas Village, remember to check-in on Facebook and share those couple goals!

Open: 17th November – 29th December



There’s nothing more magical than a lit cathedral towering over a Christmas market on a cold winter’s night. The wooden huts are taken over by different continents of the world, making for a fun evening of food tasting from different cultures and a unique date night for you and your partner!


If you both love music, this Christmas market has a bandstand which will be full of entertainment. Don’t forget to join in and sing some of your favourite Christmas carols – we know that it can be too hard to resist!

Once you’ve explored the Christmas market, there are two more close by, one on Castle Street and the other on Fore Street. Make sure to grab a hot drink to keep you warm for the walk and a Christmas cookie won’t hurt either, will it?

Open: 16th November – 17th December



If you’re a fan of scenes that you see in the movies, head to Lincoln to make it a reality – this market’s backdrop is iconic, with both a castle and cathedral towering over the 280 stalls. If you’re a fan of freshly baked goods, look no further and if you want something more than a Christmas cookie, hot food is the market’s speciality. You’ll definitely want to make a return next year!


In addition to the wooden huts, stores along the cobbled street make their way outdoor to add a little more magic to the Lincoln market, allowing you to shop at places you might not have dreamt of entering before.

Take your relationship to new heights by taking a trip on the big wheel and other fairground rides, remembering to capture that perfect selfie towering over Lincoln. Although the duration of this market isn’t long, it’s worth going!

Open: 7th December – 10th December


There you have it — what market are you and your loved one going to this year?


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  1. I love a good Christmas Market! I’m off to Winter Wonderland this week as I live in London, and I went to Winterville last week in Clapham. Might have to look into taking a trip to one of these suggestions a little further away!

  2. I’ve heard good things the Christmas markets in Lincoln! My friend lives close by and says the prices are good too. We have markets in Manchester but they are way too busy for my liking.

  3. I am more of an expert on German and Austrian Christmas markets nowadays, so it’s nice to know that there are a few markets here to enjoy too! I am hoping we will get the snow that I am used to having when looking around too! 🙂 Thank you!

  4. We have been to a couple so far and I heard from someone at a garden centre (randomly) that Lincoln is amazing and one to visit. My parents are near to Exeter so might try and go to this one x

  5. I want to visit all the Christmas markets in NYC. I have always loved the ones in London, but I have never had the chance to go visit them. I think they really set the bar high for Christmas Markets, especially the one that sold the food! Looks totally delicious!

  6. I love Winter Wonderland it is so magical especially for little ones. They have loads of stands selling a great range of gifts for Christmas and the best part is the market is free to visit. You can also get some great snacks to nibble on whilst you shop.

  7. Christmas markets are the best – even if you are a kid or adult, it’s hard not to get excited with them! I love the food in Christmas markets too. They are one of the things I love about visiting these markets, aside from the vibrant lights and Christmas decor too!

  8. I’ve read really good things about the Newcastle Christmas Market. I think I would love to visit either Newcastle or Lincoln myself. The food is always the best bit about walking around in the colder air all day!

  9. I love Christmas markets. I went to the one in the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park the other day and loved it. I’d like to go to Bath christmas market

  10. Living near Birmingham, I must admit I have a real soft spot for their Christmas market. I’ve heard so many great things about the one in Newcastle though, I really must visit one year.

  11. I like the look of those sausages at the Exeter market! I love Christmas markets, but have only been to winter wonderland in London, yes you need to book! I’d like to see the others though, and walk around with a warm fglass of mulled wine.

  12. I had never been to England during the cold Christmas season. But I didn’t know that Newcastle Upon Tyne transforms into a Christmas capital. My daughter and her husband lived there for 3 years!!! I should have spent Christmas with them (with my hubby) at least once!

  13. Christmas markets are so much fun to visit! I had no idea that there were so many fun options in the UK. Here in the US, there aren’t too many Christmas markets, although they are coming into vogue, which is awesome. I live in Salt Lake City and we have a Christkindlmarkt every year and it’s becoming more popular every year!

  14. I do love Good Christmas market and am traveling to Slovenia p in a few weeks to one. I went to Lincoln many years ago and it was lovely. I think Birmingham may be a possible venue to try before Christmas arrives!

  15. Gosh, Europe is such a buzz during Christmas! It’s nice to see the different cities have their own special Christmas markets. glad they have something unique to offer too.

  16. Since we don’t have Christmas markets like these here in the United States, I always envy anyone who can easily experience such unique festivities. Everything about these markets sounds absolutely dreamy- what could be better than sipping a cup of hot chocolate as you wander through rows of gifts and pastries?? Count me in for next year!

  17. I LOVE visiting Christmas markets – great selection! We’re from Birmingham and are spoilt with the size of it, although it’s a little pricy so we try and travel to cheap destinations in Europe for Christmas markets where the food and drink is much cheaper.

  18. I go to the one in Leeds every year but have been told the one in York is amazing and is located near the shambles which is a beautiful setting. I’d like to visit the Newcastle and Birmingham one’s x

  19. A brilliant list and I am glad that you have made it because over the last few years Christmas markets have really become popular in the region and they are a great way to spread the holiday cheer. I am also glad that you added Birmingham to the list as it is my second-home and I adore the German market and have seen it expand over the years from a few stalls to the mammoth event it now is.

  20. I’ve been to both Lincoln and Birmingham Christmas Markets and thoroughly enjoyed them both. It’s just a shame they get super busy as I have no choice but to take the kids with me, and they usually end up getting crushed in the madness!

    Louise x

  21. This couldn’t be a more perfect and timely post for my boyfriend and I to swat up on! We want to try some new locations as we both go to the Nottingham Winter Wonderland each year. My parents recently went to Germany and said they were incredible!

  22. Oh wow that photo of the sausage stand is the dream. Would want to try them all and simply have no space at all haha. Winter markets are amazing, great round up, would love to go this winter!

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