Three Things You Need to Help Share Your Travel Adventures


When you’re a traveller, the world is your playground. Whether you’re in a South American jungle, the rainforests of the Amazon, the rivers and creeks of Southeast Asia, or the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, you find a way to fit right in, and there’s nowhere you don’t enjoy going.

You enjoy soaking in the sights, smells and sounds of different places and different cultures. There’s very little you won’t try at least once. And one of the best parts of being a connoisseur of travel is sharing your adventures with those closest to you.

To help you keep a chronicle of your adventures and provide a great way to help share your adventures with others, consider the following three things you should have set up prior to your next globetrotting expedition.


A Good Camera


When it comes to documenting your travel adventures, a camera is a must have. The human mind is imperfect, and we start forgetting the details of an experience as soon as the moment passes. To make sure that you don’t forget any of the specifics of your trip, you need a camera that can handle getting as rough and worn as you do in your travels, and will still keep taking amazing pictures.

Besides helping jog your own memory, pictures are essential when you’re trying to relate your travel adventures with others. No matter how well you can tell a story, you’re still relying on the imagination of your audience if you don’t have anything to illustrate what you’re talking about. Pictures help fill in that gap, providing details and a visual connection that is often impossible to capture through words alone.

You don’t have to buy a top of the line camera either. While you want to get the best pictures possible, it’s much more important that your camera is durable, and able to handle long distances in rough weather or terrain. Since cell phone camera technology has advanced a great deal, you may even consider just using your phone, and saving on a new camera. Regardless of what kind of camera you get, also make sure you get a quality camera case or phone cover to protect against damages.


Your Own Blog


Blogging is one of the best ways to communicate your thoughts, feelings, insights and observations, while keeping a log of your travels. It’s also a perfect way to captivate an audience with your harrowing tales.

People love to read travel blogs for several reasons. First, we as humans love a good story that transports us to other places we’ve never seen before: we’ve been telling them since we started sitting in a circle around a fire, and it continues to the modern day. It’s the reason that Ernest Hemingway’s The Green Hills of Africa and The Snows of Kilimanjaro, as well as Jack Kerouac’s On the Road remain in print even decades after being published.

Second, a travel blog allows readers the opportunity to learn about different cultures and locations from an everyman perspective. Since travel blogs are written by travelers, the readers can rest assured that the descriptions about food, weather, culture and atmosphere are authentic. It makes travel blogs a great resource for people thinking about starting their own travels, and most offer tips and advice to help them get ready.

Finally, travel blogs allow both the readers and the author to benefit in numerous ways together. Most people have a natural inclination to connect with others, and a travel blog allows other people to learn about you as a person while they share in your adventures. It also allows you to sharpen both your powers of observation and your writing craft, so that you can provide an engaging narrative for your readers.

For all of these reasons and more, you should seriously consider setting up your own travel blog. Set up your domain, build your page with a free template, and get to write!


A GoPro


GoPros have become the staple for on-the-go video for everyone from surfers to bikers, hikers to paragliders. A GoPro allows you to video everything that you do, while keeping your hands free, making it perfect for when you have to navigate a dense forest or climb a steep hill.

GoPros also give a more intimate experience then a typical camera, because in addition to sound, they capture true motion. If you’re breathing hard, the image will rise and fall with you, and the audience will feel your fatigue. If you’re going at high speed down a slope in the Alps, the camera is shaking with each twist and turn, and your viewers will be able to almost feel the sharp, freezing wind biting at their cheeks as you descend.

This simulated motion, coupled with the experience of sound, gives video shot with a GoPro a great deal more agency than a simple photo or blog, because it paints a complete picture for your viewers. Photos capture just a single moment, and there are a lot of details left out in between photos. Words are compelling, but they’re only as effective as the reader’s ability to understand and imagine what it was like to be there. Videos bridge that divide, and are the closest a person can get to experiencing a new place without going themselves.

GoPros also have easy to use software that will allow you to download, edit and upload your visit to any number of social media or video streaming platforms. You don’t have to be an expert in video and film to use it, and you’ll never be lacking for a place to show your audience the amazing experiences you’ve had.


Enjoy the Trip

Using any or all of the methods we mentioned above will help you ensure that you can talk about your travel adventures in the most compelling way possible. With that being said, no matter what method you use to tell your story, don’t spend all of your time on a computer or looking through a viewfinder. Use your own eyes and ears! Wherever you go, fully immerse yourself in the environment, and absorb in every detail for yourself first. It’s the reason you travel in the first place. Now get out there and enjoy all the world has to offer! Happy trails!



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