This Christmas, give the gift of forever to your most dear ones – Giveaway


You have probably been flooded with Christmas gift guides by now, all recommending great products to offer as presents to your loved ones. It’s been a while since holidays have become too materialistic, don’t you think?


About Christmas gifts

When you are giving a gift, being it for Christmas or another occasion, you are not doing it because you have to. You offer a gift to make someone feel special, to reassure them that you are thinking about them.

But sometimes it’s hard to find the right present, isn’t it? How many times did you go through the gifts section at your local mall and didn’t find anything that unique? How many times you ended up gifting cosmetics or socks (and trust me, there is nothing more impersonal than receiving socks for Christmas). Personalised gifts are nice, but how many mugs and calendars can one have?

Did you know that gifting is an important part of human interaction? And that making presents helps defining the relationships between family and friends, creating stronger bonds? So, no socks, please!

Actually, studies have shown that the person who gives a gift feels more emotions and accomplishment than the receiver.

So how do you find that perfect, unique gift, that is not materialistic but still shows how much someone means to you?


The moon and the stars

In the 1946 “It’s a wonderful life” movie, the main character, George Bailey, says the following: “What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey. That’s a pretty good idea. I’ll give you the moon, Mary.” Frank Capra’s movie is considered to be one of the most loved films in America, traditionally watched around Christmas time.


And wouldn’t it be nice if we could give our loved ones the moon to show them how important they are in our lives? We might not be able to wrap the moon and put it under the Christmas tree, but we surely can replace it with a star!


Give the gift of forever

Did you know that you can name a star in a constellation visible on the UK skyline and gift it to your most dear one? And it is very affordable as well. At you can name a star for only £14.99 (which includes the entry into the registry, an A4 star Name deed, a Sky Atlas star map and a confirmation letter). You can choose from a range of stars and gift sets: standard star, extra bright star of a binary star (for couples).


I have partnered with to give you a chance to win your own Extra Bright Star, which includes the entry into the registry, the A4 star name deed, the Sky Atlas star map and the confirmation letter, worth £34.98.

All you have to do to take part in the competition is to tell me which constellation would you choose your star to be in and why (click here to see a list of the constellations and their meanings). Good luck!


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Please note that the competition is opened only to UK residents.

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  1. I would choose Scorpius as it’s my sister’s Star sign and I’d love to give it to her as a gift… she loves all things space and sci-fi so this would be perfect!

  2. This is simply the sweetest idea and I couldn’t help but smile at the quote from “It’s a Wonderful Life” My husband and I have been binge watching Christmas movies and we watched it just last night. Good luck in the give-away to all the star-crossed lovers in the UK! May your stars shine extra bright this holiday season! xx

  3. I think I am the exception.. I LOVE gettting socks at Christmas, the people who give me socks know me TOO well, lol. I love this idea though, it really is magical and such a special surprise. I honestly thought it would cost much more than that, I think I’d never considered it before because of that so this is good information to know. I love the informative sheets you get with it too!

  4. Constellation of Leo – for my husband Ray as this was his birth sign. He passed away in 2015 and we had been together over 50 years and have a big family. I would love to be able to say ‘That’s Granddad’s special star up there!’

  5. A star was purchased for my brother after he had died and I would argue that it’s possibly the most thoughtful gift out there. It has such a special meaning behind it whether it’s to remember someone by or give to someone as a way of showing them how much they mean to you!

  6. What a wonderful gift idea! I’d choose Orion because it’s easy to spot. After that, perhaps Pleiades as I like that the seven sisters cluster together like that and support each other.

  7. I will like to name it hope because most people look at the sky whenever they are sad. So if they look up they will find hope and motivation immediately. ?

  8. I’ve been looking into a gift that involved stars as you can get a certain date and time star print done! But to own a star would be lovely and it’s cheaper than I thought as well

  9. I would give the star to my mama and would put it in Cassiopeia because a mothers love is eternal and I know how to find that constellation in the sky (W on its side) no matter what life brings she will always be my star, my guide and my heart will always love her! I may have outgrown her lap but I’ll never outgrow her heart.

  10. Oh wow! this is definitely the most unexpected gift for someone and it would DEFINITELY qualify as an awesome surprise! I can’t decide which constellation I need to look into it a little more, It should definitely be meaningful!

  11. Wow! I had no idea that we can register star on our name! It sounds like a wonderful and unique gift for our loved ones. I’m curious to know that once we register the name, is it forever or for a certain time period?

  12. This is so lovely idea for a Christmas gift, it is definitely something you would never forget being giving your own star for Christmas, I would choose Cancer.

  13. I would choose Leo because this is my daughter in laws star sign and she loves the stars and is getting a new telescope for Christmas.

  14. I would choose Gemini because it is said to be one of the easiest Constellations to spot in the sky so hopefully I’d have more chance of seeing it 🙂

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