The Pre-Holiday Checklist You Forgot You Needed

Everyone has seen the classic movie “Home Alone”. Before the family goes away on their Christmas holiday, they leave their son behind – and it turns into a bit of a nightmare. When you go away on your beak, it’s unlikely Hollywood is going to really invite itself into your life and turn your experience into a similar one, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t forget something. The lead up to a holiday is just as exciting as the holiday itself for most people, but are you really paying attention to what’s going on, or are you busy stressing?

Getting your things packed should be part of the fun, but there is always something you’re going to leave behind. Whether you forget to buy your sunglasses from or you forget to pick up your sunscreen, you need to be ready. To get as ready as possible, you need lists! Lists have to be done in enough time that you are going to remember everything at least two days before your flight. You want to make sure that you land with everything intact, and we’ve put together the pre-holiday checklist you probably forgot to write! 

Don’t panic – this is going to be the holiday of your dreams, and we’re going to tell you exactly what to pack right now so that you don’t forget it.

Check Your Passport Is In Date

It’s the mistake most people make: they bring a passport to the airport and there are less than six months on it! If you’re a travel connoisseur, you’ll know that you need to have this much time on your passport, or you’re not allowed to travel. You should be checking this date before you even book your holiday, but it’s an easy thing to overlook. There are some places in the world that demand a minimum amount of time left on your passport, and the “six-month rule” is definitely true for exotic places like Kenya or Tanzania and the UAE. It’s a good rule of thumb to stick to it regardless, as you’ll always have an in-date passport.

Get Your Documents Ready

Are you heading to the Gold Coast? Well, you’ll need a holiday visa to travel on. Don’t worry, though, it’s free to obtain it and it gives you permission to travel into the country for up to three months. Some places don’t require a visa, but if you are planning to have a hire car for your trip, you need to check you have your driving licence ready in your wallet. You should also always print off your hotel confirmations and boarding passes – just in case! You should be able to keep it all in a wallet and keep that wallet in your carry on so that you are prepared for anything.

Check Your Luggage Allowance

Before you buy yourself a luxury luggage set, make sure that you know how much luggage you’re allowed. Most airlines have a limit and if you’re only allowed to have 7kg of carry-on, you don’t want to overdo it! Your bag weight is included in your luggage allowance weight, so you should ensure that you are not the person at the check-in desk unpacking half of your stuff and leaving it behind.

Get The House Ready

You won’t be bringing the whole house with you when you go on holiday, but you will need to lock it up so that it’s ready for when you come back. Nothing will make you feel worse coming off your holiday than discovering that the house has been broken into. The doors and windows need to be secured, and you should leave a key with a trusted friend or family member so that they can check on the house and move the mail inside it. Invest in some timers for the lights for the evenings, too, as if people think you’re home, they’re more likely to be deterred from going to the front door (or back) and trying to get in.

Pre-Book Your Hotels At The Airport

Are you flying out early? Book yourself into an airport hotel so that you’re right there in the thick of things and you won’t be late for the light. Always keep an ear on the radio so that you can be aware of any traffic issues getting to the airport, too. You should also pre-book your airport parking if you’re bringing your car, so that you’re in with enough time that you should get a space!

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23 thoughts on “The Pre-Holiday Checklist You Forgot You Needed

  1. Candace Hampton says:

    Thank you for this quick reference guide! I am seriously ready to travel abroad again. I miss travelling so much! Maybe 2021 will be the year of the most trips – I’m ready!

  2. Hannah says:

    The perfect list I need for every time I have holiday travel! Preparing for travel around this time of year, I find to be quite more hectic! I never thought about having a checklist but I will most certainly refer to this for the upcoming trips.

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