How to Relieve Back Pain With ExoGun When Travelling

Travelling the world is a great experience. But before reaching your destination, you’re often racked with back pain due to uncomfortable seats on planes. Fortunately, ExoGun Pocket can quickly remedy your troubles. This mini massage gun delivers muscle pain relief within minutes and targets a huge number of areas throughout your body. Let’s find out […]

Where Would She Travel to If She Won the Lottery

Travelling is one of the most common ideas for spending money when they win a lottery. Most people wish to travel the world. To experience different cultures, learn new things, have a good time and make memories. However, money remains the limiting factor. When you win the jackpot lottery, money will no longer be an […]

6 Things to Look for When Choosing a Travel Jacket

Your all climate jacket should offer the same comfort and breathability regardless of the weather. Also, it’s best to buy a jacket that’s stylish enough for trips around the city and functional enough for the less-beaten track. To allow for the latter, the jacket must be water and windproof, with sufficient heating or cooling property […]

10 Essentials that Shouldn’t be Overlooked on Your Campervan Trip

This is the year of the staycations, which has resulted in many of you choosing to buy a campervan and explore more of the countryside in the comfort of your own home on wheels.  Travelling in a campervan is a great way to not only socially distance, but also to explore the countryside at your own pace. If you […]

How to Spend a Travel Themed Date Night for Valentine’s Day in Lockdown

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s almost certain that our travel plans for this special weekend will be crushed again. Previously, we only had to decide whether to book a romantic weekend getaway to Paris, Rome or Prague, but this year we have no choice but to stay at home. Even if we can’t travel, […]

How To Stay Healthy And Safe While Traveling To Exotic Destinations

Traveling to all the corners of the world can be a fascinating experience; however, you need to remember the health and safety implications such adventures may carry with themselves. Mandatory vaccination is one aspect that you should bear in mind while planning your visit to some exotic nations to ensure you’ll be eligible to enter […]