Top 5 Places to Visit in the UK with a Motorhome

The UK has an immense number of hidden gems you want to visit during your motorhome holidays. Imagine those blissful sunsets accompanied by your closest friends while driving along the coast. Sounds amazing, right? This way, you can comfortably feast your eyes on diverse landscapes and be fully in charge of your trip. Motorhome holidays have become extremely popular during the pandemic as one of the safest ways of travelling. Seeing the latest trends, we can surely admit that this tendency will continue to grow, becoming a great alternative to other travel methods.

Here is a list of the best places in the UK to visit during your motorhome trip.


Snowdonia, Wales


Snowdonia in North Wales is widely known for its mountainous and breathtaking terrains.

This route might be demanding for your vehicle as the road might get a little bit tangled. As such, you definitely want to either rent or invest in a good quality motorhome to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. Check a list of motorhome manufacturers here for compelling alternatives.

You can access the most incredible landscapes that Snowdonia has to offer by taking the A5, then visit and admire the delightful location of Betws-y-Coed; it’s a perfect place to rest from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. While you stay at Snowdonia, don’t forget to visit the Isle of Anglesey – the land of the most beautiful beaches in Wales. If you are planning to be more active during your trip, take a long and relaxing walk or a bike ride on one of the paths entangling majestic hills nearby.


Caithness, Scotland


Caithness is located at the very top of the UK. Thanks to the unique and astonishing conditions, you can spot northern lights from there. Wouldn’t it be amazing to admire beautifully reflecting lights in the sky? This could be the biggest highlight of your trip!

Several motorhome clubs located nearby the city of Dunnet will provide you with a comfortable stay accompanied with long walks on the beach in a lovely atmosphere. To admire the northern lights in incredible locations, visit Loch Glascarnoch and wait for the magic to happen.


Lake District, England


Lake District is a perfect travel destination for your motorhome adventure. This land is filled with stunning lakes and tons of exciting activities. If, by any chance, you miss the atmosphere of the city, you can visit gorgeous towns of Ambleside and Keswick located nearby to please your eyes with picturesque scenery.

You definitely won’t have a problem with finding caravan parks during your stay. They are located across the Lake District National Park along with facilities such as swimming pools and restaurants. In that way, you can spend some time in nature but still experience a bit of luxury.

The Antrim Coast, Northern Ireland


If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, the landscape of the Antrim Coast might steal your heart. Charming castles and wide beaches are just a few reasons why visiting this place is worth your time. While sightseeing this part of Northern Ireland, make a stop at Giants Causeway to feel likeTheon Greyjoy. Moreover, you can spice up your trip with a lovely visit to Londonderry to learn more about interesting history which shapes the atmosphere of this city to this day and try the famous beef and venison in the local restaurants.

Benone Beach, Northern Ireland

benone beach

Benone Beach is known for its mild and calming landscape. A wide beach with golden sun draws the attention of many tourists around the globe. You should definitely visit Benone if long walks on the beach and the fresh breeze of the sea are your favourites. This location offers various forms of accommodation, including a caravanning field with facilities.

As you might want to change the surrounding a bit after some time, you can hike the Binevenagh Mountain 10 minutes away from the beach. The view from that place overviews Benone Beach, Castle Rock, and Bellarena. Benone Beach is surely a perfect place if you are looking for a location to spend some blissful moments by the sea, or take long hikes in the mountains.


The Bottom Line

Travelling by your motorhome around the UK can be a lifetime experience. Surrounded by nature and your loved ones in the beautiful scenery, you start to realise how lucky you are. The United Kingdom offers an immense amount of astonishing motorhome travel destinations. Sometimes, spontaneous pit stops can lead you to a discovery of incredible scenery.

No matter which travel destination you decide to choose, all those charming landscapes will help you forget about the bustle of your everyday life completely. Be adventurous and spontaneous; on a trip like this, you might have the time of your life.

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6 thoughts on “Top 5 Places to Visit in the UK with a Motorhome

  1. Kenneth says:

    nice places….not only want to visit this places,,,given a chance I would love to try to live there and let see maybe its kind of place for me…can work in a town nearby build a small farm,,,why not

  2. Jasmine E says:

    Wow, I would love to visit these places! I went to the UK once, but it was like a guided trip, so we went everywhere that everyone else was going. One day, I’d love to do my own exploring — first on my list is Wales!

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