Top 7 Summer Activities for Thrill Seekers

Imagine a hot, steamy summer afternoon. You’re lying on a the beach at Botany Bay – the sun is shining, waves are quietly hitting the coast, and a soft reggae melody is playing in the background. Life is simply beautiful. But also quite… boring. Is there anything you can do to enjoy this moment even more?

Yes, there is! Especially if you’re somewhat of a thrill seeker yourself, you know that the perfect addition to any vacation is simple: a little bit of an adrenaline rush. What your calm summer needs to be even better is a bit of excitement filling your brain, the pumping of your heart in the chest, and the divine mixture of fear, energy, and happiness going through your body.

With that in mind, we’ve selected the best summer activities that will give you the adrenaline rush that you need.

Jet Skiing

a man riding on a blue jetski, over the sea

The remedy for a lazy beach day is a jet-ski, or rather a personal watercraft, which is the official name for this water vehicle. Trust us: nothing will give your beach days more thrill and adventure than riding the waves! If you think that jet skiing is boring, you should know that your experience will mostly depend on the model you’re using. To have the best ride possible, you should also have the best model obtainable – especially if you’re looking forward to performing some tricks. To find the most adrenaline-filled option, check out a Sea Doo Wake review or ask the local jet ski rental office for a recommendation.


a group of people in a yellow inflatable boat with a black bottom, on an angry river. The photo is covered in splashes of water

If wave riding in a machine seems too unexciting, you might as well try almost the same, just in an inflatable boat and on much rougher waves. Rafting – because that’s the name of this trendy sport, is especially popular among adrenaline junkies – can be done in the company of your friends or family members, on any crazy river out there. Dangerous? Maybe a little! It all depends on the river you decide to go for. In the great summer weather, even an extreme rafting trail will be a real pleasure. Beautiful sights and amazing summer adventure guaranteed.


10 black and white sandboard stuck upright in the yellow sand, on the right hand side of the photo.

If your travel destination lacks any kind of water, you still have a chance to get your heart pumped differently. One of the most incredible high adrenaline adventures awaiting you in a sandy, hot area is sandboarding – which is similar to snowboarding, only on the sand. It’s not that easy, too; actually, sand at times might be more slippery than snow. Sure, a walk or a quad bike ride in the desert is nice. But freestyle tricks on the sandy mountains? Why the hell not! If you’re seeking to experience thrilling emotions, remember that the higher you get, the more adventure there is!

Zip Lining

A man dressed in a blue jumper, with light brown pants, white gloves and a green helmet, hanging from a zipline. He is turned with his back to the camera

If limiting yourself to the ground seems too dull, try flying instead. Zip Lining is a popular sport in many places with amazing views, such as national parks or mountain resorts. It lets you fly, zipped only to the wire, over the most beautiful natural sites, with a speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour. If you search for easy thrills, definitely try this one!

Bungee Jumping

The photo has been taken from the group up, overlooking the clear blue sky. There is a crane in the left hand side corner, which holds a basket with two people in it. Another person has just jumped, tied with a white cord.

Suppose you’re more into falling than actual flying. In that case, you should know that most famous travel destinations offer great bungee jumping options. It will allow you to experience a free fall – with only one single cord attached to your feet – either from a high bridge, the edge of the coast, or a tower with a breathtaking view. Before planning your summer trip, make sure that your holidays will include this unique option to see the world from up high.

Scuba Diving

A person wearing diving gear, with a black tank on the back, swimming at the bottom of the sea. Underneath him there are small rocks and corals in the sand of the seabed.

If adventures in the air no longer excite you, you should search for new, sea world experiences. One of the most fun summer activities for thrill-seeking individuals is scuba diving. Whether it’s Jamaica or Costa Rica, you will experience amazing sea adventures in the company of the most forgotten water creatures. Coral reef? Beautiful. Diving with sharks? Exciting! If you decide to go for truly extreme activity, you may even look for the places that offer shark cage diving. Don’t listen to your family members calling you mad – you’re not crazy, you’re adventurous. And we like it!


A man wearing a navy blue jumper and a protection mask is hiding behind a stack of black tires. He is holding a paintball gun, aiming at something, looking through the viewfinder.

If summer sports are not for you, but you still crave to feel the thrill, you might look for the paintball center near you. Paintball is a sport performed outside, in the abandoned historical places, or forests and – just as laser tag – lets its fans to have a unique experience of rivalry combined with sports activities. You will be surprised how much adrenaline comes from simple running and shooting to your rivals! If you don’t have a team, don’t worry – most probably you will just join some other group. A chance of meeting new people – equal thrill-seekers as you – included!

Ready For Your Next Adventure?

Contrary to a popular opinion, hot summer days don’t necessarily have to equal spending lazy days on the beach. Sure, sweating and tanning are great – but so is experiencing a major adrenaline charge from time to time. And summer – with its fantastic weather and many tourist activities available – is an excellent time to explore the world of adrenaline. So wash off all the sand, wear some good shoes instead of those worn-out Hawaiian flip-flops, and search for an adventure. It’s all out there, waiting to be discovered. Have fun!

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    not really a thrill seeker guy…..relaxing on the beach is fine with take a dip,a little bit of swim,beer,local food,island hopping is one of the adventure for me…

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