Travel Slideshow: Showcase Your Images in Style

Travel photos might be the most exciting thing in a person’s archive. Smiling faces, bright sun, thrilling scenery, and enticing activities – there is just some much they capture. Sharing these images is an irresistible urge. But hey – is anyone willing to flip through endless photo albums or scroll down bottomless feeds? There should be a better way to showcase your stunning travel photos. And there is! A travel slideshow. 

So how does one create a slideshow that would capture not only viewers’ eyes, but viewers’ hearts as well? This is what we are here to tell you. We’ll share with you a few tips on how to make an awesome travel slideshow, as well as a comprehensive how-to. Let’s dive right into it!

Pick an Aesthetic and Style


First of all, keep in mind that a slideshow – especially a travel slideshow – isn’t just a bunch of images thrown in together. To truly stand out, your video should have a certain theme. For instance, you are back from an exotic island vacation. Then spice up your slideshow with a tiki aesthetic. Travelled across the US? Then make a video that would be screaming Americana style. Even if you have pictures from several unrelated vacations, you still can find a theme that would untie them. For example, make your slideshow steampunk-themed or derive inspiration from old school adventure flicks like the Indiana Jones franchise

Choose the Right Music

The soundtrack can make or break your travel slideshow. In this case the same as above rules apply – coincide your soundtrack with your destination. Think what music is synonymous with the place you’ve been and use it. Back from Greece? A nice sirtaki piece will do. Went to a Caribbean resort? Then calypso music will be the perfect match. Alternatively, you can go with a jam that you strongly associate with your travel. For example, you were listening to it when travelling. The usage of this track might not be obvious to your views, but you’ll definitely get a kick out of that. 

Set the Perfect Running Time


Sure, you probably have tons of travel pictures, but it doesn’t mean you should broadcast them all. This will only make your slideshow unbearably long. If you want to entertain your audience without boring them out of their minds, then here’s a simple recipe for you – make your video run for 5-6 minutes. This way you’ll be able to showcase enough images without overstaying your welcome.  

Use Video Clips 

Make sure to liven up your slideshow with videos. Clips from your travels will keep your slideshow’s flow dynamic. Besides, sometimes pictures can’t fully reflect the scope of the places you are lucky to visit, but videos can do just that. Clips will help you demonstrate how busy city bazaars are or how loud waterfalls can be. Have a video of you and your friends goofing around and doing something stupid like falling overboard? Use it for a comedic effect!

Sprinkle in Some Quotes


Granted, a picture is worth a thousand words, but why not use some words along with eloquent photos? First off, you can use inspirational quotes on travelling to really drive your point home. Alternatively, you can teach your viewers a few foreign words from your destination. Another idea is to use some inside jokes in case you are making a video for your friends who travelled with you and can appreciate them.

Be Careful with Effects

When you start creating your first slideshow, you might be tempted to try each and every effect at least once. Do not. Use effects sparingly and only as an accessory. Limit yourself to only using transitions and occasional subtle animations. The reason is simple – nothing should draw attention away from your images. 

Get the Suitable Software


Creating a travel slideshow is a challenging task and it requires the right tool for it. If you want the job done effectively and with minimum effort, then go with SmartSHOW 3D. This travel slideshow creator has all the features you might need to make a breathtaking video. There are over 200 templates, hundreds upon hundreds of effects, animations, and transitions – all of that is wrapped into an intuitive interface. This is how you can use this slideshow maker to create a travel slideshow:

Once you start the software, you’ll have an option to use built-in templates or create a video from scratch. If you decide to go with the first option, you’ll only need to add your pictures, pick a soundtrack, and you’ll have a spectacular slideshow in under five minutes. In case you choose to build a slideshow from scratch, you’ll need to add your photos and videos to the timeline, then apply various effects to them. You can go with predetermined animations or create your own, using a custom animation module. In case your images need a quick touch-up, use the integrated photo editor to fix color and lighting issues.  

Make sure to throw in eye-catching transitions, and nature effects like snow, sparks, bubbles, etc. Next, grace your video with a soundtrack. The software comes with a 200+ library of royalty free tracks. There are tunes of all genres and tempos, so you are sure to find the perfect jam. Have behind-the-scenes anecdotes from your trip? Record your voice comments then add them to the timeline to be played at certain moments. Finally, process your slideshow and save it in any of the 30+ export formats – for TV, mobile devices, social media, or YouTube. And voila – your travel slideshow is ready to blow some minds. 

And this is it – this is how you can showcase your travel photos with zest and style. So cull your best images, find the fitting tune, download the perfect software and get down to business! Everyone should have a chance to see your amazing images! 

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5 thoughts on “Travel Slideshow: Showcase Your Images in Style

  1. Nikhila says:

    Travel slideshow does seem like a great way to tell stories. Thanks for this guide. I’m also gonna checkout the software you recommended.

  2. Polly says:

    I try not to filter the images too much because I prefer them raw, and I agree with you that we should be careful with the ‘effects’ we use.

  3. Lyosha says:

    great tips! You definitely need to balance a lot when it comes to travels. if you go overboard it will just ruin the charm of the place

  4. Rochelle says:

    Great post, I think choosing the right aesthetic that suits your style and being organized and intentional with your photos helps alot

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