Travel Sports: Do you have what it takes to be a travel sport parent?


When you first signed your child up for sports, you were just focused on the basics. You thought being a sports mom or sports dad is all there was but now you are transitioning to a travel sports parent. More than just being busy supporting the budding sports career of your child, your daily life has changed to accommodate his or her love for sports.

Now, it is not as simple as having your kid engage in the sports he or she appears to love. Whether its softball, baseball, soccer or basketball you mind is on how to win and become a champion. And so it is all about joining a travel team so your child can compete with the best of the best. But, are you ready for it? Let’s take a look at what is really involved.


Your weekends will be dedicated to tournaments

There are tournaments every week for every sport in the country. It could be for a regular season, postseason or playoffs or merely a charity or sponsored event. And as a travel parent, you see those as shining milestones perfect for acquiring experience and the chance to be champion. Your weekend will change from a movie night or a day of shopping to a weekend of tournaments.

Weeknight practices


You find yourself encouraging your kid or yelling on the bench side in the middle of a practice game every night or every other night. You now have entered the competitive phase of his sporting career. You see a future career more than just a mere hobby or pastime. And now you are willing to invest your time and effort for this possible fruition. Be prepared for even more practices on weekdays because that’s what it takes to be a champ.


Get your wallet ready

Your savings will dwindle but it isn’t money lost. You are investing in an unconventional future. There are highs and lows in being involved in a sport and one particular low about this is spending a good amount of money. Sports gear are not cheap, and they can be expensive. Not to mention they wear out quite easily, especially when used on a regular basis. You use your car and gas more than ever to be able to be travel to every game – whether its practice or competition. You will have expenses for lodging and food while you are away from home.


Your social life will be limited during the season

Your social life will suffer from constant traveling and you’ll only get to bond with other parents of your kid’s teammates. Before, you spend time with your friends and neighbors but now you will spend most of your time doing prepping for your kids sporting activity together with other parents.


Good memories and friendships that last a lifetime


One great thing I have to admit about this unusual endeavor is the development of friendship, camaraderie, and sportsmanship among the people surrounding you. From the parents to teammates, and coaches. This kind of friendship can last a lifetime for the memories formed as meaningful, adventurous and remarkable.


Good work ethic for your kids

One particular good reason to involved kids in this kind of sporting lifestyle is to learn a good work ethic. Apart from sportsmanship and the kind of discipline they can learn from the players and team members. The ability to accept defeat and learn from it is valuable in all stages of life. And the ability to handle victory with humility and pride is something to treasure.


Learning Lessons

More than the rules of the games, and the whistle of the referees being a sports mom, sports dad or a travel parent thought me that supporting one’s dream can be an ultimate calling. Some people may tell you it can be a little too much. This is when you will decide if you are ready to move up from a sports parent to a travel sports parent.



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